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When the Hellhound is tearing up Dean's chest, there is no sign of the tattoos he and Sam had during "Jus in Bello."
The mom never said anything about Lillith escaping from the little girls body. - I don't think the mom ever knew because the girl was possessed before they went to sleep and she woke up to a saviour (Sam).
In the scene where Ruby and the Winchester brothers fight, the shot of Dean falling down when Ruby kicks him in the head is reused as the shot of him falling down when she head-butts him; it is frame-for-frame identical. Further, he is clearly holding her knife in his right hand held in front of him (although it disappears when he picks himself up), yet she did not notice even though she is looking right at him-both times.
Both Bela and Dean's last word is "B*tch."

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