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The episode opens with Dean and Sam in a pawn shop battling what looks like a giant (human-sized), green, stuffed dinosaur. The Winchesters kill the monster by burning it with holy oil, which makes it explode, sending felt and stuffing flying all over the room.

Afterward, the shop owner (Alan) is very grateful, because the dinosaur had been trying to kill him. As he’s thanking the Boys, another man (Jay) enters the shop. He is friends with Alan and says he was next door when he heard commotion, so he came over to see what was happening. Jay seems confused by all the mess and asks Alan what happened. Alan has no explanation, but Dean and Sam convince him that a battery-operated stuffed animal malfunctioned and exploded.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Jay is dubious, but seems to accept the explanation. Alan introduces Jay to the Winchesters as someone important who owns most of the businesses in the neighborhood.

As Jay and Alan talk, Dean and Sam step aside to discuss among themselves what happened. Apparently, they came to the area to investigate reports of a giant lizard-monster. Dean suspects that they were dealing with a cursed object, but Sam says the dinosaur didn’t “act” like a cursed object, and they should do more digging. As the Boys are talking, Jay walks over to them and asks if everything is alright. The Boys assure him that it is, and they prepare to leave. Before they can go, Alan insists on giving them a reward for saving his life. At first, Sam refuses Alan’s offer. But later we see Dean and Sam carrying a large flat-screen television out the door and we realize Dean must have asked for the television. They squeeze past Jay, who is standing in the doorway, on their way out of the store carrying the huge television.

Later, the brothers are at the bunker. Sam is in the war room researching cursed objects and can’t find anything saying they attack people. Dean dismisses his concern and calls him into another room to show him something. Dean leads Sam to a large room in the bunker that he has turned into a play room/man cave. The room has a juke box, bar, foosball table, and many other amenities, as well as a pair of recliners placed in front of the large television they just brought home.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Sam seems surprised that Dean was able to put the room together, but Dean is excited to show Sam the television, so he picks up the remote control to turn it on. As soon as Dean turns the television on, a purple light starts swirling around inside the screen. The Winchesters look on in confusion, but before they can do anything, the purple light shoots out into each of them and they disappear.

The brothers materialize in a wooded area next to a road side, but we can see that everything is animated – including both of them. Amazed, they realize that they have somehow been zapped into a cartoon. They try to figure out what happened to them, but as they’re talking, they realize that the car somehow got zapped into a cartoon with them. They decide that what is happening to them is a case of some kind, so the best thing to do is get into the car and start working the case.

After driving what seems like a short distance, they pull up to a malt shop. They decide to go inside and talk to some locals to figure out what is going on. But as they’re talking, they look over in amazement and notice the “Mystery Machine” parked outside the malt shop. They realize that the cartoon they’re in is Scooby Doo.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki


Dean and Sam enter the malt shop and see the Scooby Gang dancing in front of a juke box. Dean is very excited, because he loved the Scooby Doo cartoon when he was a child and is thrilled for a chance to meet Daphne. Dean considered the Scooby Gang among his childhood role models because they traveled around fighting ghosts. Sam seems unimpressed, but follows Dean’s lead. The Scooby Gang finishes dancing and sits down in a large booth. Dean and Sam walk over to them and introduce themselves. After introductions, the Winchesters join the Gang in the booth (Dean, of course, kisses Daphne’s hand and sits next to her).
ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

As the group is talking, Velma tells Dean and Sam that they’re celebrating some good fortune. Apparently, a wealthy friend of Scooby’s (an old, Southern colonel) recently died and Scooby has been named as an heir to a large fortune. Sam pulls Dean aside to talk, complaining that they should be trying to figure a way back home instead of hanging out with the Scooby Gang. Dean reminds Sam that the last time they got zapped into television land, they got out by playing their parts, so he thinks that’s the smart thing to do this time. He surmises that the Scooby’s inheritance involves a mystery, so helping the Scooby Gang work it is the best way to get back home. Sam reluctantly goes along. The Scooby Gang agrees to let them tag along, and they leave for the Colonel’s mansion (after Dean challenges Fred to a drag race in their respective cars). As the cars speed away, we see a trench-coated figure standing there.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

After the group arrives at the creepy mansion, Dean recognizes the building as the same mansion in an episode of the cartoon titled “A Night of Fright is No Delight”. He tells Sam that he knows the episode very well, and he and Sam go inside with the others.

Once everyone gets inside, we see that the family attorney (Cosgood Creeps) is there, and several of the Colonel’s relatives are in attendance. The Colonel (via a recording) tells the assembly that his million-dollar fortune will be divided equally among whoever can spend one night at the mansion. He also tells them that the house is haunted.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Most of the group leaves to go upstairs and settle in for the night, but Sam pulls Dean aside. They discuss how unusual/ridiculous their situation is, but Velma overhears them talking and tells them that this sort of thing happens all the time. Sam prepares to retort that this situation is only normal in a cartoon, but Dean stops him, reminding him that the Scooby Gang doesn’t know they’re a cartoon, and they shouldn’t tell them. He also doesn’t want them to know that monsters are real, because in cartoon-world, they aren’t. Dean wants the Scoobys to remain innocent.

The attorney leaves, telling the assembled guests that he’ll return in the morning to see who was able to remain for the whole night. The Winchesters and the Scoobys prepare to go upstairs with the other guests. Despite Dean’s attempt to room with Daphne, the girls end up rooming together, and the Boys and Scooby room together.

During the night, we see the ghost enter one of the other guest’s rooms. When the ghost appears, the room gets cold like it would in Supernatural. Before long, everyone hears screams coming from downstairs. The Winchesters and the Scoobys rush down the stairs towards the screams. When they enter a downstairs bedroom, they find the bloody body of one the other guests.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dean and Sam are confused, because in the normal Scooby Doo cartoons, there are no real dead bodies or actual blood. Dean also remembers the episode he thought they were in, and there were no dead bodies in that episode. The Winchesters realize that if other people can die in this cartoon, so can they and so can the Scooby Gang. Dean and Sam resolve to protect the Scoobys, who don’t seem disturbed by the dead body. Meanwhile, the Scoobys discuss among themselves that there are no such things as ghosts, so they should search the house for clues to figure out what’s going on.

As they’re talking, a figure appears on the balcony outside the window. The figure enters the room through the window and the team tackles the intruder. After a tussle, they realize it’s Castiel. Dean and Sam introduce Cas as a “friend” of theirs, and as Cas and the Winchesters speak privately, they bring one another up to speed.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Apparently, Cas returned to the bunker after successfully finding fruit from the tree of life in Syria. He looked for the Winchesters at the bunker and found Dean’s television room. When he entered the room, the television was still on, and Cas recognized Dean and Sam in the cartoon. As Castiel was watching in confusion, the same purple light that pulled the Winchesters into the cartoon sucked him in, too. We realize that the figure we saw standing in the road when the Winchesters drove away from the malt shop was Castiel, and he followed them to the mansion.

Sam comments that the purple light must have something to do with the pawn shop and the evil dinosaur. As they’re talking, Velma overhears them. They hastily try to explain by telling her that they’re writing a book about a killer stuffed dinosaur. As the group is talking, the room gets cold and the lights go out. The group searches the area, but the ghost attacks them. They’re unharmed, but when the group enters the room the ghost came from, they find another bloody, beheaded, dead body. The Scoobys casually walk away, but Dean, Sam and Cas realize that the stakes in their situation are high, because they’re clearly dealing with a real ghost. They return to the rest of the group and Dean asks Fred what his plan is.

Against the Winchesters’ advice, the group agrees to split up and search the house for clues. Dean rushes to Daphne and ends up teaming with her and Fred; Velma (who seems to have a crush on Sam) rushes to Sam; and Castiel teams up with Shaggy and Scooby. The groups separate to search different areas of the mansion.

In the attic, Sam tries to tell Velma that ghosts and monsters are real, and that he and Dean hunt them. Velma doesn’t believe him and laughs, explaining that monsters are usually just crooks (often, unscrupulous real estate developers) in masks. As they continue searching the attic, they find a toy chest full of dolls and toys – it’s the only thing in the attic that isn’t covered in dust. Sam also notices ectoplasm on the box. As Sam tries to explain to Velma that ectoplasm gets left behind when a ghost has been in the area, the toys and blocks in the toy chest begin floating in the air and hurling themselves at Sam and Velma, who rush from the attic and slam the door.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Elsewhere in the house, Dean, Daphne and Fred are searching the library. Dean finds a single book on a shelf that is yellow (all the other books are greyed out) and suspects the book is a lever of some sort that opens a hidden panel. He pulls the book and the trio falls through a trap door in the floor and down a long, winding sliding board into a sub-basement. They are unharmed, but when they turn on the lights, they realize the ghost is there with them. The ghost chases them and they run.

Still elsewhere, Cas, Scooby and Shaggy are searching and notice the room suddenly getting very cold. When they turn around, the ghost is right behind them. They run.

ScoobyNatural recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

In the next sequence, the entire group is running from the ghost. They barricade themselves in a room and the ghost breaks through. Fred rushes the ghost and it slams him into a wall. The ghost also levitates Daphne and Velma, and throws Shaggy through a window. Dean and Sam pick up iron candlesticks and attack the ghost, causing it to temporarily dissipate. Once the ghost is gone, Velma and Daphne fall to the floor unharmed; Fred’s nose is bleeding, but he is otherwise unharmed. Outside the window, Shaggy is clinging to a trellis several stories above the ground. He calls for help, but the trellis breaks and he falls. As Shaggy is falling, Scooby rushes to him and they are both free falling. As Scooby and Shaggy both fall, Castiel leaps through the window to grab them. Castiel catches Scooby by the tail and his trench coat billows out behind him, slowing their fall but not stopping it completely. The trio crashes through the branches of a tree before landing. Scooby and Castiel are unharmed, but Shaggy’s arm is broken. The team uses some wood, a belt, and Fred’s ascot to make a splint and sling.

Dean and Sam realize that they need to tell the Scoobys the truth, so they tell them that the ghost is real, monsters are real, and they know how to fight them. The Scoobys freak completely out – Fred says his life has been meaningless, because he’s been chasing fake monsters when there were real monsters around the whole time; Velma berates herself for being “blind”; Daphne fears where her soul will go in the afterlife, which she didn’t know about until now; Shaggy berates the rest of the group for not believing him all the times he said ghosts were real; and Scooby is afraid because they are all doomed.

Dean and Sam quickly try to gain control of the group, assuring them that they know how to deal with the ghost. Dean gives them a pep talk and reminds them of all the times they’ve fought danger before and beaten it. He assures them that together they can defeat the ghost. The Winchesters show the Scoobys the Impala’s trunk full of weapons they use to battle monsters, and Dean tells Fred to build one of his traps.

Back inside the mansion, Daphne uses rock salt to make a salt line around the room they’re in. She leaves only one doorway open, for the ghost to enter. The elaborate trap includes an iron chain that is supposed to trip the ghost, a rope holding a net full of coconuts above the doorway, and a long trail of slippery soap that will send the ghost into a washing machine wrapped in iron chains, where it will be captured. Of course, the plan goes awry and Shaggy, Scooby and Castiel end up sliding into the trap and into the washing machine.

Dean reminds Sam that Fred’s traps never work, and they implement plan “B”, which is to lure the ghost to the library’s trap door, where it slides down the slide and ends up in the middle of a salt circle. The furious ghost tries to escape, but Dean and Sam order the ghost to reveal itself. The ghost does so, ansd we see that it is a small boy. The boy tells Dean, Sam, and Cas that he never wanted to hurt anyone, but Jay, the “bad man” made him do it.

In a flashback, we see that when the boy died, his soul became tied to his pocket knife that his father had given him. Jay discovered this and used the child ghost to animate the dinosaur. The boy tells the Winchesters and Castiel that he doesn’t want to hurt people; he just wants to see his father again. The trio tells the boy that if he can get them back to the real world, they will set him free. The boy agrees to help.

Upstairs, the Scooby gang is freaking out because they think the ghost is still on the loose. Dean and Sam bring the group downstairs and show the Scoobys a figure tied up with his face covered. They tell the Scoobys that they were right all along about the ghost being a fake, and they assure them that this “imposter” was their ghost. Velma pulls off the hood and we see the family attorney – Cosgood Creeps. Dean and Sam convince the Scoobys that everything was fake – done with projectors, wires, and dummy bodies. They surmise that Cosgood was trying to scare off everyone else so he could keep the money for himself. Dean also shows them the suitcase containing the “million” dollars, which is all confederate money, so it is worthless. While the rest of the group is talking, Castiel walks up behind Shaggy and touches his arm, healing it. Shaggy suddenly realizes that his arm feels better and suspects it was never broken at all.

After the Group says their goodbyes, the Scoobys laugh off the entire ordeal and walk away. When they’re gone, the image of Cosgood Creeps fades away and we see that it was the little boy all along. The child zaps Dean, Sam and Castiel back to the television room in the bunker. Dean leaves the room momentarily and returns with a sledgehammer and a blow torch. He hands the blow torch to Sam and reluctantly uses the sledgehammer to smash the television. Dean finds the pocket knife inside the broken television, and gives it to Sam. The little boy appears and asks the Winchesters what will happen to the “bad man”. The brothers tell the child that they’ll take care of it. Then, Sam uses the blow torch to melt the knife, and the child’s spirit is sent to its rest.

EPILOGUE:Back at the pawn shop, Alan is reluctantly preparing to sign over the deed to the store to Jay. Dean, Sam and Cas walk in right before Alan signs and stop the transaction. When Jay asks the trio why they are there, the Winchesters explain to Alan that Jay has been driving out other store owners in the neighborhood so he could buy their properties cheap, and he’s been using a ghost to help him do it.
As Sam, Dean, and Cas explain the scenario, we see a flashback – Jay planted the haunted knife inside the dinosaur, and used the monster to frighten people in the neighborhood enough so they’d want to leave, and he could buy their properties from them. After the dinosaur exploded, he retrieved the object. Jay overheard Dean and Sam talking about “looking into things” further, and realized they would cause problems for him. So as the Winchesters walked past him with the television, he slipped the knife inside.When Cas tells Jay that now the spirit is free, he insists nobody will believe their story. But then Sam tells Jay that he hacked into his tax returns and discovered that Jay has been evading taxes. As the group is talking, police cars pull up outside. In the next scene, Dean, Sam and Cas are standing outside the pawn shop as Jay is led out in handcuffs and arrested.

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