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A couple brothers end up getting killed by some apparent invisible monster. Garth, the hunter thought he had killed the thing after the death of the first brother, but calls Dean when it is apparent it is still around and looking for more kills.

After the whole back-story surrounding the beer company that brews Thighslapper Ale, where one of the former owners was ousted from the company when he didn't want to sell his stake. He was pissed, so he decided to get revenge on his two partners by using some bad mojo. Before killing himself, he gives one of his partners a Japanese gift box containing a bottle of Sake. Contained within the bottle is spirit called Shojo. Only this particular Shojo goes after not only the partners but also their children. Garth, Dean, and Sammy investigate, and soon figure out that the thing requires you to be drunk in order to see it. (Prior to the boys going to rid everyone of the Shojo, we have yet another Bobby related incident. Garth figures out that his EMF meter goes off, each time it is near Bobby's flask). Dean goes to get the specific weapon (A running spring blessed Samurai sword) they need, while Sam trails the sister of the aforementioned dead brothers, and Garth trails a secret love child of the supposed childless partner. Garth has to be drunk in order to see the Shojo, so of course once she shows up and wants to kill the kid, Garth gets knocked out. Sammy also wasted shows up and also get knocked out, which leaves Dean being the only sober one. Dean uses the sword to fight the Shojo, luckily, Sam wakes up in time to be able to tell him where the demon is, since Dean can't see it. Some fighting happens, the sword goes flying, and voila, it magically slides back across the floor to Dean (the now 5th Bobby related ghost incident), and he's able to Swiss cheese the demon. After saying his goodbyes, Garth is on his way. Dean remembers he forgot Bobby's flask in the motel room.And then, well, it happened, fans knew it was coming: Bobby is, in fact, a ghost, now visible to the fans and traveling with the boys via his old flask that Dean keeps on him at all times, Of course he was responsible for all of the stuff we assumed he was responsible for: The missing beer, the appearing pages, and tonight, a moving Samurai sword. BALLS!Please make time to see this episode, it was amazing and well worth your time. You just have to meet Mr. Fizzles and understand when I say "You've been Garthed."

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