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Recap by Spnfanforever.

Rock and a Hard Place recap

The episode is set in Hartford, South Dakota, and it features our favorite Sheriff, Jody Mills, in her first appearance since Season 8. We last saw her laying on a restroom floor, coughing up blood because Crowley had planted a hex bag on her as part of his plan to force The Boys to stand down from the Trials…

…The episode opens with a girl leaving a diner late at night but as she walks to her car she hears a noise behind her and she is frightened. She falls over near the car and crawls underneath it but someone lifts the car up and she sees a bright blue light, which blinds her; then she disappears. We see her being lowered unconscious through a trapdoor into an underground room…

…The next day, back at the Men of Letter Bunker. Dean walks into the kitchen and finds Sam asleep at the table. He wakes him but Sam still looks exhausted and he tells Dean he feels like he can’t recharge his battery. Dean’s worried but before he can say more he receives a phone call from Jody about four missing people and also that someone saw a girl being snatched last night by someone who lifted an SUV. They head off to see her…

They meet up – Dean jokes with her about not going on any more blind dates (after her near-death experience on her date with Crowley – of course she had no idea he was the King of Hell!) and she tells them that all the abductions show evidence of super-strength. The victims are also connected as they belong to the same church. Sam conjectures it might be angels taking vessels. Jody’s surprised and excited by this but Dean tells her “not to get her pants on fire – they (angels) suck!”

They talk to the witness – Slim – who tells them he saw someone lift the car up and then there was a bright blue light, like fire, and the girl – Honor – disappeared.

Dean and Sam head off to the Good Faith Church, which all the victims attended…

…They talk to someone called Bonnie about the victims, under the pretense they want to join the church. She tells them that the victims were all members of the ‘APU (Abstinence Purifies Us) group and when they find out only members can attend, Sam suggests they join, to Dean’s eye-rolling! When she leaves the room to get papers for them to sign, Dean asks if they really want to join a chastity group but Sam says whatever abducted the victims might be stalking virgins… She brings in a ‘purity pledge’ for them to sign. Dean says, “I don’t really think that bell can be un-rung!” but she’s not amused! She says they can still join as long as they ask God for forgiveness for their sins and take the vow now so they both sign the pledge…

She says, “congratulations, Sam and Dean Winchester, you’re both virgins!” and Dean’s toothy grin is amazing!

…The latest kidnap victim, Honor, is awake now and starts to look around. She is still in the same dark place, which has a number of rooms. She only has her small key-ring light with her and it doesn’t help much. She can barely make out shapes moving in the darkness but no-one says anything…

…Back at the church, Dean and Sam are in a meeting with the other members of the APU. This is a very funny scene… Sam is invited to talk about why he’s there and he says every relationship he’s had with a woman has ended badly. Dean smiles and agrees with him, to Sam’s chagrin. Then it’s Dean’s turn to talk about why he wants to be a born-again virgin… He goes to town describing yet not describing sex and all the women in the group are hanging on his every word and their gestures are very comical! Sam coughs and Dean realizes he’s said enough so he finishes with, “so I got my V-card back, The End!” and he smiles – priceless!

Dean thinks he recognizes Suzy, who’s running the meeting (– she’s very pretty!) and he goes to talk to her. She’s the group’s counselor and he offers to walk her home so she can give him some books on chastity. Sam asks him if he’s “going to hit that” and Dean’s smile is answer enough…

…Sam returns to the motel; Jody is there on the computer. Sam found out at the meeting that two of the chastity group hadn’t kept their vows and Jody has found similar stories for the other vics. They agree that whatever is taking the people is focusing on those who break their pledge. Sam says it isn’t a dragon they’re hunting then… Jody asks if dragons are a thing and Sam says, “too many things are things.”

…Back at Suzy’s place, Dean is getting excited when Suzy takes her jacket off and goes to sit on the sofa. Sam calls him but he turns his cell off but when he goes over to Suzy he sees she’s crying and she asks him to pray with her for her missing friends. Dean is disappointed…

Back at the motel, Sam is still trying to call Dean but with no success.

Editor’s note:

An excellent episode!

Editor’s note: A very good episode!

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