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Recap by Kate38
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During a solemn musical montage, Dean deals with his grief about Kevin and burns the young prophet’s body on a hunter’s funeral pyre.

As the episode begins, Gadreel continues completing his kill list by coming after Thaddeus, the angel who tortured and guarded him while he was in prison. Thaddeus is hiding within the vessel of an obnoxious rock star when Gadreel confronts him in his dressing room at a concert venue. During their hostile exchange, Thaddeus insists he was just doing his job. Gadreel summarily stabs him with an angel blade and walks out.

Back at the bunker, Castiel arrives as Dean is packing up his gear bag. Castiel notices signs of a struggle at the bunker and asks Dean what happened. Dean confesses everything to Castiel and they talk.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dean vows to find and kill the angel that possessed Sam and killed Kevin, but Castiel reminds him that they don’t know who the angel is. Cas also warns Dean that if he kills the angel while it’s possessing Sam, he’ll also kill Sam. Dean replies that the alternative is letting the angel burn through Sam’s vessel, so he can’t let that happen. Dean admits feeling guilty and stupid, but Cas reminds him that he was trying to do the right thing, which should count for something.

Cas also reminds Dean that Sam is strong enough to kick the angel out, but Dean says he doesn't know how to reach Sam inside his own vessel. As they’re talking, Cas reminds Dean that Crowley found a way (in season 8) to hack into Semandriel’s brain, and he might be able to do the same thing for Sam if they can find him.

Dean and Castiel confront Crowley and tell him that Kevin is dead.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

During the discussion, Crowley also learns that Sam is in trouble and Castiel and Dean explain how they need Crowley to help. Dean and Castiel convince Crowley to help them in exchange for a field trip out of the bunker, during which Crowley agrees to remain shackled.

Since Sam/Gadreel has stolen the Impala, Dean, Castiel and Crowley walk to Cas’ car (which ran out of gas a few miles away from the bunker). During the walk, one of Abaddon’s spies notices the trio and reports the information to Abaddon.

Next, we see Ezekiel’s former vessel tending bar at a pub and talking to Metatron, who is a customer. Ezekiel’s vessel doesn’t seem to know or recognize Metatron. Suddenly, Sam/Gadreel walks in with the angel and demon tablets, and gives them both to Metatron as he was apparently ordered to do.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Gadreel also confirms that he has killed Thaddeus and Kevin, as he was ordered to do. However, Metatron is dismayed to learn that Dean is still alive, even though Gadreel was not ordered to kill him. During their discussion, we also learn that Metatron “flipped a switch” in heaven, so now that Kevin Tran is dead there will be no new prophets.

As Metatron and Gadreel talk, Metatron slips the angel another slip of paper with a name on it – Alexander Sarver. Gadreel doesn’t want to kill any more people, but Metatron berates him for questioning the order and reminds him that he still needs to prove his loyalty.


Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
Next, we see Dean, Castiel and Crowley in the waiting room of a large, fancy financial firm. It seems that one of the employees is a demon who works for Crowley, and the entire business is a secret surveillance operation for the National Security Agency. Crowley goes into a private meeting with his operative, during which we learn that the Impala has been spotted in Somerset, Pennsylvania.
Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

The operative also updates Crowley on what has been happening with Castiel (how he lost his grace and was human for a time, but has stolen another angel’s grace to restore his powers), and she tells Crowley that Abaddon is not really in charge of hell, and most of the demons are just waiting to see which one of them will win.

Out in the waiting room, Crowley delivers the news about the Impala, and the trio leaves for Pennsylvania.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

In Somerset, Pennsylvania, Gadreel/Sam exits the Impala in front of a home in a suburban neighborhood. He approaches a man who is gardening in front of the home. When they see each other, Gadreel recognizes the other man/angel as Abner, a friend from prison. They are shocked to see each other, because each thought the other was dead.

Before the men can talk further, a small child runs out of the house and approaches Abner, calling him “Daddy”. Abner introduces Gadreel as his “best friend”, and he invites Gadreel back to the home in a few hours so they can catch up while his wife and daughter are out at a movie.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
Later, Gadreel and Abner are talking in Abner’s living room. Abner talks about his job and his family, and admits that he was a crappy angel who deserted his post and deserved to be imprisoned for 700 years. Abner goes on to say that none of that matters now, because they’re both away from Thaddeus. When Gadreel proudly admits that he killed Thaddeus, Abner says that’s unfortunate because now (after the fall) the angels have been given a second chance. He says the angels can forget old grudges now, that he’s happy with his life, and that he loves his family. Abner says that the most important thing they can do is to find what they want most, and not let go of it. When Gadreel asks what if there’s a price for that, Abner replies that there’s always a price, but it’s worth paying.As Gadreel and Abner are talking, Castiel and Dean approach the house and sneak inside. They find Abner dead. Dean confronts Gadreel in the kitchen washing Abner’s blood off his hands. Dean accuses Gadreel of killing Kevin, but Gadreel suggests that Dean should be grateful because he let him live. Gadreel flings Dean into a book case. While Gadreel is distracted, Castiel sneaks up behind him and knocks him out.

Meanwhile, back at the surveillance operation, Abaddon confronts the woman who helped Crowley earlier. As soon as the demon tells Abaddon where Crowley, Dean and Castiel are, Abaddon kills her.

Back in Pennsylvania, Gadreel wakes up shackled to a chair in an abandoned warehouse to find Castiel, Crowley, and Dean standing there. Apparently, Castiel has scanned Sam’s body and tells Dean that Sam’s internal injuries are healed enough that he can eject Gadreel without dying.

Dean and Castiel begin interrogating Gadreel. They tell him to leave Sam’s vessel, but Gadreel refuses. He also says that he has Sam’s mind locked away in a dream, so he isn’t in any distress. Dean is furious, asserting that he trusted Gadreel and was betrayed. Gadreel says he is just doing what he must do. Dean says he is doing the same, and Crowley repeats the line. Then, Crowley begins inserting spikes into Sam’s head and Sam screams.

After some time passes, Dean leaves the room because he can’t stand to listen to Sam’s screams. He and Castiel talk, and Castiel says he’s doing okay.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dean apologizes for asking Castiel to leave the bunker and for keeping the secret about Sam. Castiel says Dean was just doing what he had to in order to protect Sam, and admits that he was also misled by Metatron, so they both were too trusting.

After a few moments, Crowley calls them back into the room to show them that although the angel is unconscious, he’s speaking in Enochian. Crowley twists one of the spikes and Gadreel utters a few words that include the word “Gadreel”.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Castiel tells the group that the angel has identified himself as Gadreel, the angel sentry who allowed Lucifer into the Garden of Eden. Castiel becomes furious because Gadreel’s actions led to the corruption of humanity, the rise of evil, god’s departure, and even the apocalypse. Castiel tries to attack Gadreel, but Dean pulls him away.

Crowley continues his work, but after some time passes, it's clear that he isn't making as much progress as hoped. Gadreel suddenly wakes up and tells the group that they will never find Sam, no matter what they do. Desperate, Dean asks Castiel to possess Sam’s vessel so he can find Sam and help him expel Gadreel, but Castiel reminds Dean that he can’t possess Sam without his permission. Crowley advises Dean that he has no such limitations and is willing to do the job in exchange for his freedom. Reluctantly, Dean agrees, telling Crowley to give Sam the code word “Poughkeepsie” so he’ll know Dean sent him.

After Castiel removes Sam’s anti-possession tattoo, Crowley smokes out of his own vessel and enters Sam’s body.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Inside Sam’s mind, Crowley finds Sam at the bunker. He thinks he’s working a case with Dean and is shocked to see Crowley. Crowley hastily says “Poughkeepsie” and explains the situation to Sam. As proof, he shoots Sam to show him that he’s in a dream. After some coaching, Sam seems to remember snap shots of recent events, including being in the hospital and killing Kevin.

Before Sam can act, Gadreel finds them and attacks Crowley. Sam attacks Gadreel and eventually is able to cast Gadreel out.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Elsewhere, in the bar where Metatron is waiting, we see Gadreel return to his former vessel.

Back at the warehouse, Crowley exits Sam’s vessel and Dean and Castiel release Sam from the chair. As this is happening, Abaddon and her goons show up. Crowley urges the Winchesters and Castiel to leave, saying he’ll handle Abaddon. The trio leaves, leaving Crowley temporarily alone, but with his freedom.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan WikiRoad Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Abaddon and Crowley have a hostile exchange, during which Abaddon’s goons turn against her and refuse to obey her order to kill Crowley. Crowley tells the demons that he understands their confusion and why they temporarily seemed to follow Abaddon; but now that he’s back, he’s willing to welcome all the demons back and give them more than Abaddon was willing to give them. He tells the demons to spread the word that he’s back, and then he disappears before Abaddon can react.

Elsewhere, Dean, Sam and Castiel stop at an old pier to regroup. Castiel heals the drill holes in Sam’s head and tells Sam that it will take time to heal him completely, so it will have to be done in stages. Castiel momentarily leaves the brothers alone to talk. Sam is furious about what Dean did and feels terrible about Kevin. Dean says he didn’t have a choice, but Sam doesn’t accept his explanation. Dean also says that Kevin’s blood is on his hands and that he’ll find Gadreel and get revenge. He goes on to say that he is leaving, because people in his orbit die and he doesn’t want to drag Sam through the danger with him anymore. Sam tells him to leave, and Dean walks away.

Road Trip Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
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