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Realtor Wendy Goodson goes to the salon and getting her hair taken care of. She finishes a call to a client and the hairdresser, Chris, sets her up beneath the hairdryer. As Wendy reads, she gets increasingly hotter and finally tries to remove the dyer. It's stuck and shorts out as she tries to remove it, electrocuting her. Chris returns and screams in horror at the sight.
Dean is trying to sleep and has dreams of Castiel, Sam shooting at him, and finally his killing Amy. He wakes up and sees that Sam has already gotten up and gone running. Dean pours himself a drink and finds a case about two bizarre deaths in Prosperity, Indiana. Sam is more interested in finding out what the matter is with Dean, and Dean explains that he's still the same no matter how much Sam has changed it. Sam accepts it and goes to shower up.
Chet the Leviathan is tracking the Winchesters and reports into his bosses. He then puts his groceries in the trunk of the car he's using, where he's keeping a feed on.
Sam and Dean arrive in Prosperity and Sam talks to Wendy's sister. She explains that everyone loved Wendy, who was in real estate. The other dead man, Carl Dunlap, was an architect but the sister insists that they didn't know each other. Meanwhile, Dean talks to Chris at the salon and confirms that the hairdryer couldn't have done what it did. He looks around and finds coin behind the chair, and calls to tell Sam what he's found. As Dean walks down the street, he notices a bus bench with an advertisement photo of Wendy on it, surrounded by dead plants. Once he brings Sam up to speed, he goes to a liquor store to buy a bottle.
At a construction yard, the owner, Dewey Stevens, goes into a porta potty. As he uses it, an air compressor on a nearby truck starts up despite the fact it's not plugged in and the nail gun fastened to it rises into the air. It goes to the door and shoots Dewey as he comes out, pinning him to the door. It then moves up to him and fires two more shots through his eyes before dropping to the ground.
Later, Dean talks to the sheriff as he secures the death scene. The sheriff points out that there's no generator on the truck and they're not sure exactly how Dewey was murdered. Dean finds another coin inside the porta potty and then goes to Dewey's office where Sam is checking out the owner's computer. He's learned from the e-logs that Dewey, Wendy, and Carl were all working on a mall construction project and it fell through. They were working with a developer, Don Stark, and the brothers determine that he's a local philanthropist. They figure that he'll be next. As they discuss the case next to Don's commemorative bust outside the community center, Sam notices that Dean is now drinking from a flask and points out that he's drinking on the job. Bobby calls in and tells them that the coin is a Romanian ducat dating back to the 15th century. They notice that the plants around a statue of Don are dying, and Dean remembers the plants around Wendy's picture.
Chat drives toward Prosperity.
Sam and Dean meet with Don at his home, and he says that the shopping mall project just fell through for no particular reason. His assistant Jenny Klein comes by to take his suits to the dry cleaner. Once she leaves, Sam says that he needs to use the bathroom. While Dean keeps Don distracted, Sam searches Don's bedroom and finds a box filled with hex tokens and scrolls of spells.
Sam goes back downstairs as Don boasts that everyone admires him. Sam points out that they've heard that he and his wife Maggie are getting a divorce, and asks what the issues were between them. Don talks vaguely about it and Dean figures that Maggie caught Don cheating on her with a business associate. Don admits it and dismisses it as a thing, and says that Maggie just needed some time off. The brothers figure that Wendy was the business associate and suggest that he try to make it up to Maggie. Outside, the brothers notice that there are dead plants around the house. Dean calls Bobby and asks him to do some research on witches and how to stop them.
The brothers go to Maggie's house and makes sure that she's gone. Once they do, Dean breaks in while Sam stands watch outside. Dean finds a closet filled with blood-smeared photos of the three victims as well as Jenny. Outside, Sam sees Maggie pull up and calls to warn Dean, only to get a busy signal. He approaches Maggie and asks her to talk to him, but she refuses. He sets off the car alarm to warn Dean, who grabs the photo of Jenny and manages to slip out without being seen. He warns Sam that Maggie will soon realize that the photo is gone and they head over to save Jenny.
Jenny is making cupcakes in her kitchen, unaware that Maggie is using her blood to cast a spell on another photo of Jenny. Jenny samples one of her cupcakes but then realizes that the cupcake is oozing blood from a small beating heart inside of it. She drops it and starts choking, vomiting up blood. Dean and Sam burst in and search for the coin, and Sam finds and destroys it just in time. Jenny demands to know what happened and they explain that she was hexed. The brothers tell her to get out of town and stay away from Don, but she says that she isn't involved with Don. Jenny insists that he's her boss and nothing else.
Maggie is preparing for an art auction at the community center and her friend Sue apologizes for telling her about Don and Wendy. Don arrives and accuses Sue of spreading lies, but Sue says that he's a serial philanderer. Maggie comes back and Don talks to her, insisting that none of it was he fault and that Maggie was the one who was never there for him. He tells her that she's had her fun with Wendy and it's time to stop. Maggie blames Don and his ego, and he points out that two FBI agents came by. She knows that the Winchesters are hunters and tells her husband that she'll take care of them, but Don says that it stops, now.
Don goes outside and notices the dead plants around his statue. The ground shakes and his statue cracks in half. The Winchesters pull up and notice the destruction, and Don sees them. The brothers figures that Maggie will destroy the town in her anger. Bobby calls and gives them the ingredients for the anti-witch spell.
That night, Maggie rehearses her speech for the art auction while Sue applauds her. She tells Maggie that everything's perfect and touches Maggie's shoulder, and Maggie says that she's remembered that she has to take care of the finger sandwiches.
Sam returns to the motel with the chicken feet that the spell requires. He says that the butcher's freezer is out and that the townspeople are having a run of bad luck.
At the art auction, Maggie and Sue share a drink but Sue discovers that there's an eyeball in her martini. The paintings start to melt and Maggie realizes that Don is responsible. Sue wonders how he did it but Maggie says that that it doesn't matter. Her friend says that Maggie has friends that love her... and a tray levitates across the room and decapitates her. Don drives away, smiling, and Maggie vows war.
Sam and Dean arrive at the hall and discover that the police are there cleaning up after Sue's death. They realize that Don must be responsible and they're dealing with two witches, not one. They drive off, unaware that Chet is watching them.
The brothers park outside of Don's house, figuring that the couple will confront each other directly since they've killed each other's toys. Maggie arrives and storms in, saying they're going to have it out. The brothers arrive and cast the spell, but nothing happens and Maggie points out that they didn't properly chill the chicken feet. As the couple casts a joint spell of destruction, Sam says that they have to go to Plan B; counseling. Dean steps forward and says that they must value what they had and want to keep things going. He suggests that they have something erotic going, and Sam steps in. Maggie points out that Don had an affair on her, but Sam says that there might be blame on both sides. Maggie strikes him down and Dean tries to appeal to her, and Don strikes him down.
The couple start arguing about all of their issues over the centuries and the affairs that both of them have had. Don finally says that he didn't do anything with Jenny, and Dean confirms that it's true. As the couple start to talk, Sam says that's all they needed. Don creates a horde of bees to attack Dean, and then admits to Maggie that she's all that he's ever wanted. Maggie admits she could never murder him either and they kiss.
Later, Sam and Dean return to their motel room and Dean drinks again. He then complains that Sam is judging him. Chet is waiting for them and tells them that they'll be dead in a minute. Dean shoots him without effect and they realize that he's a Leviathan. He grabs both of them and starts choking them, but Don arrives and brings him down with a magic spell. They thank him and he wonders what it is, and says that his spell will only last for a couple of days. Don then removes one of Maggie's hex coins from beneath their bed, pointing out that they did try to kill her and she still wants revenge.
The brothers toss Chet in the trunk and call Bobby to say that they'll be making a delivery. As they prepare to leave, Sam asks if Dean listened to the Starks. He talks about how they opened up and that it worked, and that Dean should do the same. Dean says that there's always something eating at him but Sam figures there's something specific going on. He asks if they're good and Dean says that they are and gets in the Impala without another word.
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