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Two teenage girls are sitting around eating and gossiping outside on some benches at night. One of them gets a text and gets up to leave saying she has a curfew. The remaining girl turns around and comes face to face with teenage Amara.

The teenager asks if Amara is okay. She says she wants to be "like you" and sucks out the teenager's soul.

Next we see Amara, she's older. Fed by souls, she's growing up. She is sneaking back into the building where Crowley has been camped out. Crowley catches her. He says he knows what she's been up to; out feeding.

She says she's following his instructions; not feeding on demons anymore.

Crowley thinks it's too risky for her to be out the world. He feels he has to punish her for sneaking out. He grounds her.

She tries to walk out, but Crowley throws her. He says he's still stronger than she is. "For now," she replies.

Crowley leaves.

Fall River, Massachusetts...
Sam and Dean are looking for Amara by looking for her victims that she's feeding on. Sam thinks they should get Cas to help them find her. Dean is less sure.

Back in the bunker, Cas is watching TV. Dean calls and asks if he's found anything on Metatron. Cas says no. Cas hasn't left the bunker in days. He's watching Jenny Jones reruns. Dean thinks Cas sounds odd. He wants him to turn off the TV and go outside. They need him and his help.

Sam's phone rings. Turns out their soulless friend from the Thin Lizzie episode is dead.

Back in the bunker, Cas is putting on his trench coat. He heads up the stairs to leave. He starts getting flashbacks from the time he beat Dean within an inch of his life. It's like PTSD.

In hell...
there aren't many demons since Amara ate them all. Amara's door has been left unguarded. Crowley posts one of his demons there.

At the jail...
It seems as if Lin (from the Thin Lizzy episode) was assassinated. Sam and Dean smell sulphur. They see an officer wrestle the now-soulless teenager we saw earlier, Goldie, past them. She's trying to get away. Sam and Dean ask what that's about. A detective says she was a normal kid until that morning when she tried to kill her mom.

Sam and Dean want to talk to her.

Back in the bunker; Cas decided to stay in. He's still watching TV. He's watching the news. Someone is being beaten outside of a bar in news footage. Cas rewinds it. He recognizes the reflection of Metatron in the mirror of a parked van; it looks like he's playing the part of a camera man.

In the jail, Goldie is approached by a teenage boy. He opens her cell. He's a demon. He says the "boss' daughter" (guess Crowley thinks of Amara as his daughter) has been making a mess of things and he's there to clean it up. He's been sentto get rid of those whose souls Amara took. He goes to stab Goldie, but is stopped by a devil's trap on the ceiling. Sam and Dean walk up behind him. Now they know that Crowley is somehow in league with Amara, having overheard the demon assassin.

Sam and Dean have the demon tied to a chair in the motel room. The demon says he doesn't know what Crowley wants with Amara. He tells them she's been eating demon souls. Crowley wanted to stop her but she keeps sneaking out. The demon says he knows Sam and Dean will just kill him. No reason for him to talk. Dean's in favor of killing him. Sam wants to exorcise him and save the body. The demon says that if they let him smoke out, he swears he won't tell Crowley that he talked to Sam and Dean.

Sam notices a wound in the demon; a bullet hole around the heart. It's obvious there's no saving the body he's occupying.

Dean stabs him with Ruby's knife, pretty enthusiastically, and the demon dies.

Later, in the motel, Sam's trying to plot out on a map where Amara's victims have been found. Dean comes back in from getting rid of the body...in a hospital parking lot. He asks what Sam's got. Sam says he hacked the demon's phone and got the guy's call history. The demon was everywhere there was a victim. He must have been following Amara, offing her soulless victims in her wake. Sam doesn't understand why Crowley has Amara walking around in the first place. Why not keep her in hell? Dean says Sam's forgetting that Crowley really hates hell and wants to spend as little time there as possible. Sam says he keeps forgetting about Dean and Crowley's "summer of love"; now that Dean has all these insights into Crowley after their time together.

There's one point of interest Sam has marked. He looks up what's on that location. An old decommissioned asylum. They go to check it out. This is where Crowley is holed up with Amara; not in hell.

In the asylum...
Amara is surfing the web trying to learn about the world. Crowley tries to sort of apologize. She says she doesn't care why Crowley does anything. He tells her he's not a monster. Crowley brings in a sacrifice for her. She says she's not hungry. Crowley goes to leave, but, instead, he stops and tells her he has no idea what he's doing here. He doesn't understand her. All he knows is that she's growing so fast, it scares him.

She knows he only wants her for her power, and soon enough, she won't need Crowley.

At a motel...
Now that Sam and Dean think they know where Crowley and Amara are, they're preparing to go in and get Amara. Dean keeps talking about being glad for the chance to get back at Crowley, but Sam wants to be sure that Dean is ready to kill Amara. Dean asks why wouldn't he be? Sam points out that they don't know anything about her. How powerful she is...what weapon might work on her, they don't know anything. Dean thinks they should just go in with everything they've got, but when Sam turns away, Dean looks more than a little doubtful.

Back at the asylum...
Crowley is still talking to Amara. He says he has something she doesn't. He has wisdom and
experience. He doesn't know how to teach her; she's growing too fast. He figures maybe she doesn't need his teaching. But he believes he has something to offer her if she only gives him the chance. Amara stands up and asks what he's asking for, specifically. Crowley asks her to slow down and play by his rules a bit longer. If she's patient, he'll protect her until she decides she doesn't need him anymore. She agrees.

Metatron the cameraman is filming a dead body, talking to himself about how much money this news footage will make him. He pickpockets the body. The body starts coughing; not dead. The injured (but not dead) man asks for help. Metatron tells him there's no story if he lives. He says he could have saved him at one time, but he's not that guy anymore. He can't save him. Cas,
standing behind Metatron, says, "I can."

Cas tracked him down from the news footage he saw.

Cas kneels down and heals the man. Metatron films it. Cas destroys the camera. They both run when the police show up.

Sam and Dean are heading towards the old asylum. There appear to be no demon guards. Sam thinks they might still be walking into a demon nest.

Inside in another part of the building, Crowley is sort of running a demon meeting, but he's not paying attention.

Cas is beating up Metatron. He didn't expect to find him like this. Metatron says he's human now. He has no Grace. He has to do what he has to do to survive and pay bills so he started a business as a freelance cameraman.

Cas says Metatron is preying on human tragedy. Metatron informs him that religion is dead and so is the novel. He's not ashamed of what he's doing. He's just doing what people want; reality; it's the great literature of this era. He's out capturing it every night. He's the author of reality.

Cas says that's not what he came for. Metatron guesses Cas wants the demon tablet. He says he'll never get it because he's hidden it. Cas informs him that Metatron hid it under his mattress. The TV station where Metatron works gave Cas his address and he already went there and found it. Cas holds up the tablet.

Metatron is insulted.

Cas wants to know what Metatron knows about the Darkness. Metatron thinks back to his time as God's scribe. He says God may have let slip a few choice words, but he doesn't have to tell Cas anything. Cas reminds him that he, Metatron, is human, but he (Cas) is not; he could crush him like a bug. Metatron says Cas won't hurt him. He can tell something's wrong with Cas.

He knows Cas is paralyzed by fear. Cas hits him and says it's not fear.

Outside Amara's door in the asylum...
The demon standing guard hears what sounds like Crowley talking to him from down the hall. He goes to investigate and finds Dean, playing a cell phone message that Crowley left him at some time during their summer together. The demon runs towards Dean, but Sam tackles him. Dean hears other demons, but Sam sends Dean on ahead to take out Amara and Sam will take care of the other demons.

Dean enters Amara's room. She says she knew he'd come. He says he's sorry for what he has to do. He's holding Ruby's knife. Suddenly, Crowley appears behind Dean and throws him into a mirror. He struggles to his feet and Crowley pins him to the wall. Dean asks what Crowley wants with Amara. He's an idiot if he thinks he can use or control her. Crowley says he's helping her realize her potential.

Crowley tells Dean that he's disturbed by the fact that he's had plenty of chances to kill Dean over the years, but never could bring himself to do it. He's made his peace with it. He accepted the bromance. Dean gives him a very skeptical look.

Crowley continues that he thinks he actually WILL kill Dean today. He feels different somehow. Ready.

Amara hits Crowley over the head from behind and concentrates hard enough to make him drop the knife, break his wrist, then fling him against the wall. Dean looks confused that she saved him.

Cas and Metatron are still fighting. Cas wants to know what he knows about the Darkness. As Cas beats him, Metatron theorizes that maybe Cas isn't scared; he's mad about being used by everyone.

In the asylum...
Sam is facing down several demons. He decides to charge them.

Metatron is still lecturing Cas. He says that if Cas could get his Grace back, he thought it would fix him, but it hasn't. Cas persists, single-minded, continuing to ask Metatron what he knows about the darkness.

In Amara's room...
Crowley asks her why she did that to him. He thought they had an understanding. She says that Dean was ready to assault her in her own room after Crowley promised to protect her. She's decided she doesn't need his protection anymore. She's done.

Out in the hall...
Sam fights the demons with his bare fists. The demon is surprised that Sam must be trying out some kind of "no kill" policy He's not using the knife, he's trying to take them down and get the demon cuffs on them instead.

Cas and Metatron...
Metatron asks Cas who does he think he has to thank for how angry and lost he's feeling?

In the asylum...
The demon is getting the upper hand on Sam. He's choking him. Before he passes out, Sam stabs him with the knife, killing him.

Cas beats Metatron as Sam beats the demons...Metatron asks Cas to finish him off, but he can't. Sam can't kill the last demon either; he slaps the cuffs on him instead.

Sam calls for Dean outside Amara's door. He tries to break his way in but gets a vision instead that knocks him to the floor; just for a second. He wonders if it's God trying to tell him something.

Inside the room, Amara says she won't kill Crowley as long as he gives Dean safe passage out. He agrees and gasps for air.

She kicks Crowley out of her room.

Metatron confesses to Cas that he really hates being human. He'd rather be dead. He can't take anymore of being human.

Cas says he IS sick of having his strings pulled, so he won't let Metatron manipulate him into letting him (Metatron) off easy by killing him. He insists that Metatron tell him about the Darkness.

Meanwhile, in Amara's room, Dean has picked up the knife while Amara's back is turned. She tells him he won't do anything to her. She knows he won't. She asks what's happening there between them. Dean saves her. She saves him. She touches his face. He seems transfixed. Amara says Dean was the first thing she saw when she was freed and it had been so long... Dean was her first experience of His creation. That's what Dean represents to her. The sweet triumph and even sweeter folly of what He has wrought. She tells him there's no fighting it. She's fascinated.

Metatron tells Cas that most believers want magic in their religion. But Creation took work and sacrifice. In order to create the world, God had to give up the only thing he'd ever known. He had to betray and sacrifice his only kin. The Darkness.

His sister.

In the asylum...
Amara says it's been great seeing Dean again, but she has to go. There's a whole world out there for her. Soon she'll be strong enough told do what she came here to do. Dean asks, "what's that?" She says she has to settle an old score. The oldest score. She and Dean both look down at the knife in his hand. He can't use it on her.

Suddenly, Sam breaks through the door and Amara immediately throws him across the room with a wave of her hand.

Seeing Sam thrown like that seems to break the trace-like hold Amara has on Dean and he moves forward as if he does, in fact, finally plan to stab her. She quickly throws him against the opposite wall. They look at each other and she leaves the room as Dean's vision goes fuzzy.

Later, back at the bunker...
Dean's glad Cas got involved to help them, but he can't believe he let Metatron go. Cas says Metatron isn't "going" anywhere. If he makes a move or draws any attention, all of "angel kind" will snuff him out. He's a pitiable human and not a threat.

Sam points out that Amara is in the wind. They have bigger fish to fry.

Cas wants to know how Amara got away if Dean was so close to her.

Dean's defensive. He says she's God's sister; she overpowered him.

It looks like Cas doesn't quite believe Dean and Sam looks suspicious at how defensive Dean is.

Dean angrily asks what their plan is now. Since Cas got everything he could in the way of information out of Metatron. Dean frustratedly asks how they're going to get any information on how to stop her. He sarcastically asks Sam if God's decided to share any information with him (Sam) on that front.

Sam raises an eyebrow.

Sam leaves saying he'll look into the lore. AsSam walks through the bunker, he stops to brace himself as he has another vision of what seems to be the cage in hell.
Lucifer's cage, suspended by chains in a vast dark place.

Switch to a scene on the sidewalk (and what might be the creepiest child-molesty song ever written, "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" plays in the background). Amara is walking amongst the crowd. She's smiling.

In the asylum, Crowley is dejected.

In the bunker, Dean is drinking and it looks like he's thinking about Amara. There's kind of a creepy insinuation with the song playing "...you'll be a woman soon...soon, you'll need a man" (I can't even tell you how wrong these song lyrics are!) that soon Amara will be grown and somehow "need" Dean.



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