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Castiel: You need to be more careful.
Dean: You need to learn how to manage a damn devil's trap.
Alastair: You know, it was supposed to be your father. He was supposed to bring it on. But in the end, it was you.
Dean: Bring what on?
Alastair: Every night, same offer, remember? Same as your father, and finally you said sign me up. Oh, the first time you picked up my razor, the first time you sliced into that weeping b*tch. That was the first seal.
Dean: You're lying.
Alastair: And it is written that the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in hell. As he breaks, so shall it break. We had to break the first seal before any others, only way to get the dominoes to fall, right? Top of the one at the front of the line. When we win, when we bring on the Apocalypse and burn this earth down, we owe it all to you, Dean Winchester. Believe me, son, I wouldn't lie about that. It's kinda a religious sort of thing, I think.
Dean: No, I don't think you are lying. But even if the demons do win, you won't be there to see it.
Alastair: I couldn't break him, pulled out all the stops, but John, he was made of something unique. The stuff of heroes. But then came Dean. Dean Winchester, I thought I was up against it again. But, daddy's little girl, he broke. He broke in thirty. Just not the man your daddy wanted you to be, huh, Dean?
Castiel: I know our fate rests with you.
Dean: Then you guys are screwed. I can't do it, Cas, it's too big. Alastair was right. I'm not a hero, I'm not strong enough. Well I guess I'm not the man either of our dads wanted me to be. Find someone else. It's not me.
Dean: Home, crappy home.
Uriel: Winchester and Winchester.
Dean: Oh, come on!
Uriel: You are needed.
Dean: Needed? We just got back from needed!
Uriel: Now, you mind your tone with me.
Dean: No, you mind your damn tone with us.
Sam: We just got back from Pamela's funeral.
Dean: Pamela, you know, psychic Pamela? You remember her. Cas, you remember her. You burned her eyes out. Remember that? Good times!
Dean: You guys don't walk enough. You're gonna get flabby. You know, I'm starting to think Junkless has a better sense of humor than you do.
Castiel: Uriel's the funniest angel in the garrison. Ask anyone.
Alastair: (coughing) Something caught in my throat. (pause) I think it's my throat.
Castiel: The righteous man who begins it is the only one who can finish it.

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