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We begin in an empty church, with a nun being spooked by… something. Instead of anything creepy, it’s just the priest. However, up in the rafters, is a distraught parishioner who monotonously proclaims “God’s not with us… Not anymore.” Followed by a gun to the chin and the typical cutaway from the gunshot- WAIT. No, they cut back just in time to see the guy blow the top of his head off. Broadcast Standards let you get away with that? Good job, guys! I love this freaking show!

Elsewhere, Dean and Bobby are working on Samuel Colt’s Magical Colt pistol. The thing is out of bullets, so it’s not good for much any more, but Bobby figures that they can at least learn from it. Sam’s got some leads on omens in an Ohio factory town, the exploding suicide’s head being one of them. Dean laments that the demons never hang out in South Beach.

Sam and Dean head to Ohio and meet with the priest, posing as insurance men, to learn some information about the man without the back of the head. They learn that the man changed one day, like flipping a switch, from good to bad. And he’s not the only one. Many people in the town have been following the same path.

At their hotel, Sam and Dean meet up with an old Hunting buddy of Dean’s named Richie. He’s clearly the east coast flavor of Hunter; I guess they’re not all gruff Heartland jean jacket types. He’s on the same path as the Winchesters, investigating the possibility of demon possession in the town. But the actions of the presumed possessed don’t exactly make sense. Richie puts the boys on to Trotter, the man who opened up the whole town to the delights of vice.

To the strains of Creedence, the boys roll up on the local watering hole, which is overrun with party people, prostitutes and the like. It looks more like Spring Break in Florida than a rundown factory town in Ohio. Richie’s there, cruising the merchandise and he points out Trotter to the boys. Even the priest from the church is there. But Dean’s more interested in the hot bartender... to the point where he’s willing to drink a Hurricane. The fun doesn’t last though, because another crazy citizen comes in wielding a gun. He pops a patron and tries to do himself, but Sam is able to tackle him in time. Dean splashes a little holy water on him, but he’s… not a demon.

Sam and Dean stick around for a few minutes, jumpy around the police, until they’re told that the local paper is going to take their picture. They're about to fly like the wind, but notice Richie is gone. He’s off with Hot Bartender, who suddenly reveals herself as a demon and brutally and graphically breaks Richie's neck, twisting his head all the way around. Dean is jumpy because he knows that Richie is sloppy enough to get himself killed sooner or later. Sammy follows Trotter, but after a brief and hilarious altercation with him and his men, he discovers that they also aren’t demons. What is going on here? It is a bit awkward when he splashes them with holy water.

Elsewhere, Bobby is still tweaking the Colt, when Ruby shows up to smart talk Bobby a little bit. She goads him into testing the Colt on her, but it’s not perfected yet. Nothing but a bullet hole in the shirt. However, Ruby is going to help him with the piece. What game is she playing at? Why would she ever give the Winchester boys the ability to do her in?

Dean heads out with Hot Demon, but just when we think he’s going to fall victim to his libido like poor Richie, he reveals that he is already wise to the bartender’s hot demon ways. Not only did he come by her place earlier to give Richie a proper burial, but he also took the opportunity to drawing a binding symbol under the rug. Hot Demon is trapped. Dean’s starts to perform an exorcism, but not to be outdone, Hot Demon summons up her powers of wind and earthquakes to interrupt the exorcism. The book blows apart out of Dean’s hand and ceiling comes down on the stairwell, sealing them both inside. Now Dean is trapped as well.

Dean’s not going down that easily, so he tries to recite the exorcism from memory and does about as well as Ash in Army of Darkness. It’s cool though, because Sammy will be on his way and he’ll be able to take care of this. However, maybe Hot Demon’s friend will come first. They’re going to wait and see who arrives first the cavalry... or the Indians.

Meanwhile, Sammy attempts to find Dean, but is hampered by prostitutes and a surly bartender. Eventually, he gets some information, however, the first property he goes to is the actual home of the possessed person, not where the demon took Dean. Out of options, Dean turns to the priest for help. Oh yeah, and he’s a demon too. I’ve condensed like a half dozen scenes here, but they seemed to drag out Sammy’s B-story just so they could break up Dean’s demon scenes.

Hot Demon and Dean take the time to perform a very interesting series of bottle scenes. Inexpensive for the show, but damn interesting. She reveals to Dean that the problem in the town isn’t the demons, but the humans. All she did was nudge Trotter in the direction of sin and the rest of the group embraced it. She also mocks Dean for believing in God, but reveals that demonkind also has their “higher power”: Lucifer. The fallen angel created them in his own image and will return to them some day. Wait, if she came from Hell and Lucifer wasn’t there, then where is he? It’s amazing that this show can have an actual Hell, but then be ambiguous about God and even Lucifer. And somehow it works.

Hot Demon goes farther and explains to Dean that the demons don’t have a plan. They were supposed to follow Dean when they left Hell, but since he refused to pick up the mantle, and with Azazel (Ol’ Yellow Eyes) dead, everything has descended into chaos. There’s infighting everywhere with each of them jockeying for power. We’re supposed to understand that is a bad thing, but how is any collateral damage that occurs really worse than the scores that would be killed if the army was at full strength? Of course, she also confirms that Dean isn’t going to like Hell one bit. Isn’t that obvious? It’s like a cop going to a maximum security prison.

Sammy finally arrives just in time for the priest to reveal himself and demonstrate how powerful a demon he really is. He flings Sam aside, but Bobby arrives just in time with the Colt… only to miss. He also gets thrown aside. Ruby has followed, but stays just far enough behind that the other demons never spot her. I wonder what they would have to say about her working on the side of the Hunters. Nonetheless, the Colt is fixed and Sam runs after the demons to take care of them.

With a flick of his wrist, Priest Demon frees Hot Demon and reveals to Dean that they’ve been an item for centuries. Hot Demon actually pleads with the priest not to kill Dean, apparently she’s grown to like him, but Priesty is not having it. Thankfully though, Sammy arrives just in time to put a demon-killing Colt bullet in the priest’s chest. With a fancy light show, the demon is dead. Dean tries to stop Sam, but in a split second he fires again, killing Hot Demon as well.
Later, Dean chats with Bobby and tries to understand what is happening both with the town and his brother. They may have stopped the demons, but the Ohio town is still full of sin. But humans aren't their job, Bobby reminds him. He also tells Bobby what Ol’ Yellow Eyes said about Sammy being changed after his jaunt to the other side. Bobby tells him that he’s sure that Sam is fine. Neither one of them seem convinced.

Back in the hotel, Sammy is visited by Ruby the Demoness, who wants a little appreciation for her hard work. Sam is lamenting the two humans that he had to kill while finishing off the demons. Ruby holds Dean’s fate over Sam’s head again, but Sam's suspicions almost get the better of him, tempting him to use the Colt on Ruby. Ruby uses the promise of Dean to talk Sam out of pulling the trigger, but couldn't Sam just shoot the Crossroads Demon like any other? End of deal, end of story. Ruby promises to follow Sam every step of the way; the little fallen angel on his shoulder.

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