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A young couple is kissing in an art studio. As the scene unwinds, we learn that the man is an artist (Derek) who paints disturbing paintings, but is not yet well known. He is expecting a potential buyer to come look at some of his work in the hope of selling something and using the money to catch up on bills. They buyer sent Derek an email the day before expressing an interest in looking at his work; Derek was recently featured in an article in a local newspaper, so he assumes that’s where the buyer got his name.

As Derek and his girlfriend are talking, the doorbell rings. The girlfriend excuses herself to leave for work. On her way out the door, she greets Jack, who is apparently the buyer Derek was expecting. Jack and the girlfriend exchange an awkward greeting, and she leaves as Derek invites Jack inside.

Once inside, Jack tells Derek that he knows he’s a dreamwalker. Apparently, in the recent newspaper article, Derek mentioned that his mind can “move through different worlds” and that’s how he’s inspired to create his works. Derek tries to convince Jack that the newspaper language was just a story; but Jack persists, commenting that Derek is Sioux and raised on the Pine Ridge reservation. Jack also comments that Derek’s father and grandfather were both medicine men, and that his lineage traces all the way back to Black Elk, a shaman.

Jack offers Derek money to dreamwalk for him. At first, Derek refuses. But he needs the money, so he relents. When Derek asks Jack where he wants to go (meaning what world), Jack points to one of Derek’s paintings that depicts the alternate universe (AU) where Mary is trapped:

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Derek, surrounded by candles and with his feet in a ceremonial water bath, begins entering a meditative state. After some time passes, he tells Jack that he has reached the “place”, but he doesn’t like it there. He becomes agitated because of what he is seeing and experiencing. Jack encourages Derek to look for a building. Derek does it, but the effort taxes him, so he has difficulty maintaining the connection with the AU. Jack rushes to Derek and places his hands on either side of Derek’s head to amplify Derek's powers.

The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
Jack’s eyes glow yellow as he locks onto Derek’s vision. Derek is clearly in pain and distressed, but Jack persists. Eventually, the water starts to boil and Derek screams in pain.

Later, Derek’s girlfriend returns to the studio to find Derek dead on the floor with his eyes burned out.

The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki


At the bunker, Dean is on his cell phone leaving a message for Patience Turner. He asks for her help finding someone that he and Sam have been unable to find. He suggests that they may need a psychic’s help, and asks her to call him back.
By this point, Dean is in the war room talking to Sam. Sam reports that Cas says he had a lead on Jack – possibly in Tucson. (Of course, Asmodeus is still pretending to be Castiel on the phone and has been feeding the Winchesters fake information, as Castiel is being held prisoner).
As they’re talking, Jody Mills calls Dean. On speaker phone, she tells the boys about a strange murder in Bismarck, North Dakota in which a local artist was found dead with his eyes burned out. The trio agrees that it sounds like an angel kill. But Jody reports that the victim’s girlfriend identified a young man matching Jack’s description as being the last one seen with the victim. Convinced that this may be a lead on Jack, Dean and Sam head to Bismark to investigate.

Later, Dean and Sam arrive in Bismarck. Dressed as feds, they interview Derek’s girlfriend, who positively identifies Jack when the Boys show her a picture of him. When the Winchesters notice the dark nature of Derek’s work, the girlfriend tells them that Derek was a dreamwalker and that he drew, sculpted, and painted places he’d seen. As the three are talking, Dean notices the painting of the AU and shows Sam:

The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Later, Dean and Sam are in the Impala drinking coffee. Sam is looking through John’s journal for information on dreamwalkers, but the lore is limited. Dean is more interested in talking about the painting and what Jack is up to, expressing concern that Jack is looking for the AU so he can find Lucifer, and that it looks like Jack may have killed Derek. They agree that they need more information, so they discuss how to learn more about dreamwalking. Sam says that he has hacked into Derek’s emails and has a lead on another dreamwalker (Kaia Nieves) that Derek was talking to. According to Derek’s emails, he’d been trying to coach Kaia to help her control her powers. They decide to look for Kaia. Sam does some additional research and learns that Kaia never knew her father, her mother died when she was 12, and her aunt cared for her until her recent death. They also learn that Kaia recently overdosed and was arrested.

In what looks like a secured hospital-jail of some sort, a young woman (Kaia) is reluctantly attending a group therapy session for substance abusers. She is hostile, distracted, and unwilling to participate in the group session when encouraged to do so by the therapist. During their exchange, we learn that Kaia accidentally overdosed on amphetamines, which is what landed her in confinement. Reluctantly, Kaia eventually admits that she has terrible nightmares and she is not an addict -- she takes the amphetamines to stay awake so she can’t dream.

After the therapy session, we see that Jack has arrived at the hospital and tries to strike up a conversation with Kaia. Initially, Kaia thinks Jack is another addict (Jack lies, saying he uses cocaine), and she refuses to talk to him. But Jack tells her that he’s a friend of Derek’s, who told him that Kaia is the most powerful dreamwalker he’s ever seen, and Jack believes she may be able to help him. Kaia initially refuses to engage, but Jack says that he’ll help her escape if she’ll help him.

Jack uses his powers to break Kaia out of the hospital. But by the time they’re outside she knows he’s not human and refuses to go anywhere with him. Jack won’t tell her what he is, but reminds her that they had a deal. When Kaia tries to leave, Jack grabs her wrist to stop her and they begin to struggle.

As this is happening, the Winchesters arrive. They stop Jack from restraining and pursuing Kaia and she runs away.

The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
The Winchesters insist that Jack tell them what he’s been doing. Jack says that he needs Kaia, and that he’s doing what he’s doing for them. When Dean asks why Jack killed Derek “for them”, Jack seems surprised to learn that Derek is dead. He tells the Winchesters that when he left them, he tried to get a better handle on his powers. He says he experimented and learned how to open doors to other worlds, but he couldn’t “see” – he could only feel around in the dark. He realized that he needed a dreamwalker to be able to see. His research led him to Derek. He tells the Winchesters that Derek was able to help him see the AU, and he saw Mary there. The Winchesters learn from Jack that Mary is alive, but she’s in danger. When they ask for more information, he touches their heads and shows them the AU:
The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
Mary is locked in an iron-maiden type cage (like the one Lucifer was in) and calling for help. Jack breaks the mental connection, but the Boys (especially Dean) are shocked to learn that Mary is alive. Jack says that Derek couldn’t hold the connection to the AU, so he needs someone stronger – that’s why he needs Kaia. He also tells the Boys that Derek was alive when he left him, and that he didn’t kill him.

Elsewhere, we see that Kaia has made it to the road and is trying to hitch a ride. Unfortunately, she is picked up by two angels, who knock her out and kidnap her.

Meanwhile, it is evening in Buckhead, Georgia and Patience is trying to do her homework. She has apparently listened to Dean's message, but didn’t answer or reply. Her father enters the room and she pretends that everything is normal. Her father reports that one of Patience’s teachers called because Patience, normally an honor student, got a “C” on a test. Mr. Turner expresses concern because he and Patience had planned for her to maintain her excellent grades so she could get into an Ivy League college. Reluctantly, Patience tells her father about the phone call from Dean, but she says she didn’t answer the call. When Mr. Turner shows concern, Patience says that she hasn’t been having any visions and things are normal.

He next day, Patience is driving home from school and has a vision. She sees a dark, wooded place, and what looks like the skull of a large primate lying on the ground. In the visions, she sees Jody Mills get stabbed by someone whose face she can’t see. The Winchesters are also there, but Patience can’t tell how they’re involved.

Disturbed, Patience goes home and packs her bag. Her father catches her packing and demands to know what’s going on. Patience reluctantly admits that she never stopped having visions of things that have not yet happened, but she has been ignoring them. She says that she had a vision of someone – a friend – who is going to be in danger and will die. She feels compelled to go help, because it’s who she is. Mr. Turner apologizes for lying to Patience about her grandmother (Missouri), but urges her to reconsider. Patience says that she has to do “the right thing”, and insists that she’ll only miss a few days of school, but she’ll be back. As she’s leaving, her father warns her that once she leaves to pursue such a life, she won’t come back. Patience leaves.

Later, Jody Mills is calling Sam’s cell phone to see if the Boys are alright. As she’s leaving a message, there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to see that Patience has arrived at her doorstep. Patience tells Jody that she had a vision, and something bad is coming.

Night has fallen, and Dean, Sam, and Jack are in the Impala looking for Kaia. Sam reports that the police are also looking for her, so they have to hurry. Dean is very distracted by the knowledge that Mary is alive. He feels guilty that they weren’t looking for her the whole time. The Boys agree to find Mary, no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, Jack is disappointed that the Winchesters thought he could have killed Derek, but they tell him they didn’t know for sure and they thought it may have happened accidentally, like when he killed the security guard. Sam tries to convince Jack that they were mostly worried about him, and Dean adds that they were also worried that he was looking for his father, Lucifer. Jack tells them that Lucifer means nothing to him, and that they and Castiel are his family. Dean tells Jack that he is family, and that finding Mary was good work.

As they’re talking, Jack suddenly grimaces in pain. He can hear angel radio and learns where the angels are holding Kaia. They head to the location.

Elsewhere, Kaia wakes up tied to a chair in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. The angels tell her that they have kidnapped her to use as bait to get to Jack. They tell her that Jack is Lucifer’s son, and that they tracked him to Derek. After they tortured Derek, he told them that Jack was headed to Kaia, so they killed Derek (to cover their tracks), captured her, and now they know the Winchesters and Jack will come to rescue her. Kaia belittles them, telling them that nobody is going to come to her rescue. The angels agree that Kaia doesn’t matter, but insist that the Winchesters will come for her anyway, because it’s what they do. Then the angels will kill the Winchesters and take Jack with them.

As they’re talking, the Winchesters and Jack burst in and demand Kaia’s release. The angels try to tell Jack that he belongs with them – with his “own kind”, but he rejects their offer. A fight breaks out, and Jack kills one angel, while the other one gets away.

The Winchesters free Kaia, tell her that they’re hunters, and try to convince her to dreamwalk for them. They explain that their mother is trapped in another world, and they need her help to get her back. Kaia initially refuses to help them, explaining that when she dreamwalks, she only goes to one place – a Bad Place full of blood, death, and monsters. She shows them scars on her arm, telling them that she gets attacked when she dreamwalks there. She again refuses to help them, but Dean pulls a gun on her and orders her to get into the car. Jack suggests that they go to a place called the “Wind Caves”. Derek told him that this place is a sacred site where the walls between worlds are thin, so it may be a good place to try to break through.

Later, they are driving along a dark road. Jack and Kaia are in the back seat, and Jack apologizes for what has happened, telling her that she doesn’t have to be afraid of her powers. He reminds her that Derek thought they could help each other. Kaia blames Jack for Derek’s death, but Jack persists, offering to show Kaia other worlds if she’ll allow him to. After she agrees, he touches her head and shows her visions of other worlds they can travel to when they dreamwalk, letting her know that she doesn’t always have to end up at the Bad Place. Kaia seems emotionally moved by the experience.

As they’re driving, they are run off the road by the other angel who escaped the warehouse. They run into a nearby abandoned shipyard, with the angel in pursuit. Sam, Jack and Kaia run inside one of the large boats and rush upstairs, while Dean stays behind to try to slow the angel down. Once inside the boat, Sam begins painting angel warding sigils on the walls to temporarily keep the angel out. Outside, Dean confronts the angel. She tells him that they need Jack to save the angels because they’re dying out, but Dean doesn’t care. Dean prepares to fight, but when 2 other cars pull up and 4 more angels get out, Dean realizes he can’t fight them all, so he retreats inside with the others.

Aboard the derelict boat, Dean and Sam realize they are trapped and that the warding sigils won’t last long. Outside, the angels begin trying to break through the warding.

Their efforts cause the entire vessel to quake, and the Winchesters can see that the sigils are slowly burning away. Inside the boat, Dean apologizes to Kaia for dragging her into this, telling her that he knows this wasn’t her fight. But Kaia suggests that they try to locate another “world” and go there to get away from the angels. Sam asks Jack if he thinks he can take them to Mary. Jack doesn’t know for sure, but with time running out, Jack and Kaia begin trying to locate an escape location, while Dean and Sam prepare to defend against the angels for as long as they can.
The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Kaia sits in a chair, and Jack places his hands against her head to combine their powers. They see multiple worlds, but Kaia’s vision keeps taking her to her Bad Place. They eventually find the AU where Mary is being held, but they have difficulty maintaining the connection to the place. Suddenly, Kaia screams and a bright flash of light emanates from her and Jack. The angels are killed and blasted away with enough force to melt their angel blades. An inter-dimensional rift opens in the room, and Dean, Sam, Jack and Kaia all disappear.

The rift aboard the abandoned ship remains open. We see that Kaia is lying unconscious along a roadside. It looks like she ended up only a short distance from the ship yard.

Jack wakes up lying on the floor next to Mary’s cage in the AU.

The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dean and Sam wake up in a dark, wooded area. They don’t know where they are, but they start walking. As the camera pans back, we see that they are standing in the middle of a large foot print that looks like it was left by a dinosaur.

The Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Bad Place recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
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