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Several girls are finishing up with their practice at ballet class and are gossiping about Irene who comes in late. Alone in the studio Irene starts to dance to Swansong and it appears she is moving not on her own. A janitor cleaning the hall hears a noise and discovers Irene in a pool of blood, apparently she danced her feet off and her ballet shoes do not have one drop of blood on them.

Dean is on the phone with Frank and wondering why it is taking him so long to find anything on the coordinates Bobby had given the boys. Meanwhile Sam is overdosing on coffee trying to stay awake because Lucifer is constantly yelling in his head. While they are driving to the scene of the ballerinas death Dean confesses that he watched "Black Swan" twice and liked it.

At the polices evidence locker the Evidence Officer has his daughter Tracy with him at work. Tracy appears to be weirdly drawn to the ballet shoes that are there as evidence.. When Tracy goes to the restroom the ballet shoes magically appear in the room and she can hot help herself but to put them on her feet as the shoes fit themselves to her feet and lace themselves. Sam and Dean posing as FBI are questioning the Evidence Cop and demand to see the shoes. The cop can not find them and hints at his daughter and suspects she is in the restroom.

The boys bust into the restroom where the shoes are forcing Tracy to dance. A big scuffle ensues in which Sam and Dean try to remove the shoes from Tracy's feet. Dean gets kicked into the face twice and the brothers realize they are dealing with a cursed object. Finally being in possession of the ballet shoes they notice a sticker that informs the shoes have been bought at "Out with the old". Sam is very careful not to touch the shoes as he carries them to the car. Throwing the shoes in the trunk the boys make their way to the store. Sam "Guess it is too much to ask that these shoes are the only thing in that store we have to worry about", Dean "What a dreamer you are". While driving the shoes magically appear in the back seat and Dean has the overwhelming urge to try the shoes on and to Prince Siegfried himself to oblivion

At "Out with the old" Sam and Dean meet the owner Scott Freeman who informs them that the ballet shoes are only one of the many items his mother had in boxes in the back. The boys demand a list of the other items that are missing suspecting all other items are also possessed.

Meanwhile the scene cuts to a woman in her house preparing dinner as she gets startled by a tea kettle on the range whistling. She move towards the kettle, picks it up with her bare hands, and starts drinking the boiling water. Sam and Dean arrive at the scene and remove the kettle for safe keeping while moving to the next items on the list they received from Scott.

Dealing with numerous items the boys split up. Mom sets up the Gramophone to play while her son is playing a handheld games sitting on the couch. Mom does upstairs to put up laundry when her son hears voices mixed with the music coming from the Gramophone. He moves closer to understand what the voices are saying. Like in a trance the boy goes into the kitchen to pick up a large knife and moves behind his mother who is now sitting on the couch in the living room. The boy raises the knife when Sam bursts into the room and stops him from stabbing his mother. After collecting the Gramophone and back in the vehicle Sam talks to Dean who meanwhile recovered a vintage gentlemen magazine and tells Sam that he has the porn and that Sam does not want to know what happened.

Sam and Dean store the Gramophone and Magazine in the safe along with the ballet shoes in Scott's store and tell Scott not to touch them. Scott now realizes that all the stories his mother told him about the items were true. He tells Sam and Dean that he was the one that convinced his mother to sell the store and that the day after the sale was final his mother died in a car accident. As Dean leaves the store he notices the Real Estate signs all along the and wonders about the woman on the sign and why so many store owners sold their property.

Miss Bicklebee from the Real Estate company is in a meeting with a store owner where she tries to convince him to sell his property. When the property owner refuses Bicklebee transforms herself looking like the owner and brakes his neck. After signing the sale papers Bicklebee turns back into herself. She orders her assistant George to remove the corps and take him to his house, place him into his bed, and make sure his cigar is well lit. George warns her not to draw any attention to herself because that would get her into big trouble with Dick Roman. Bicklebee reminds him that he is her 5th assistance since she took her body. She sends George to fetch a coffee for her from the Barista on Main Street.

Meanwhile Sam is driving and is still trying to stay awake. Dean who is held up in a cafe waiting for Sam and trying to access a link on the Bicklebee Real Estate website listed as "Corporate Contact" - "Geothrive Inc." and calls Frank for assistance.

Sam still tired starts to fall asleep behind the wheel and almost has a head on collision with a Semi truck but wakes up just in time to swerve out of the way. George at the Barista's coffee stand is complaining that he added two shots of sweetener instead of one because he knows she will notice. The Barista refuses to make another coffee because there are too many people in line. George is late getting the coffee to Bicklebee so he gives up, as he is leaving her recognizes Sam that is in line behind him.

Back at the office George informs Bicklebee of him finding Sam Winchester and how he will enjoy eating him. Bicklebee yells at him "We have a chain of command here, George. You don't eat him. You tell me and I will eat him." She tastes the coffee and get even madder because she notices the two pumps of sweetener.

Frank in another conversation with Dean was able to hack the site and tells Dean "If you dig down deep it is all Dick" and that he is still trying to figure out what they want with an empty field in the middle of Wisconsin. Sam finally meets up with Dean at the cafe. Dean tells Sam that they have a Leviathan problem in town and that Dick Roman in Walmarting all the Mom and Pop stores in town. He suggests that he will keep on working and Sam will have to go to sleep soon. Sam reminds him that Lucifer will not shut up in his head : Sam "Right now he is singing Stairway to Heaven". Dean "Good song", Sam "Not 50 times in a row"

Dean receives a frantic call from Scott asking for help. Scott was forced by Joyce Bicklebee to call Sam and lure them to the store. George asked Joyce what they will do next as Joyce realizes they can not kill anyone else without turning attention on them. She tells George to pack his bags and that he will assume the shape of Scott for next 30 something years.

When the boys arrive at the store Bicklebee tells Dean "I will enjoy picking you out of my teeth." George not wanting to be under Joyce's ruling any longer and decides to help Sam by pointing out to him bucket of cleaner standing in the store, for Sam to dunk his head into it, and to grab the sword displayed on the wall. Joyce is fighting with Dean and throws him against a book case as Sam beheads Joyce before she can kill Dean. Dean collects Joyce's head places it into a bag and then into the safe with all the cursed objects. Dean explains to Scott that now that the Leviathans are on his trail, he better disappear.

Dean and Sam question George and give him one minute to explain why he helped them. George "Because I am dying to find out what that ***** tastes like" George explains that he wants to eat Bicklebee as this is the best way to get rid of her. He thanks the boys for relieving him of Joyce, Sam and Dean question George about what Roman is doing with an empty field in Wisconsin. George informs them that killing people is not part of the agenda. "You guys are freaking out over a couple of Real Estate deals? Do you think it is just here? It's every where." We are building a giant research center with the goal to cure cancer. Sam "Why would Dick Roman want to cure cancer?" George "Because we are just here to help'"

The boys head back to Frank's after collecting the safe filled with all cursed objects and Dean orders Sam to sleep the entire ride. Once at Frank's camper the boys head inside where they find everything in disarray with blood everywhere. No sign of Frank. Dean: "Not Good" While "Bad Moon Rising" is playing in the background.

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