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A man is watching football at home. His wife asks him to take out the trash. He insults her cooking instead. She gathers up the trash and heads outside. There's someone in a large mascot-like rabbit head watching her through the window.-

Outside, all the trash cans are full. As she tries to force the bag in, she thinks she hears something, but doesn't see anything.-

Inside, the man hears the door open and asks his wife to bring him a beer. The hand that hands it to him belongs to someone wearing a very creepy easter bunny head. The man stares. The intruder hits him over the head with his beer and then proceeds to stab him to death. Blood spatters the bunny head and the woman walks in on the scene screaming.-

Back at the bunker...
Sam is praying to God. Telling him his visions aren't making much sense to him. He's confused. He's asking for guidance.-Dean shows up in the doorway behind him. He can't believe Sam is praying. Sam is angry and asks if Dean's ever heard of privacy. Dean tells him to close his door if he wants privacy.

Sam still wants to think God is sending him visions. Dean thinks that if God didn't show up for the apocalypse, why would he care now? Sam should count on the two of them. Not on God.-

They get to the main room of the bunker and Sam surveys the table, full of ancient documents. All the pre-Biblical lore Cas could dig up on Amara and Sam can't read much of it because it's in Aramaic and TheDarkness isn't mentioned in the part Sam can read.-

Dean's phone rings. It's Sheriff Donna Handscum. Dean says, "What do you mean 'killer bunny'?"-

They head for Minnesota.-

Donna's glad to see them. She says the suspect is really strong. He lashed out at several officers who arrested him, but the weirdest thing is that the bunny head won't come off. She thinks it's weird enough to bring Sam and Dean in on.-Donna introduces Sam and Dean to officer Stover, the lead on the case. Stover insists they call him Doug. It's obvious that Doug likes Donna. Sam and Dean wonder why she's not returning the attention and ask her as muchonce Doug leaves. She protests that he's acop AND his name is Doug; too much like her ex-husband.-

Donna takes them to the cell where the man with the blood-spattered bunny head is sitting. Sam asks if there were witnesses. The wife saw it all and thought the bunny would come after her next, but it just up and left after murdering her husband.-They don't know who the guy is. No ID. No prints on record. Donna leaves to take a call.-

Dean regards the guy in the rabbit head. he gets nothing but a dead-eyed stare. Dean approaches the cell bars. Sam mutters "careful". Dean brushes it off with a "yeah". -Dean wonders if maybe the guy got high; super-glued the head on himself. Sam tries to make a Who Framed Roger Rabbit joke and Dean turns and cuts him a look. Sam suddenly looks startled, warning, "Dean!". The rabbit/man is at the bars and grabs Dean. Sam sprinkles the rabbit/man with holy water. Nothing. Not a demon. "Strong!" Dean mumbles, trying to wrestle free of its grip. He finally breaks free with Sam's help.-Dean notices the rabbit/man is wearing a Minnesota Tech t-shirt and has a tattoo "Kylie forever" on his arm. -

They track down Kylie Jennings. She recognizes the guy with the rabbit head. It's her boyfriend Mike. She doesn't understand why Mike would stab someone. She admits Mike was acting weird. They went to buy a costume and Mike bought the bunny mask and then he started asking strangely. She says Mike is really sweet. The mask changed him into a completely different person.-

Donna and Doug are wheeling the rabbit/man out in a wheelchair. They plan to take him to the hospital to get the head off. -

Donna is insulted that Doug tries to help her lift the guy; like she can't handle it. She says she does Crossfit; she'll be fine. -

The suspect is loaded with tranquilizers. She can't move him. She says a little help would be nice. -Dean calls. While they're distracted the rabbit/man stands up to attack. It's about to hit Donna with Doug's night stick when Doug shoots him from behind. When they go to the back of the car, the suspect is lying there with the head laying off to the side; it only came off when he died.-

Later that night, Sam and Dean are outside with Donna. She feels bad that a 19-year-old kid is dead. If the mask was cursed, then the guy was just a victim. Sam has Donna light the rabbit head on fire to destroy it. The three of them watch it burn.-

A teenager is working out with his coach in a school gym. The coach tells him to lay off the growth hormones in case he's tested. The kid puts his headphones on and goes back to working out. The coach goes into his office.-Someone dressed as a harlequin clown enters. They pick up a kettle ball and go into the coach's office. The student doesn't see. The intruder beats he coach over the head with the weight repeatedly. The student rushes in and tackles the clown to the ground.-

Later, at the crime scene at the school...
Donna tells Sam and Dean that the coach is still alive; he's in a coma though. Doug thinks it's too much of a coincidence that there have been two masked killers in two days. Donna tries to convince him it must be a copycat killing. -Dean interviews Brock the student. He says he only saw the coach getting beaten by the school's Harlequin clown mascot. He was surprised how strong the guy was. And the guy's mask wouldn't come off.-Sam asks if he noticed anything else and Brock allows as how the weight room did get cold.-

Back at the jail, the EMF meter goes off around the newest suspect. Dean proclaims that it's not a cursed object; it's ghost possession. Donna can't believe ghosts can possess people. Sam thinks a ghost is attaching itself to the masks. Donna wants to know how they un-possess someone. Dean says ghosts hate iron and salt so if the scare the ghost out with a little
salt, maybe they can pry the mask off. Donna unzips her fanny pack and hands Dean a canister of salt. Says it's her diet secret. She eats one bite of dessert and dumps salt on the rest to kill the craving. Works on everything except salted caramel.-

Dean says he was thinking something more like this. He pulls out and cocks a shotgun. Salt pellets. Won't kill anyone but might dislodge the ghost. He fires into the suspect in the jail cell. A cloud of gray smokes emerges from the suspect (a woman), she falls to the floor, and the mask comes off. She asks what's going on.-

Donna doesn't want to hold the girl. She doesn't know what she did. Sam suggests they let her go; no one ever saw her face. Dean says she could tell people that the suspect was a drifter who overpowered Donna and got away. Donna doesn't want to do that, seeing as how that makes her look weak.-The suspect says she doesn't remember attacking the coach. She put the costume on and that's the last thing she remembered. She says the costume was donated to the school.-

hey track down the donor. She has a young son, Max. Donna takes him out to see the squad car. The mom tells them that the costumes belonged to her brother Chester. He was a children's party performer before he died. She hands Sam a photo of Chester dressed as a clown. Sam swallows hard and quickly passes it off to Dean who looks down at it knowingly and smirks a bit(Sam's fear of clowns).-

The woman says her brother was depressed. He took his own life. Jumped off a bridge. Her son Max loved Chester and wanted her to keep the costumes, but they made her sad so she donated them to several places.-Sam asks for Chester's burial site. No luck. He was cremated. They ask for a list of all of the costumes. Dean asks if Chester had any problems with any of the victims. The sister doesn't think Chester knew the victims.-

They talk to Donna outside. She had Doug go to the high school to collect the costumes. Sam gives her the list to check them against. Dean wants to find out what Chester's connection was to the victims and explains to Donna that ghosts come back to take care of unfinished business. Sam's going to go check on the coach. Dean wants to find Chester's will.-

At the hospital, a clown carrying balloons enters the coach's room and pulls out a scalpel. The slices the throat of the comatose coach and blood spatters on the wall and the clown mask.-The clown is walking down the hallway, carrying the bloody scalpel. He gets into the same elevator as Sam who is obviously fighting his terrible fear of clowns. The clown turns to face him and Sam overcomes his fear to grab the scalpel and knock it away. The clown begins choking Sam until Sam holds an iron bar against him. The ghost departs and Sam pulls off the mask to find an older man, confused. Sam learns he had just been playing dress-up with is grandson and didn't even know how he got to the hospital.-Sam lets the guy go. Donna later worries how this will look; another suspect escaped. She thinks she'll lose her job.-

Doug shows up. Donna tries to convince him that this is still a copycat killing. He leaves to keep collecting costumes.-Sam wants to know if Donna's not giving new Doug a chance. Donna tells Sam to mind his own beeswax.-

Dean is interviewing the widow of the first victim. He asks if Chester or the coach knew him. She says yes, they knew him. She has nothing to good to say about Chester.-Turns out the first victim Stan and the coach though Chester has molested their kids. They went looking for him but only found Chester's sister Rita who told them to screw off. Before they had a chance to confront him, he killed himself. Dean wonders if maybe it wasn't a suicide.-

Dean goes back to Rita and Max's house. Rita's not home. Max offers to let him wait inside. Dean sees cards on the table. Max says he's learning magic tricks like his uncle taught him. Max misses him. Says his uncle was a good guy. What the men said about him wasn't true.

Rita shows up with Sam. She sends Max to his room. Sam lets her know that they know about the allegations. Sam and Dean press her for the truth. Rita tells them that Stan and the coach came by looking for Chester. Said he did something inappropriate. She told them to go to the cops if they wanted to, but they didn't have any evidence. She didn't think Chester was capable of it, but even she started having some doubts. She spent her whole life sticking up for her slightly odd brother but worried she couldn't see him for what he really was and she worried for her son's safety.-Rita didn't talk to Chester about her doubts. Instead, she called Stan back and he said they'd take care of it. -

In a flashback...they apprehended Chester leaving a party one day. Rita thought they were only going to scare him. Instead, they dropped him off a bridge. They said they didn't mean to kill him; we see that Chester struggled free when they were holding him upside down off the bridge, but Rita was never 100% sure what happened. She never went to the cops; afraid she'd end up in jail and Max would be alone.-

She says fear cripples you. Makes you do nothing. Or do something you regret.-

Sam's phone rings. It's Donna. She thinks she and Doug tracked down all the costumes. They're burning them as she talks. Dean asks if she has a deer head; the head of the costume Chester was wearing the day he died. Donna doesn't remember a deer head. It wasn't on the list.-

Max appears in the room wearing a deer head.-Sam tries to touch him with iron, buthe is thrown against the wall. Max tries to strangle his mom. Dean touches Max with an iron rod and the head comes off. Max doesn't know what's going on.

Dean throws Sam the deer head telling him to burn it now.-

Sam gets into the Impala's trunk for the gas can. The ghost of Chester comes up behind him and throws him against the Impala's trunk, knocking him out.-

Inside, Dean lays down a salt circle and makes Rita and Max stand inside. Chester appears and throws Dean through the door. Max calls out to Chester not to do anything to Dean and he pauses for a second before going in for the kill. He gets Dean up against the wall and starts choking him. -

Outside, Sam manages to light the deer head and the spirit lets Dean go before he's engulfed in flames. -

Later, Donna is talking to Sam and Dean at Rita's house. She says she hopes it will be something better than brings them back to Minnesota next time. Like cheese curd fest. She says she doesn't know how Sam and Dean do this. Their life must be one big "poop storm". Dean says that was spoken like a true hunter. Donna is surprised that they called her a hunter. Dean looks proud. Sam points out that she has three cases under her belt now. She hugs Sam, then Dean. They leave.

Donna turns to Doug and apologizes for being tough on him. He says everyone has baggage. He offers to let her call him by his middle name; Lonnie. She opts for Doug.-

As they drive home, Sam tells Dean that he keeps praying to God because, if it IS God bringing him his visions, he's showing him something Sam doesn't know what to do with.

Dean is very interested to know WHAT, exactly, God has been showing Sam.-

Sam admits he's been seeing the cage. Lucifer's cage. Sam thinks maybe the answer to the Darkness lies with the cage somehow.

Dean says they don't know where these visions are coming from and anything to do with the cage is suicide.-Dean doesn't want Sam involved in the cage in any way.

Sam pretends to agree, but he's deep in thought as he looks out the car window.

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