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When Dean walks down the stairs in a tuxedo to a waiting Bela and during their brief conversation, there are several lit candles in plain view. However, when they exit to go to Gert's party, neither one takes the time to stop and blow out the candles
If Gert and Sam are "already halfway there," meaning to the charity ball, as Bela says while waiting for Dean to change into his tux, then why do Bela and Dean arrive at the charity ball first, while Gert and Sam arrive minutes later?
In season 1, "Salvation," Meg tells John to "mind his blood pressure" after he threatens to kill her. Bela says the same thing to Dean in the same situation.
At the three-minute mark of the show the first victim is taking a shower. She has no shampoo in her hair but after looking out the shower door and just before she is choked from behind she has shampoo in her hair but only for a brief second then its gone again.

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