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Two scientists are walking through their labs discussing the new vaccine for the Swine Flu virus. A third man, who is a demon, walks in, stabbing the first man in the neck with a syringe. He assures them this is just an experiment. The man who was injected goes feral, eating the other scientist. It would seem the Croatoan Virus has resurfaced.

Sam and Dean are at a hospital that’s swimming in people affected by the Swine Flu. They not so subtly ask if there are any other signs that would let them know if it was the Croatoan Virus. The only thing they seem to figure out is that the people came down with Flu at the same time some statues started crying.

The boys are in the car talking to Bobby trying to figure out where Pestilence is. Bobby tells them to go East, and the boys are less than pleased since they are in West Nevada. That’s a whole lot of territory to cover. Crowley appears in the back seat, scaring the hell out of the brothers. Sam immediately grabs the knife to kill Crowley, but the demon is now standing outside the car.
Crowley can apparently find Pestilence. After much arguing, and Sam trying to kill Crowley again, they decide to go with the demon. Sam is less than pleased that Dean is putting his faith in a demon, but Crowley we learn, is the most hunted demon in hell and on earth so he has a stake in making sure Lucifer gets locked up again.

Crowley takes the Winchester’s to the place where he’s been laying low. Upon their first meeting with Crowley, the demon had a tracking device planted in Dean’s car which is why he was able to find them. It also apparently lets him hear things, which is how he found out about the rings. He also has a plan to go after Pestilence’s stable boy to find out where the horseman is.

Brady, who works for Niveus Pharmacudicals is in a board meeting pushing the distribution of the vaccine that has the Croatoan Virus in it. Afterwards he cuts open the throat of a man named Mitch to use the communication chalice (The same one Meg used in season one to contact yellow eyes). He fills the bowl and speaks with who I can only assume is Pestilence himself. (The flies are a good giveaway.)

Crowley only takes Dean with him to go after Brady. This pisses of Sam immensely, but they leave anyway. Sam calls Bobby trying to figure out how he got control of his body back after Meg had possessed him. Sam is thinking about saying yes to Lucifer so he can take control and lead Lucifer back into his cage. Bobby of course thinks he’s an ‘idjit’.

Dean and Crowley go to Niveus Pharmacudicals where Dean goes up to meet Brady alone. He’s supposed to offer the two horseman rings to Brady, but that’s not what the demon wants. He wants Dean. The eldest Winchester get’s the crap kicked out of him… again, and then Crowley sticks a bag over Brady’s face and proceeds to beat him over the head with a crowbar.

They go back to Crowley’s where Dean has to keep a tight leash on a very, very furious Sam. Apparently Brady was Sam’s friend in college. Not only was he the one to introduce Sam to Jess, but he was also the one to kill her. Yellow Eyes is off the hook for that one.

Crowley goes to stir up some demons. He kills them, while telling them that Brady is on Crowley’s side. Brady is pissed, and still won’t talk. Hell hounds show up and Crowley realized one of the demons planted a tracking coin on him. He dips out leaving the Winchester’s and a tied up Brady to deal with the hell hounds.

Brady is begging the Winchester’s to get him out of there. He’ll tell them whatever they want. Crowley appears and starts talking to a hell hound. At first we think he can control them. He can’t, but he has a hellhound of his own and it’s much bigger than the other one. A ravenous dog fight ensues letting everyone get away.

Brady gives up the information on Pestilence and they salt him into an alley. Crowley leaves and Brady tries to mess with Sam’s mind, laying doubts in the younger Winchester’s head. It doesn’t seem to have any effect and Sam kills Brady.

Crowley goes to Bobby’s and offers him the location of Death. Except he doesn’t know it. Not yet. He can do a spell, but Bobby has to make a wish, in return Crowley gets his soul. Bobby of course has guns at hand and shoots the demon, but Crowley gives continuous promises of giving Bobby’s soul right back. We are left hanging with Bobby considering the offer, but no definite answer being given.

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