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Flashback! 2003
We hear the sounds of fighting and a young boy goes to see what's wrong. He finds his father on the floor in a pool of blood. He tries to rouse him. He looks up to see boots and Dean Winchester (complete with amulet and John's leather jacket), holding a bloody knife.
Back to the present. Cole is talking to a tied-up Sam. Telling him about the night Dean Winchester murdered his father. He tells Sam that's why Dean has to die.
Sam says he's sorry. Cole says he doesn't want sympathy, he wants to locate Dean.
Sam's not going to tell him where Dean is. Cole reminds Sam that Dean was ready to let him die. So, therefore, why would Sam want to protect him?
Sam tries to warn Cole that Dean isn't "Dean" right now. Cole doesn't care. He wants revenge so badly.
Cole proceeds to try to beat and torture Sam into telling him where Dean is. Sam won't tell him. Sam tries to tell him that there are monsters out there. Cole thinks Sam is talking about human monsters. Cole tells Sam that he saw suicide bombers and child soldiers when he was in the Army. Those are the monsters he knows.
Sam tries to tell him that he's talking about vampires and werewolves. He tells Cole to look in his duffle.
Cole finds the holy water. But Cole doesn't believe Sam. Cole picks up a hammer. He's going to try to beat Dean's location out of Sam.
Elsewhere; Dean is in a strip club watching a stripper perform. He's the only one in the place. (Love hearing Warrant's Cherry Pie again; apparently the only song strippers can
strip to). Dean reaches out to touch her and she reprimands him, reminding him, "no touching" allowed. He holds out a dollar bill. Then throws it down and tells her to pick it up. The stripper tells him they're done. Dean tries to put a hand on her, but the bouncer stops him and Dean proceeds to beat the bouncer to within an inch of his life.
They intercut this with Cole beating Sam for information.
Once the bouncer is down for the count, Dean slams back the last of his drink and nonchalantly leaves.
Back with Sam...
Cole dislocates Sam's injured shoulder and is about to beat his kneecap with a hammer when Cole's phone rings. It's a call from his daughter. He acts like everything is normal.
As Cole walks away, talking on the phone, Sam sees a pocket knife on Cole's keyring on the ground. When Cole turns around again, Sam's chair is empty.
Back at the strip club...
Dean is leaving and bumps into a bunch of teenagers outside who call him "grandpa". Dean turns to see Crowley, grousing about how kids these days have no respect. Dean asks Crowley what he wants. Crowley says they need to talk about Dean's anger management issues.
Elsewhere, Cas is standing on a dock washing up at an outdoor sink. He tries to heal the cut he has, but he isn't powerful enough. Hannah comes up and heals it for him. He thanks her. Cas tells her that she can go. She doesn't have to stay around and help him. She says she wants to stay. Cas says that's very human of her.
Cas' phone rings. It's Sam.
Sam tells Cas he's found Dean. And Dean is a demon. Cas asks how. Sam says it must be the Mark of Cain. Sam says that he needs Cas, even though he knows Cas isn't doing that well.
Sam hotwires an old pickup truck and heads towards Dean.
Cas and Hannah drive in the same direction. Hannah tells Cas that she thinks the Winchesters aren't good for him. Cas says they may be rough around the edges, but they are his friends and the best men he's ever known.
While Hannah gazes at the stars out the window, Cas starts to doze off (I'm assuming it's because he is in a weakened condition) and is nearly hit by an oncoming semi truck. Cas and Hannah run off the road and crash.
Dean and Crowley are back in a bar. Crowley asks Dean if he's been feeling on edge and pent up. He says the Mark changed him. Dean says he noticed; and shows his black eyes.
Crowley says he knows Dean needs to kill (Crowley'sdrink arrives with a little plastic devil's pitchfork in it). Crowley says Dean needs to face it; he's an addict. Death is his drug and he'll spend the rest of his life chasing it.
Dean says, "So?".
Crowley says he wants Dean to kill for them. Crowley will give him something to kill to keep the addiction at bay. He has a woman he wants Dean to kill. Mindy Morris. Her husband, Lester, sold his soul to Crowley. Lester caught Mindy cheating but she tried to get half of everything he had in the divorce. Lester sold his soul to keep that 50% that she was after. Crowley says Mindy will die one way or another, so maybe Dean would like to go kill her first.
Dean says this is a one-time deal. Crowley says there's something else he needs to share with Dean.
Elsewhere, Cas and Hannah have been rescued by a very kind female tow truck driver. She offers to let them stay at her place while she gets Cas' car worked on. Cas thanks her and he and Hannah head inside. Hannah gets Cas some food, but when she walks back out into the main room, she finds him passed out asleep on the couch. She covers him up with his coat.
Back to Dean on a mission... he's watching Mindy through the window. As he goes to head inside to kill her, a car drives up. He pauses, and goes to check it out. It's Lester.
Dean jumps in to talk to him. Dean shows Lester his black eyes and then Lester gets it. Crowley told Lester Dean was going to kill Mindy that night, so Lester wanted to come and "see that it gets done right". Dean advises Lester that he probably doesn't want to be there when a hit man kills his wife. He ought to be thinking about an alibi.
Lester mocks him, telling Dean he knows what an alibi is. Dean gets ready to tell him to take a hike.
Lester says his wife flushed his life down the toilet. Dean accuses Lester of messing around on his wife first, thus causing her to go outside the marriage. After protesting a bit, Lester admits he did have an affair, but it's different when guys do it. "Really?" asks Dean. Lester claims men aren't built for monogamy. Dean responds with a punch to the jaw. Lester starts to yell at Dean, telling him he works for him now. Dean proceeds to stab Lester with the first blade.
Lester dies.
Elsewhere, Sam is showing a bouncer with a broken arm a photo of Dean. The bouncer confirms that's who injured him. He looks at Sam's arm in a sling and asks if "he got to you too". (Funny!) Sam says, no, he was injured in a hunting accident. Sam asks the bouncer to call him if Dean shows up again.
Cole is watching Sam from a distance the whole time. Cole follows him when Sam drives off.
Cas wakes up at the home of the tow truck lady and proceeds to have a rather adorable conversation with her young daughter. (Cas is always great with kids.) The girl's mom overhears him with her daughter and tells Hannah she's lucky to have him. Hannah protests that they aren't together. Hannah says she and Cas aren't "that". "Too bad," says the mom.
Elsewhere, Crowley is talking with two of his demon minions. Crowley is bored. One of the minions tells Crowley that Sam Winchester is close.
Dean walks in and Crowley asks how the assassination went.
Dean says it went fine. He says, "He's dead and I feel amazing." Crowley can't believe Dean killed the client. Dean tells Crowley that Lester was a douche. Since Dean didn't kill the wife, Crowley doesn't get the soul. Dean doesn't really care.
Crowley tells Dean not to turn his back on him. Dean pushes Crowley down and Crowley's minions seem to enjoy watchingtheir boss getting pushed around.
Crowley asks Dean what he thinks he's doing. Dean tells him he's doing whatever he wants.
Crowley says he thinks Dean doesn't know what he wants. Is he a demon? If so, why didn't he follow orders? Did he feel sorry for Mindy? Does that make him human? Crowley tells him to pick a side.
"Or what?" asks Dean. He taunts Crowley to make a move. Dean says he's not taking orders from Crowley and he's not his best friend. When he wants to kill, he'll call Crowley. Otherwise, he needs to stay out of the way.
Crowley gives him a little speech about how the "crazy ones are good for a fling, but they aren't relationship material." Dean asks Crowley if he's done. Crowley says, "we're done." Crowley says, "it's not me, it's you," and leaves.
Dean smiles to himself.
Cas' car is miraculously fixed in record time. Hannah offers to drive and Cas accepts.Outside a motel, Crowley shows up behind Sam. Crowley tells Sam that Dean is Sam's problem again.
Sam asks where he is.
Crowley says there's a finder's fee.
Elsewhere...Cas wakes up in the passenger seat of his car and looks around. He's at a playground and
Hannah is
nowhere to be found. A woman sitting on a bench says Hannah "took the express elevator upstairs."
There's a
complex symbol drawn out the sandbox. Hannah used it to get to heaven.Next, Hannah walks down the hallway of heaven's prison to Metatron's cell. He's in a straightjacket. She
tells him
she's there about Cas. She asks if there is any of Cas' grace left and if so, she wants it. Metatron asks if
she's willing
to pay for it. Maybe by letting him out. Hannah acts like she's considering it. Metatron says he'll sweeten
the pot.
He says he wants to move on. Away from earth. He'll go to another planet and she'll never see him again
if she lets
him out. In return, Cas will be back to full power. Metatron taunts her about how she's so desperate to be
by someone big and strong like Cas at full power. Hannah hits him through the jail bars. Cas appears. He stops Hannah from making a deal. Metatron childishly refers to Cas as "Asstiel". Cas
doesn't believe
that Metatron still has any of his grace. Cas says deals always end badly. It's his life and he doesn't want
Hannah making a
deal for him. Hannah reluctantly agrees with Cas and apologizes. She walks away down the corridor.Metatron says Cas is right, he (Metatron) is a terrific liar, but there IS some of Cas' grace left. Cas isn't
biting. He says
he's made peace with his fate. Metatron says that now Cas is the liar. Cas says it makes him happy
knowing that Metatron
is there, locked up until the end of time. Metatron is sure he'll get out. Even if it takes centuries or longer.
And when
he gets out, everybody is going to die. Cas gives him a cold stare and leaves, telling Metatron that he talks
too much.Metatron yells out "dead man walking!" after Cas as Cas leaves.
Back in the bar, Dean is pensively picking out notes on the piano and cutting his own hand with the First
Blade, then
watching it instantly heal. Crowley's words to "pick a bloody side"; human or demon; are ringing in his
head. Sam
walks in and Dean doesn't even look up. Just says, "Hiya Sam." Then he looks up at his brother.Sam looks back with a full range of emotion on his face. Hope, fear, sadness, relief; it's all there.Dean tells the bartender to step outside for a minute.Dean asks Sam, "Who winged ya?" in reference to Sam's arm. Sam asks if it matters and Dean responds, "not really".Dean tells Sam that he told him to let him go. Sam says he can't do that. And Dean should know that his
Crowley sold him out. Dean isn't surprised.Dean picks up the First Blade and his drink and walks closer to Sam.Sam tells Dean that he "doesn't have to do this". He reminds him that they know how to cure demons.Dean responds, "A little Latin, a lot of blood; it rings a bell." Dean tells Sam that if he had wanted to be
cured, he
wouldn't have left the bunker.Sam wants to put the blame on Crowley for taking Dean out of the bunker, but Dean says it really wasn't
Crowley who
did it.Sam says it doesn't matter. He says that whatever happened, they'll fix it.Dean is skeptical and says that right now he's doing all he can not to come over there and rip Sam's throat
out. With
his teeth.Sam looks shaken. Dean says he's giving Sam a chance and he should take it. Sam says he'll have to pass.Dean says he's not walking out that door, so what is Sam going to do, kill him?Sam says no.Dean asks why won't Sam kill him? Sam doesn't know what he's done. He (Dean) might have it coming.Sam says that he doesn't care because Dean is his brother and he's here to take him home.Dean takes a drink and laughs. Then he completely mocks Sam's heartfelt speech and asks, "What is this?
A Lifetime
movie?"Sam looks like a completely physically and emotionally beat-up mess. Dean even mocks Sam's "puppy dog
eyes". Sam pulls out the demon cuffs. Dean asks if Sam really thinks those are going to work. Sam says there's
only one
way to find out and starts to walk towards Dean.Suddenly, a tear gas canister is thrown through the window and the room starts to fill with gas.Sam starts to choke and drops the cuffs. He stumbles his way outside for fresh air. He falls to the ground
and starts to stand, just in time to be knocked unconscious by Cole.Dean casually walks out. Cole pulls his gun on Dean. He reminds Dean that they talked on the phone. Dean recalls, saying, "Oh yeah, you were the one who was going to put a bullet in Sammy's brain. Did you
miss?"Cole says it was his plan all along to let Sam escape so he'd lead him to Dean.Cole asks if Dean remembers him. He doesn't. Cole tells him that he gutted and murdered His father;
Edward Trent.Dean acts like killing Cole's father was no big deal. Just one in a long line of people he's killed.Cole tells him that he's spent his whole life waiting for his chance to kill Dean. That he's trained for it.
Dean tells him to go ahead and take a shot, but Cole would rather come at him with a knife. They fight
and Dean
easily fights off Cole in spite of his training.While they fight, Sam comes to and heads back inside.Dean asks Cole what did he think was going to happen? Cole slices Dean in the face with his knife and as
watches Dean's face spontaneously heal, he tells him he's a demon and shows him his black eyes.Dean gets Cole up against a car with the First Blade against his neck. Cole yells at Dean to "do it" and kill
him. Dean
doesn't. He lets go and Cole falls to the ground.Suddenly, from behind, Sam throws holy water on Dean which knocks him down. While he's down, Sam
slaps the
demon cuffs on him. Dean looks irate. Sam tells him "it's over".Once Cole revives himself, we see that he drags his bloody body to a library (what, no Internet?) and asks
for every book they have on demons.Later, Sam and Crowley stand outside the Impala. Dean is locked in the back seat. Apparently, in
exchange for telling
Sam where Dean was, Crowley wanted to get the First Blade back. Sam is handing it over to him. Sam
asks Crowley
what he's going to do with it. Crowley says he'll put it somewhere where Dean can't get his hands on it.
He tells Sam
he doesn't want to get boned by Dean for ratting him out.Sam starts to threaten Crowley, but Crowley stops him, calling him "Samantha". Crowley and Dean stare
down.Back in the bar, Crowley is reminiscing about the good times he had with Dean. But he eventually picks up
the First
Blade and follows his minons' instructions that it's "time to move on".In the Impala, it's dark. Sam is driving with Dean in the backseat. Sam comments on the trash in the car.
Dean tells
him it's just a car. Sam can't quite believe Dean said that. Sam said that proves he's really "gone dark" if
he doesn't
care about the car. Dean says Sam has "no idea".Sam thinks Dean spared Cole's life out of mercy. Dean disagrees. He says that leaving Cole alive was a
much worse
punishment after Cole failed to kill him in revenge for his father's death. Dean continues, "And what I'm
gonna do to
you Sammy, well, that ain't gonna be mercy either."Sam stares ahead and drives. Looking shaken, but completely determined.

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