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In the woods outside Gunnison, Colorado (years ago), two brothers are on their way to go fishing. One younger; maybe around 13, one older. The younger one is telling the older one that it finally happened, he and "Jackie" kissed. The older brother asks if maybe he can stop hearing about "him" (this Jackie person) every two seconds. He starts teasing his younger brother about
how he has been obsessing on this boy he likes.

The older brother warns the younger one that a boy kissing another boy is dangerous. He's going to have to be careful. It's not just the other kids at school that might beat him up for it; it's
everyone in town.

The younger brother, Jesse, says he wished they were gone already; that he and Matty (the older brother) had already left town. He asks if his older brother can just lie and get a fake ID.

Matty says Jesse will just have to be patient.

Jesse asks if Mattycould sell his collection. His coin collection. So they'd have money to leave sooner.

Matty says they'll get out of there as soon as he turns 18.

Jesse asks to see the valuable coin Matty plans to sell eventually. Matty shows him. He hands back the coin and heads off into the bushes to pee.

While peeing, Jessehears something. He calls for Matty. He hears a yell and Matty calling his name. He goes running.

He finds their fishing stuff scattered on the ground and sees Matty being dragged into the woods.

Jesse stops running when he hears a rattling, buzzing sound behind him. He slowly turns around to see what is making the noise, but we can't see what he sees.

Present day; at the bunker...
Sam walks into the library and finds Dean hunched over a book at the table. He asks if Dean even moved from that spot since the night before. Dean brushes it off saying that sleeping is the new smoking. Sam corrects him that it's sitting; sitting is supposed to be as bad for you as smoking.

Sam reassures Dean that they'll find Cas. He's stronger than he looks.

Dean doesn't understand why Amara wants something like Cas. He's small potatoes. And if she wants Lucifer, she won't think twice about hurting Cas.

Sam says they'll catch a break on Cas. They have to. It's karma.

Dean points out that karma's been kicking them in the teeth lately.

Sam agrees, but he says he thinks they should hunt until then.

Sam has found a possible case. A girl, Libby Strauss, is missing near Gunnison, Colorado. Her friend said she was dragged into the woods by a monster with green eyes. Dean wonders if it's a demon. The friend chased after her and found Libby, only she wasn't Libby anymore, now she was also a green mutant. Dean wonders if it was a demon who swapped bodies. Sam says there's only one way to find out. Dean reluctantly agrees to go.

At the sheriff's office in Colorado...
Dean and Sam talk to the sheriff. She tells them that there have been six people who have gone missing in the last 48 hours. They are disappearing one by one. They ask about Libby. She and her friend were in from out of town, the rest of the missingwere residents.

They ask about Libby's friend. The sheriff says she's not the most reliable witness since she was high at the time. Sam asks if this has ever happened before. The sheriff looks uncomfortable. She admits that it happens every 27 years. Same time of year. The record only goes back
through three cycles of the disappearances. Before that, before coal was found, the town was all forest; no town. She says people come and go in this town. She says some old-timers have theories about Indian burial grounds and the usual urban legends.

She tells Sam and Dean to look over the files and talk to any witnesses they want. Sam will check the reports. Dean will interview the friend of the first woman who disappeared.

Cori (the friend) doesn't think Dean will believe her. She says that the thing that took Libby was naked and pale except for the flashing green eyes. It didn't have any hair anywhere. It was shaped like a man, or maybe a woman. It didn't have any kind of sex organ.

Cori says she remembers that when she found Libby, she was just standing there shivering and shaking; kind of making a rattling and buzzing noise. When she tried to approach her, Libby looked at her and her eyes were green. She hissed and growled at her.

Dean asks if the buzzing was coming from Libby's body. Cori says yes, she heard the same sound before the thing that dragged off Libby first jumped them.

Sam and Dean are trying to figure it out. Dean talks about the buzzing and says that weed alone wouldn't account for the details Cori told him.

Dean says, "Isn't that right, Sam?" Sam, apparently, tried smoking something back in college. Dean teases him calling him a sinner and a rebel. Sam calls Dean an idiot.

Sam says he's coming up empty in the files. Nothing on green eyes or "junkless". Dean asks, but didn't "junkless" turn Libby? Sam can't believe they are actually going to call this monster "junkless".

Dean's sure something happened. Sam finds that Sheriff Cochran was there in 1989 and he seemed like he was closing in on something, but then fell off the radar. Sam notices that most of the witnesses from the last two rounds of victims over the past 27 years and 27 years before that have died or moved away...except for one from '89. Etta Fraser. The go to talk to Etta.

Etta's husband disappeared in 1989. Etta says it was her second husband. She said he was a womanizer. Before he disappeared, he was seen having sex in public with two different women. Usually, he wasn't an exhibitionist. Sam remembers that both of the women he was with disappeared too. At the time, she thought he was just missing; they didn't find out about him having sex with the two women until later.

Sam notices that her house smells like white sage. She seemed impressed that he knows his herbs and gives Sam a flirty look.

Dean notices that her bags are packed. She says she's going to stay with her sister for a few weeks. They ask why.

She says that back when her husband went missing, and then they found about him with the two separate women, her grandma told her that he must have gotten "the chitters". It happens in the spring. People in town go nuts. The have orgies in the woods. Then they disappear. She never really believed it, but now that people are disappearing, she's following her grandma's advice; burning sage to protect herself and getting out of town for awhile. Sam asks why she called it "the chitters". Etta says that's what her grandma said the sound coming from the woods during
this time of year sounded like. During the orgies. A buzzing, rattling sound.

She remembers at Dean's prompting, that her grandma also mentioned that people would get so revved up with lust, their eyes would shine like emeralds. She licks her lips and looks Sam up and down; much to Dean's amusement.

Sam looks embarrassed.

As they leave Etta's house, they go over all the clues that don't seem to make any sense. Sam says they need to pick up a six pack and hit the lore.

Elsewhere in the town...
Two teenagers are walking through an alley. They come across two people having sex...the people snarl at them with sharp teeth and green eyes, then a third monster jumps out and attacks the teenage boy as the girl with him runs away screaming.

Later, at the sheriff's office, Sam and Dean interview the teenager who escaped. She recognized the guy who attacked them, only he had pointy teeth. Sam asks if she recognized the couple. She did. She thought there were more monsters down the alley. Dean asks if this was an orgy-like situation. The girl says she can't say; she's never seen an orgy. The sheriff says that's enough and asks them to leave the room.

Out in the hall, the sheriff says that all the monster/people that the girl saw in the alley are people who are missing. Dean points out that they were also all having sex. The sheriff says that makes no sense given the personalities of the people involved. They would never do something like that. The sheriff leaves to notify the families of the missing. Sam thinks they should go check out the crime scene when Dean gets a call from Cori. She just saw her friend walking into the woods and she was too freaked out to follow. Sam says he'll check the alley, Dean can check the woods.

In the woods...
Dean pulls up in the Impala and takes a look around. He hears a rattling and buzzing and comes across Libby. She's shaking. She snarls at Dean with green eyes just as another green-eyed monster/man attacks him. Dean tries to fight him off when suddenly, the monster is decapitated by a man with dark hair and a short beard. He offers Dean a hand up and Dean takes it, slightly suspicious of this new person.

Another man runs up and starts stabbing the decapitated body. The dark haired man (Cesar) says, "Jesse, I think it's dead." Jesse responds that he's just making sure. Dean asks who the
h e l l they are. Jesse says he wouldn't believe them if they told him.

Dean, Jesse, and Cesar are sitting down together in a bar with some beers, talking.

Dean asks how long they've been hunting.

"Together?" Jesse asks. He tells them it's been about seven years.

Cesar says they've heard of the Winchesters, but he thought they had died.

Sam walks in and joins them. Sam's surprised they never ran into them before.

Cesar says they've stuck mostly to hunting in Mexico; sometimes they go up into Texas.

Dean wonders what they're dealing with.

Jesse says it's a cicada spirit called a Bisaan.

Sam says he couldn't find any lore on anything like that.

Jesse says they are rare in America. They may have originated in Malaysia. Jesse explains that every 27 years, they emerge from underground, mate like crazy for a few days, then that generation dies off and the cycle starts again.

Dean points out that current townspeople have disappeared; they aren't crawling up out of holes.

Jesse shows them an illustration on his iPad of the monster that emerges; then it takes over a human host in order to breed. The chattering is their mating call. Decapitation seems to kill them.

Sam wants to know how Jesse and Cesar know so much about these things. Cesar gives Jesse a knowing look.

Jesse admits that one of them took his brother 27 years ago. He's been waiting for years for his revenge. He asks that Sam and Dean take step back and let them take the lead.

Dean wants to know where they've been recently.

Jesse says they've been in the woods, looking for the monster's burrow...and saving Dean's ass.

Cesar scoffs a bit and tells them that one of the reasons they've been holed up out in the woods is because Jesse hates the town and everyone in it.

Jesse defends himself, saying that everyone in the town is ignorant and useless, they didn't believe him 27 years ago when his brother disappeared. They aren't going to believe him now.

Cesar says they should be following leads in town too.

Jesse doesn't want to.

Dean observes that the two of them fight just like brothers; almost as bad as he and Sam.

Jesse looks down.

Cesar says it's more like an old married couple than brothers.

They're a couple.

Dean laughs it off, thinking Cesar is kidding. Then it takes him a second to catch on. Cesar smiles and Jesse remains stone-faced.

Sam asks Jesse if he knows anything about the last sheriff. He knows where he lives though he's living like a hermit.

Sam wants to question him and asks if Jesse can take them there. Jesse protests; saying that they should stay in the woods and keep searching for the monster's burrow.

Cesar tells him they've been looking for two days. They're losing. They need to try something else. Cesar can keep searching out in the woods while Jesse takes Sam to the ex-sheriff.

Dean offers to go with Cesar.

Dean and Cesar are diving back to the woods in the car. Dean asks how long they have. Cesar says they have to find the burrow that night, because by the next day, the Bisaan will be back underground dying. They won't be able to find the monsters or their eggs then. And Jesse will be stuck waiting another 27 years (Cesar says this a bit bitterly). Dean's sure that they'll succeed with four of them on it. Cesar says it will eat Jesse alive if they don't get them.

Cesar's an only child, but he's seen it before; someone losing something when they are young and it never heals. He asks Dean how many hunters over the years has he seen get their revenge, but they're still never fixed. Dean agrees, but says you have to help them get that revenge anyway. They share a knowing look.

In the woods...
Dean and Cesar search with flashlights. The see a path and each one goes in a different direction.

Sam rides while Jesse drives. Jesse tells him about the day he lost Matty. When he found Matty with the green eyes, he ran and didn't look back. He never saw him again. People in town didn't believe him. Thought some pervert had taken Matty. Everyone thought Jesse should have done something to save Matty. The people in town "couldn't accept a lot of things, but Matty did. He was a great brother." Sam looks thoughtful.

In the woods...
Something crawls out of the ground, chattering, behind Cesar. He's attacked. Dean runs up scaring the green-eyed monster off. Dean asks if Cesar is okay. He is. He tells Dean to go after the creature.

Elsewhere, at the ex-sheriff's cabin...
The sheriff doesn't want to talk to Sam and Jesse. Jesse's mad. Sam tries to be more reasonable. He tells the ex-sheriff that it's happening again. He shakes his head saying "it's done" like he can't believe it's happening again.

In the woods...
Dean walks back to Cesar. He followed the thing and thinks he found the burrow. Cesar is truly glad. Dean thinks Cesar was attacked because the thing was protecting the females and the burrow. Dean can't get Sam on the phone for backup, but he and Cesar decide to go ahead anyway.

At the sheriff's cabin...
He tells Sam and Jesse to leave their information and if he remembers anything, he'll call. Sam's not satisfied. He just wants to know whatever the sheriff knows. Sam points out the sheriff doesn't even own a phone; he's just trying to get rid of them. The sheriff says it's on him that those missing people were never found. He's always felt guilty. That's why he lives alone.

Jesse pleads with him. He was 12 when Matty disappeared. He never got over it. Losing the one person in the world he loved the most.

The sheriff tells them it's time for them to leave.

Sam tells the sheriff that they know what took Matty and the rest. It wasn't human.

Jesse says he saw one of the creatures that very day. The sheriff sits down heavily. Turns out he tracked down one of those things in 1989; sick and dying. He followed it back to its lair. His daughter was in there. She had left for school a few days earlier. She had been turned.
The sheriff found all the missing people there; scattered around, dead. He thought his daughter and the other things killed them. He tried to talk to her, but she attacked him. She had very sharp teeth. He killed her.

Jesse is furious that the sheriff knew where the missing people were and he didn't tell the truth. They could have done something. Jesse's sure that the sheriff never told the truth because he didn't want people to know that this own daughter had become a monster and that he had killed her.

Sam tries to tell Jesse to calm down. Sam asks if the sheriff just pretended that his daughter went away. He says they let the townspeople think that their loved ones had run off. Sam wants to know where he found her. By Taylor Creek in the old mine.

She sheriff cries and clutches a photo of his daughter as Sam and Jesse leave.

In the woods...
Dean and Cesar enter the old mine, machetes drawn.

They split up to try different corridors.

Dean finds a room with people lying on the ground. They appear to be dead, but there is a green glow in the bellies of the women. He can make out a glowing, worm-like creature inside them.

There's a low buzzing rattle behind Dean and he turns around to find one of the male creatures snarling at him. It attacks.

In a different part of the mine...
Cesar hears the same noise and is attacked by a monster. They fight and his machete goes flying. Ultimately, he is able to stab the monster with a knife he pulls from his waistband. He gets his hands on his machete and beheads it.

Dean is fighting off the other monster. He knocks it out with a shovel, then decapitates it with the shovel's blade.

Cesar walks up complaining about how he hates it when he loses his knife.

Dean wryly remarks that he could have jumped in to help him at any time.

Cesar sees the victims. He asks what it is.

Dean says it's a maternity ward. The creatures also travel though the tunnels to get around. The missing women are already dead. The males must have been protecting the eggs which will grow inside the hosts for 27 years. Dean says these eggs aren't going to get the chance to grow; he wants to go get the gasoline out of the car to burn the whole place. Cesar agrees.

Out at the car...
Jesse and Sam pull up. Sam asks if they found the burrow. Dean tells them they did. They just have to destroy the eggs.

Jesse notices that Cesar is a bit beaten up and asks if he's okay. Cesar's happy. Yes, he's okay, because this is finally over.

Dean holds the can of gas out to Jesse and asks if he wants to be the one to finish them off.

Jesse doesn't take the gas can; he walks alone into the mine. Cesar asks Sam and Dean to give him a minute.

Soon, they find him inside crying over a decomposed corpse in a pile of other corpses. He found Matty. He pulls the coin from the corpse's clothing. Cesar reassures him that they'll give Matty a proper burial. Jesse asks what about the others?Dean says quietly that they'll take care of it (with the can of gasoline) Dean looks shaken by Jesse's emotion at finding the body of his brother.

Jesse and Cesar pile wood up for a hunter's funeral for Matty. Sam and Dean watch from a short distance away. Sam admits that whenever John was late getting home, he thought that some monster may have finally gotten him. Dean too.

Sam tried to think of what he would do next, if he had been left alone as a child, but he was just lost.

Dean points out that he and John came back every time.

Sam looks unsure.

Dean thinks Jesse turned out alright.

Sam thinks Cesar and Jesse make a good team. Dean agrees. Dean was thinking that maybe Cesar and Jesse could give them a hand with Amara and Cas. Sam agrees they could use fresh eyes and some extra muscle.

Jesse strikes a match and lights the pyre. He and Cesar step back as it flames up.

Cesar puts an arm across Jesse's shoulders and says, "You did it." Jesse puts his hand over Cesar's and replies, "We did it. Thank you.". They watch the fire burn.

On the way back to their cars, Sam says they're lucky Jesse had a fire extinguisher. For a minute he thought the whole mine would go up. Cesar teases Jesse that he loved it; like 27 birthdays and Christmases all rolled into one.

Dean thinks Cesar is pretty upbeat for a guy who spent half the night in a cave.

Cesar explains that he and Jesse had a deal. After this hunt, if they caught the monsters, they'd retire,"Unless your hides need saving," Jesse volunteers. Willing to help them.

Dean thinks a second and shakes his head. Sam looks surprised when Dean tells them that he and Sam are "all set".

Sam asks what freedom looks like for Cesar and Jesse.

Jesse says they have a bit of land in New Mexico that they've hardly ever seen. Cesar says they plan to raise horses. If that doesn't work, Jesse will go back to being an EMT. Jesse teases Cesar about supporting him. Cesar says it's time to start living.

They drive off in their beat-up pickup with Texas plates.

Sam and Dean watch them drive off from the Impala. Both looking a bit disappointed (or jealous?).

Sam observes that Dean couldn't do it; couldn't ask them for help.

Dean says it didn't feel right. But two hunters who make it to the finish leave that

They drive off.

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