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We all remember the fear and despair that went into our hearts when we heard this was going to be the final season of Supernatural. None of us wanted to lose the Thursday night joy of watching Sam and Dean kick evil butt. I mean really, what else are Thursday’s good for? Then news broke that Supernatural was indeed being renewed and that they were wrapping up the Apocalypse story line this season. We were left with so many questions. Were they really going to be able to answer all of them? While Eric Kripke and his clan of diabolical minions managed to answer just about all of those questions, they left us hanging with new ones.

We start off with Chuck working on a new Supernatural book, called “Swan Song.” He gives us the history of the impala, when it was made, who its first owner was, and how it came to be in John’s possession. He also tells us what everyone knew all along. The Impala is the most important object in the universe.

Over at Singer Auto Parts Dean and Sam share a beer. Dean realizes that Sam is an ‘overgrown man’ and he can’t continue treating Sam like a child. He admits that watching out for Sam is not only his job, but who he is. If Sam wants to say yes to Lucifer, then Dean will back his play.

At a warehouse the Winchesters, along with Cas and Bobby have slaughtered some demons. They have several jugs of demon blood for Sam to drink in preparation of becoming Lucifer’s vessel. While Cas and Sam load up the car Dean asks Bobby what he’s got. There have been omens in several places including Detroit. Dean instantly knows Lucifer is there thanks to the trip Zachariah sent him on in ‘The End’.

The guys and Cas are driving towards Detroit in the Impala. Dean makes a crack about Cas while the angel is sleeping. This reminds Sam that angels don’t sleep. Sam tells Dean that if the plan works, he’ll be locked in the cage with Lucifer. He makes Dean promise not to do anything to bring him back. He doesn’t want Dean poking at the cage. Instead Sam wants Dean to find Lisa and live an ‘apple pie’ life. Realizing how much this means to Sam, Dean agrees.

When they get to Detroit, Sam says his goodbyes to Bobby and we get a few laughs from the angel who cannot tell a lie, even if he tries. Sam asks Dean not to watch as he drinks the demon blood. Dean gives him his privacy and when Sam’s finished he’s completely pumped up. He walks to the front of the building where Lucifer is staying and calls the demons out. They take Dean and Sam to Lucifer.

We’re back to Chuck narrating, and flashing on the Impala as he writes about it. We get to see the Wee-chesters shoving army men and legos into parts of Impala, and how they are still a part of the car. Even when Dean rebuilt it he made sure that those little touches remained. Those are the things that make the car theirs.

Back in Detroit Sam has to convince Lucifer that he wants to say yes. The devil is bit wary. Lucifer knows about the rings. He knows about the plan for Sam to try to take control and jump in the pit with Lucifer along for the ride. Still the idea of a contest between him and Sam intrigues Lucifer and he jumps in Sam.

Dean springs the trap. It seems that Sam is fighting Lucifer and he starts towards the trap. At the last second he turns to look at Dean. Lucifer had control of Sam all along. He just wanted to mess with Dean. Lucifer closes the trap, and after basically telling Dean, “I told you so” leaves.

Lucifer and Sam are in an old, broke down theater. They’re talking through the cracked mirror.
Lucifer is trying to make Sam realize that he’s not the enemy. In fact he’s more like family to Sam then the Winchesters. The room is full of demons that have been around Sam his entire life. Sam’s grade school teacher, childhood friend, and prom date are just among a few. Azazel made sure Sam was always being watched and influenced. Knowing Sam is angry, Lucifer suggests that the two of them blow off a little steam.

Dean, Cas, and Bobby are on the streets of Detroit. Sirens are wailing and the news is booming with tragic stories. The apocalypse has begun. Dean wants to know what their next move is. Cas suggests they get drunk and wait for the end. The Apocalypse is going to happen on the chosen battlefield. Cas and Bobby are ready to give up. They don’t know what else to do. Dean looks lost and heartbroken, but he’s unwilling to stop trying.

At the theater Sam/Lucifer is sitting on the stage. The demons have been slaughtered. Lucifer asks Sam if they’re having fun yet.

Chuck is still working on his story. We see clips of the boys driving, sleeping, and watching the stars from the hood of the Impala. The boys never had four walls and a roof, nor were they ever homeless.

Dean calls Chuck, and the prophet apparently didn’t see that one coming as he thought it would be someone named Mistress Magda. After poking fun at Chuck a bit, he tells the prophet about Sam. Even though the angels are trying to keep things quiet, Chuck found out where the final showdown is going to be. Stalls Cemetery, an old bone-yard outside of Lawrence. It has to end where it all began.

Dean wants to go to Sam. Cas and Bobby argue against it. Cas has a firm belief that Dean won’t be able to get through to Sam on the battlefield and the only thing he’ll see is Michael killing his brother. Dean doesn’t care. He’s not going to let Sam die alone.

At the cemetery Lucifer tries to talk Michael out of fighting. Lucifer argues that their dad made him who he is. God wanted the devil. It’s just another test. Lucifer tries to reason with Michael, but the archangel won’t have it. He claims to be a good son and reminds Lucifer that he betrayed Michael and the others. The battle is going to happen.

Dean pulls into the cemetery, blaring Def Leppard’s “Rock of Ages”, and interrupting the beginning of their fight. Dean wants five minutes to talk to Sam. An angry Michael tells Dean he’s no longer part of the fight. Cas and Bobby come from the side and throw holy fire on Michael, making the angel disappear. Dean has his five minutes.

Lucifer is not happy that Castiel threw holy fire on Michael. Apparently no one is allowed to mess with the archangel accept Lucifer. He snaps his fingers and blows Cas up, leaving nothing behind but raining body parts. Angry at the interruption he goes after Dean. Bobby tries to distract him by shooting Lucifer. The devil seems a bit peeved that his meat suit is bleeding and snaps Bobby’s neck with a simple hand gesture.

Lucifer starts wailing away on the oldest Winchester. Dean continues to try to get through to Sam, telling him that it’s okay and Dean’s not going to leave him. Light reflects off the window of the Impala and into Sam’s eye.

There is a beautiful compilation of flashes from the time the boys were little up until the apocalypse. Most of them are of the brothers together in the Impala. Sam gains control of his body and throws the rings on the ground. He speaks the incantation and the pit opens.

Michael shows up and tells Sam it’s not going to end this way. He has to have his fight with Lucifer. Dean and Sam exchange a long, heartfelt look and Sam starts to fall into the hole. Michael tries to stop him, but instead winds up falling with him. Sam, Adam, Lucifer, and Michael are all trapped in the cage.

Dean is mourning his brother when Castiel shows up, new and improved. He heals Dean and the last surviving Winchester wonders if Cas is God. He’s not, but Cas does have his heavenly powers back and is able to revive Bobby.

Cas is intent on returning to heaven to restore order. Dean is upset that Cas seems to be God’s b*tch again. Dean didn’t get a grand prize and is a bit upset that his brother is stuck in the pit. Cas reminds him he got exactly what he wanted. No paradise, no hell, just more of the same.

Chuck continues to narrate letting us know that while Dean won’t see Bobby for a while, the old coot will be back out hunting within a week. Dean does as promised and goes to Lisa’s. Chuck contemplates that maybe this was a test for the Winchesters and he thinks they did well. In the end, they were still family and had stood by each others side. Chuck whisks away, leaving us to wonder what he really was.

In the final few moments of the show, Lisa is serving dinner to Dean and Ben. Dean has a pensive look on his face, but seems to be all right. Outside the street lamp goes out, and we see Sam, staring in the window watching Dean and Lisa. His expression is hard to read. If he’s angry at Dean or pleased that he kept his promise, I couldn’t tell you. You’re going to have to make that decision for yourself. Of course the burning question is if Sam is, well, Sam, or has he been altered by his time in hell? Maybe he’s become something more. Maybe there’s a little piece of Lucifer still inside of him. Unfortunately, we won’t know until next season.

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Ya so mayb it didnt end exactly how I wanted it to. But it really was a great episode, wonderful script and of course as always amazing acting. I especially liked the last scene with chuck. I think that was a great way to finish season 5.

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