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Raton, New Mexico

Music plays as a man appears to be cooking a feast in his kitchen. He walks over to a corpse laid out on the counter and removes the liver. A snake slithers near the corpse's head.

The man chops up the liver, add it to a pan of onions and talks to Felix the snake. He pops an eyeball out of the corpse and eats it...his eyes glow green and he sees a premonition of Sam and Dean coming after him. He tells the snake "they're on their way again" and that it's time to go. He leaves the house carrying the snake.

Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack enter the house to find the corpse on the counter and food burning on the stove as pots boil over.

Cass checks the body. Jack observes that "he's cooking the body parts, again". They've been tracking this killer for awhile. It's like the victims let themselves be eaten with no signs of fighting back.

Rowena enters. They used her tracking spell to find this house. They called her for help. Dean's not happy that the killer left before they got there.

Dean finds an ID for the victim. It's the victim's house. Same as the other crime scenes they've apparently visited.

Jack finds a snake skin. Jack coughs but says it's pepper; he's not dying.

This is the 6th victim like this they've found. All the victims have black lips.

Later, at the motel, Rowena and Sam are doing research. She points out that Jack isn't at death's door anymore and she wants to know why. She also wants to know how Dean's keeping Michael locked up. Sam gives her a lame excuse about Dean being fine because he's always fine. They're working on what to do with Michael, but for now they're staying busy.

Cas and Dean are out at a restaurant. Dean hears Michael screaming in his head. Cas can't imagine the effort it's taking to keep Michael locked up.

In the bathroom, Jack starts coughing. He coughs up blood. He rinses it away.

Cas asks Dean if he's really fine. Dean says he doesn't know. He says there's this pounding in his head. It never stops. Michael's fighting hard to get out and he can't let his guard down for a second. He's barely sleeping. Cas says he can't keep that up, but Dean says he can't complain; it's what he has to do and it's on him.

Cas says they're there to help him.

Jack continues to cough alone in the bathroom. He attempts to heal himself as he holds a glowing hand over his own throat.

Dean tells Cas that if they don't find an answer, they still have plan B; the Ma'lak box.

Cas shakes his head in disagreement. Jack returns and Cas asks if he's okay. Jack says he's fine. Dean sarcastically points out, "See, everyone's fine."

Cas says these killings they're tracking have a liturgical element. Cas wonders if it's a person and not a monster. Jack says anyone who can do this is a monster, even if it's a human.

Sam calls Dean; he and Rowena found something.

When they're all back at the motel, Rowena tries to get their attention. She believes they are hunting a Gorgon. Dean wants to know if it's a Gorgon like Medusa. Rowena's surprised that Dean knows what a Gorgon is. He says of course he does; he's seen Clash of the Titans
where Medusa turns guys to stone.

Rowena says that's exaggerated; it's not stone, it's more like paralysis.

Dean wants to know how the monster is always a step ahead of them. Rowena explains that by consuming human eyes, it can see into the future. Sam says that's how it sees them coming for it.

Cas points out that the tracking spell won't help if he sees them coming. Sam doesn't know how they'll be able to sneak up on him.

Elsewhere, a trucker encounters a man standing next to his truck. The man says he's hungry and wants some food. The trucker blows him off, but the man says he could pay him back by doing...anything the trucker wants. He says he can tell the trucker wants things. The trucker tells him to get in and they'll work it out.

Once inside the truck, the trucker asks if he's ready to do anything he wants. They kiss. The kiss renders the trucker immobile. The Gorgon reaches over and plucks out one of the trucker's eyes. His eyes look like snake eyes as he sees into the future.

Later, in the parking lot, Sam, Dean, and Cas question a cop. The cop says there's a note on the body to "Dean". The letter describes Dean reading the letter as if the Gorgon is watching him. It can see Sam and Dean and Rowena, but apparently not Cas and Jack. The monster can't see angels. Cas figures that he and Jack should approach the Gorgon alone and surprise him. They want Rowena to use her tracking spell.

Rowena says she thinks they need some anti-venom in case anything goes wrong with the gorgon. Sam points out that that's a controlled substance and how are they going to get any? Rowena says she has a plan.

Rowena casts a spell on Jack to turn him into a small dog. She and Sam pretend to be the dog's owners and they take him to a vet. When the vet leaves the dog along in the room, Jack transforms back to himself and snags the anti-venom. On the way out, he mentions to Sam that he had his temperature taken rectally.

Rowena wants to know what Sam and Dean did to Jack. When she cast the transformation spell on him, she felt something inside him pushing back. She says he has magic stitched to him like a parasite.

Sam tells her that they and Jack are all being careful; that's all she needs to know.

She's worried that they are using magic regardless of the cost.

Elsewhere, another victim is tied up. The Gorgon talks to Felix the snake. He says if this victim doesn't scream, he won't have to die like the other men. The Gorgon says he doesn't enjoy eating people. But he has no choice. He says men are easier to trap than women since women are being so careful these days.

His victim screams. He tells him that's a deal breaker and kisses him; paralyzing him. The Gorgon leaves to figure out how to work the oven in the man's house.

Sam's on the phone with Maggie at the bunker. She says the way to kill a Gorgon is with a silver blade. Sam asks how the other AU hunters are doing and Maggie gives him a report. Sam tells her he appreciates her taking charge while he's gone.

Rowena has tracked down the Gorgon. Sam tells Dean that the only way to kill it is to decapitate it with a silver blade. Dean's worried that if they cut of its head, more creatures will crawl out, as happened on Clash of the Titans. Jack asks if more creatures will really appear. Sam tries to tell him that Dean's only referencing a movie. Rowena hands them a potion to counteract any poison. Theoretically.

There's a knock at the door of the house where the Gorgon has his victim. Cas and Jack throw open the door. The Gorgon says this isn't fair; they're not human. Jack calls him a monster and he corrects him saying he's technically a demi-God.

As Cas checks on the victim, the Gorgon talks to Jack. He says he didn't see him coming, but he sees him now. He asks if Jack has ever heard the story of the Black Snake. Once there was a black snake who ate chicken eggs by stealing them from the chicken and crushing them in its throat. It stole all the eggs, but the chicken wised up and hard-boiled the last egg so the snake choked on it. The snake died.

Cas administers the anti-venom to the immobile victim and he comes back to life.

Cas wants to know why he's telling Jack this story. The Gorgon says he can't figure out if Jack is the chicken, or the snake.

Cas says they're done here and starts to fight the Gorgon. It kisses Cas and Cas staggers and falls to the ground. Jack tries to run for Cas but the Gorgon stops him and fights him.

Sam and Dean rush in and attack. Hand-to-hand combat ensues. The Gorgon gets the upper hand for a moment and slams Dean's head into the wall, knocking him out. With Dean out cold, Sam continues to fight. The Gorgon knocks him out too and goes to leave. On the way out, Jack decapitates him with the silver knife. Sam goes to Dean, Jack goes to Cas. Jack gives Cas the anti-venom but it doesn't work. Jack panics and heals Cas. Cas doesn't want Jack to use his powers, but Jack did it anyway.

Dean won't wake up. They rush him back to the bunker. They lay him on the bed. Maggie goes for ice. Cas tries to heal him but says he "still can't" (so I guess he tried to heal him before they got back to the bunker, even though we didn't see it), he can't even see what's going on in Dean's head.

Jack says he can help. Cas says no. Jack can't afford to burn off any more of his soul. Jack leaves. Rowena realizes what's going on. Cas wonders if the Gorgon did something else to Dean. Sam asks Rowena what to do. She says just clean his wound and make Dean comfortable and "we'll see".

Dean tries to get up as Michael tries to break free inside his head, then he falls back to unconsciousness.

Rowena frantically researches an answer.

In Jacks' room, he has Felix the snake. Cas walks in and Jack says he hates seeing Dean like that. He has to believe Dean will be okay. Cas says it's always risky; every time they go out there. Jack says he can't think about losing Dean or Sam or Cas. Cas tells him that Sam and Dean are human.

Humans don't last forever. They aren't like angels. They all die someday and the angels have to carry on. Losing people is part of growing up. Jack wants to know what's the point of being a cosmic being if everyone he ever cares about leaves.

Cas says that the point is to appreciate the here and now and know that when someone's gone, the pain of the loss reminds you how much you loved them.

Jack's worried about Dean not waking up or Michael escaping. He wants to use his powers to help. Cas says no, but Jack wants to know what good it is to have these powers if he can't help the people he loves.

Jack says it's selfish of him NOT to help.

Jack walks over to the snake. Cas wants to know why he's keeping it. Jack says that he remembers that Rowena said that Gorgons can see people's fate. Noah (the Gorgon) said he could see Jack. Cas says that the chicken and the snake story was just Noah stalling. Jack wants to know what it means. Cas says it was mostly a story about greed. It's also about being willing to give up the thing you love in order to kill the thing you hate. Jack wants to know what Noah meant when he said he didn't know if Jack was the chicken or the snake.

Cas is about to answer when they are interrupted by a loud crash from down the hall where Dean's room is. Cas and Jack rush to see what's going on.

In the room, Dean's become violent; thrashing around. Sam's telling him to stop. Dean turns around and tells Sam "he's gone". We see inside Dean's head to the imaginary bar's storeroom; the door is off the hinges and Michael is gone.

Sam wants to know how he's gone. Dean starts to panic; saying he let his guard down and now Michael's out and it's his fault.

Dean angrily turns on Sam and Cas, saying he TOLD them to let him lock himself in the Ma'lak box and be buried alive at sea to keep Michael from escaping. Sam's about to answer when they hear screams coming from the main room of the bunker.

It was Maggie screaming. She rushes up to meet them, only to have her mouth and eyes go white as she experiences death by angel. She falls to the ground dead.

Dean looks around and sees that every AU hunter in the bunker has been slaughtered.

Rowena walks into the room saying, "Hello, Boys" as her eyes glow blue. She's been possessed by Michael.

Cas tells Michael to let Rowena go. Michael replies that Rowena is much sturdier than she looks. It must be the hundreds of years of magic. Sam says Rowena never would have let him in.

In a flashback, we see Michael approach Rowena in the bunker. He still looks like Dean, but explains it's all in her mind (her physical body is still sitting motionless at the table). He lets her know he'd like to possess her body and if she says "yes", he'll let her live.

She says that her fate is that Sam is supposed to kill her, so she knows she'll live either way.

In the present, he says she didn't want to say yes, but when he threatened to kill Sam and Dean and Jack, she agreed to let him in. He knows she cares about them.

She said yes.

Michael says he has no intention of keeping his word, but he thinks Rowena knew that. Michael says, "If only Dean had used that coffin when he had the chance". Dean says it's not too late and he tells Sam to get the angel cuffs. Michael snaps his fingers and starts to torture everyone; blinding and crippling Sam and Dean and Cas. He says this time they'll all die and
this time the world will burn.

Jack yells at Michael to distract him. Michael tries to blast Jack to kill him, but it doesn't work. Jack's eyes glow. He tells Michael to let them go. Michael tells Jack that the power Jack has now is nothing. Jack throws a ball of energy at Michael and he falls to the ground. He gets back up and takes another shot at Jack...pointing out that every time Jack uses his power, he burns up more of his soul. Jack says it's worth the cost. Michael says he should have killed Jack when he had the chance.

Jack stands back up and says he feels the same.

Michael starts to lose his temper, saying he won't be challenged by a child.

Jack says he's not a child. He stalks up to Michael saying he's the son of Lucifer and a hunter and a Winchester. He puts a hand on either side of Michael's head.

Jack's hands glow and light streams from Michael's mouth. Cas yells, "Jack, NO!". But Jack doesn't stop.

Michael's host-less angel form of bright light flows from Rowena's body and circles in the air over Jack's head. Jack holds up his hands and says, "You won't hurt anyone. Ever again." Sam and Dean cover their ears against the piercing angel noise.

Jack causes the bright white light that is Michael without a vessel to burn in flames until finally the only thing left is Michael's Grace which Jack opens his mouth and consumes.

Jack swallows.

All is quiet.

"Jack?" croaks Dean.

"Michael, he's dead," Jack replies.

Sam starts to ask Jack how or what he is.

Jack smiles and says, "I'm me again" and his eyes glow yellow.

We see the shadow of his wings expand in the bunker. Sam and Dean and Cas watch in awe and more than a little worry.

Rowena stirs from the floor (alive), but otherwise the bunker is littered with the bodies of the dead AU hunters.

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