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A prisoner is awake inside his cell. The guard comes by telling them it's lights out in five. The prisoner starts trash talking the guard's wife. The guard tries to ignore him. The guard reminds him that he's going to die two weeks from Tuesday (the prisoner).

The guard walks away and locks the gate behind him. He goes to the guard surveillance area.

A man appears outside the gate. Then, suddenly, he's on the other side. Inside the cell block. Like he stepped directly through the locked gate. The man slowly walks towards the prisoner's cell.

Back in the guard office, the guard sees, for a split second, a man standing in front of the guy's cell on the surveillance footage. Then everything goes dark for a second. In the next frame, there is no one in the cell block hallway. The man is gone. The guard shrugs.

Though the guard can't see it, the man is now inside the inmate's cell. The prisoner asks who he is. He replies that he's gone by many names in this life. The Father of Murder is one of them. It's Cain. Cain tells Tommy, the prisoner, that even though he was prosecuted for 6 murders, he knows he's killed 9 people and he knows Tommy is a killer, just like him.

Tommy grabs Cain's knife and stabs him. But nothing happens. Cain reaches down and pulls out the knife. There is no blood on it. Cain tells Tommy he's there to both punish him and save him. He stabs Tommy and they both disappear.

Sam and Dean are driving (nice camera angle from the back seat of the Impala). Sam is giving Dean serial killer murder statistics. Sam says "true crime" is a hobby. Dean says it's a sickness. Sam laughs. They pull up to the prison.

Sam tells Dean that Tommy seems to have escaped from a locked cell on death row. Sam thinks it might be their kind of case.

Sam and Dean look around the cell. Dean checks for EMF. Nothing.

The warden shows Sam and Dean the surveillance footage. Dean asks them to zoom in on the mystery guy even though it's dark. He recognizes the silhouette profile as Cain and starts rubbing his arm where the Mark is.

Elsewhere, Cas has a demon trapped. He's interrogating him. Asking where Cain is. The demon says he doesn't know. Finally, the demon admits that Cain has been seen one county over recently, but no one knows why. He swears to Cas that's all he knows. Cas says, "okay", then kills the demon with an angel blade.

In hell, Crowley is listening to demon complaints.A demonasking for credit for the work he's done. Crowley says fine; he can get credit. Rowena interrupts. She says that's not what she would do. She says that the demon is asking for half the credit for work done. To "split the baby". Rowena says she'd actually split the baby; split the pathetic demon in half. She'd nail his heart to the door as a reminder to others not to waste Crowley's time.

Crowley takes Rowena's advice. The demon is dragged away to his death. Rowena is happy.

Elsewhere, Dean is getting he and Sam some food. He brings it back to the car. Sam is looking up information on Tommy. He wants to know why Cain would want to break the guy out of jail. He's found that Tommy's father was also a convicted felon, but he's gone missing too. Sam wonders if Cain is collecting the members of that family for some reason.

Dean's phone rings. It's Cas. Sam tells Cas about Tommy; that Cain took him. Cas is holding a prison inmate's shoe. He tells Sam that Tommy is dead. Cas says it's an "educated guess". He says Cain has been very busy. The camera zooms back to reveal that Cas is standing in a field full of mounded-up fresh graves. Cas senses someone is near and tells Dean he'll call him back.

Cain appears in the field with Cas. Cas asks what Cain has done. Cain says that he's just cleaning up a mess he made a long time ago. Cas says he knows what Cain was, but he (Cain) resisted for so long (the impulse to kill). Cain responds, "What can I say? I got the taste back." Cain says that with Abbadon's army gunning for him, he had to take up arms again and he liked how it felt.

Cas points out that Abbadon's army was made up of demons, but now Cain is killing humans. Cain replies that the Mark thirsts for all kinds. Cas says it's a massacre. And Cain agrees and says soon it will be genocide. Cain is working his way through killing all of his children; all of those with his bloodline (we will remember that we learned years ago that Sam and Dean are descendants of Cain too). Cain says they all carry "the disease" in them.

Cas points out that Cain is Adam and Eve's firstborn. His descendants are "legion" (extremely numerous). Cain says that, at most, he's "culling" one in ten.Cain suddenly asks how Dean is doing. He knows Dean took Abaddon down. By Cas' uneasy reaction to the question, Cain guesses that Dean isn't well. Cas says that, even with the First Blade hidden, Dean is losing his fight against the Mark. Cas is afraid of what will happen if they don't find a cure.

Cain tells him there is no cure. He (Cain) is living proof of that. Cain tells Cas not to worry about Dean. He (Cain) will get to Dean in due time. Cas draws his angel blade. But Cain won't fight him, saying Cas is not on his kill list. Cain disappears, leaving Cas alone in the field of graves.

In hell, Rowena is telling Crowley that Olivette; a member of the Grand Coven who is leading the charge against her, is now back in "the States" and she's hoping to get Crowley's help because now would be an excellent time to strike this foe. Crowley is sure that Rowena has been sucking up to him just to get his help to destroy her enemy. She says of course she was manipulating him. She tries to tell Crowley that they should work together; leave hell; go up to earth and do away withthe witch that's been standing in Rowena's way for centuries. Crowley walks away from her.

Back at the bunker, Cas is apologizing to Dean for not bringing better news. He has no cure for the Mark even after talking to Cain. Dean says it's not Cas' fault. Sam confirms that Cain has been wiping out entire families, one person at a time; so that fits what Cain told Cas.

Dean asks who's next. They look for more members of Tommy's family. Tommy has an estranged son; Austin. 12 years old. He's still alive. Sam is doubtful that Cain would kill a kid, but Cas says yes, he would (there was a teddy bear covered with mud at the graveyard where he talked to Cain). Dean doesn't doubt that Cain would kill a child.

Dean acts like he's leaving and Sam asks where he's going. Dean says they know where Cain will be next and there's a kid that's in danger. They have to try to help him. Sam wonders what they'll do if they come face-to-face with Cain. Dean says he'll do what he has to do. He'll kill Cain.

Sam follows Dean to his room, arguing with him while he packs. Dean reminds Sam that Cain told him this day would come. When Dean took on the Mark, Cain said that after he (Dean) killed Abaddon, he'd have to kill Cain. Dean feels that Cain resisted the Mark for a long time. Then Dean came along, trying to get his hands on the First Blade and that started Cain down the path he's on now. This is all Dean's fault.

Sam says that doesn't mean that Dean has to be the one to go after him. Dean says yes, it does. Dean points out to Sam that there's only one thing that can kill Cain. The First Blade. Cas agrees. Sam doesn't like Dean's chances if he tries to use the Blade on Cain himself. Sam thinks that whether Dean wins or loses, he may never come back from that fight. He may never be the same again. Dean says he knows.

In hell, Rowena is trying to plan a strategy for teaming up with Crowley to get Olivette. Crowley's phone rings. It's Dean. Dean tells Crowley that Cain has "gone dark" and Dean needs the blade to take care of him. Crowley asks why he'd give the Blade to Dean. Dean points out that Crowley should want Cain dead too. He tells Crowley that he (Crowley) is on Cain's hit list. Crowley says he's "in" and Dean says he'll text Crowley with the location of where to meet him.

Rowena's still gleefully going on about her evil plans for Olivette. Crowley tells her it's not happening today. Something's come up. Crowley retrieves the First Blade. Rowena can't believe that Crowley is at Dean's beck and call and that Crowley would give the Blade to the one person who could kill him with it.

Crowley tells her that he and Dean have a common enemy; a bigger threat. Rowena thinks that Crowley following orders from Dean is bad for his reputation. She mocks him for thinking that Dean might actually side with him.Crowley leaves.

Sam, Dean, and Cas are at a farm. Cas says the kid is inside the barn, playing basketball. Dean's sure Cain will strike soon. Maybe not that night or the next, but soon. Dean wants to make sure that Sam understands that when Cain strikes, Dean is going to charge in there with the Blade. Alone. Sam seems to hate the idea. Sam thought this was a rescue mission. He didn't think they were just going to wait around for Cain to attack. Dean says they'll save the kid after Cain shows up. Cas agrees that the kid is their only advantage. They have to use him.

Sam can't believe they want to use a 12 year old as bait. Crowley appears, saying he can't believe it either. Crowley says he doesn't give a damn about the kid though. He's worried about the risk "to us". Dean tells him there is no "us". Dean says the only reason Crowley is there is to give him the Blade.

Crowley says that since this is shaping up to be one of those two-step capture-then-kill deals, it's probably better to keep the Blade out of Dean's hands until they have Cain trapped.

Sam watches the kid play basketball, alone, from the window. He goes to talk to Dean. Sam asks what happens if they capture Cain. Dean says they'll cross that bridge when...if they come to it.Dean reminds Sam that he told him he'd go down swinging when the time came. And he (Dean) was at peace with that. He just didn't realize that that time would come so soon. Dean looks honestly scared.

Dean then actually says, "I'm scared, Sam."

Later, the kid is leaving the barn. Cain appears, saying, "Hello, Austin." Austin asks why he's there and Cain says he's there to kill him.

Cas steps in front of Austin, telling him to run. Sam ushers Austin back into the barn. Cain tells Cas he can't stop him. Cas tries to blast him with his angel force (his eyes glow blue), but it barely even blows Cain's hair around at all. Cain gives one small gesture and Cas' angel blade flies from his hand, landing on the ground. Cain then easily throws Cas through a fence with a wave of his arm. Cain walks past Cas and heads for the barn.

Sam is inside the barn with Austin, barring the door. But Cain doesn't really use doors. He materializes inside the barn, standing behind Austin. Austin asks Cain not to kill him in a rather flat, wooden voice. Cain stabs Austin and Austin vanishes in a purple cloud. Austin was just an illusion. A witch's magic trick. An illusion spell. Sam tells Cain that the real Austin in long gone.

Cain guesses it might be Crowley's doing. Crowley steps into the room saying it's a trick he learned from his mother. Cain figures they tried to trap him in a devil's trap, since he knows Crowley is afraid of him, yet Crowley isn't running. He tells Crowley and Sam that the trap won't hold him for long. Sam says it won't need to.

Dean appears at the door as Sam and Crowley leave.

Cas says he's okay. Sam tells him that so far, the plan worked. Dean says it's his turn now. Sam says they want to help, but Dean says that if they're in there, it would only be a liability to him. He'd be too worried about what Cain could do to Sam. Or what he himself could do to Sam if the Mark took over completely. Dean says he needs them outside to take out whatever version of him comes out of the barn after the fight. Dean says he means it. They have to take him down if it's bad. Crowley says he'll happily do that. Crowley hands Dean the Blade.Crowley wants Dean to promise he'll give the Blade back when he's done. Dean says that if he survives and comes out of there and doesn't give it back, they'll have a much bigger problem on their hands.

Crowley hands him the Blade.

Sam's worried that Dean will freak out immediately. He asks, "Dean?" Dean looks like he thinks about it a minute. Then says, "I'm good." But he and Sam both have tears in their eyes. Dean heads up the stairs to confront Cain.

Dean and Cain are face-to-face. Dean says nothing, so Cain fills in. He says this is when Deanis supposed to tellhim it's not too late. That he can lay down arms and quit his killing. That they don't have to fight. Dean replies that Cain is past talking down. Dean says Cain is fully mental. Cain replies that he prefers to think that everything is finally clear for him. Cain says that when he made his bargain with Lucifer and killed Abel, he released a stain upon the earth. Cain says he knows his own bloodline is tainted. Cain says that enough of his descendants are killers that getting rid of them is the least he owes the world.

Cain asks if Dean can honestly say that the world isn't better off with fewer Tommys. And fewer Deans. Dean questions Cain wanting to kill a kid. Cain says the kid could go either way. He prefers to be thorough.

Cain asks Dean how it feels to hold the Blade again. Dean says it only feels like a means to an end. Dean steps inside the devil's trap.

Cain tells Dean, "Then do it."

Dean takes a stab at Cain but Cain dodges it and blocks Dean's next attempt as well. Cain throws Dean off and he falls to the ground, but gets back up, still holding the Blade. Dean swings again and misses. Cain throws him to the ground again on his next pass. Cain continues to forcefully block Dean, and now Dean is starting to look a bit injured. Cain looks fine. Dean lands a punch, but it doesn't do much. Cain observes that it seems that Dean is a bit weaker with the Blade than he would have expected.

Cain goads him, saying he thinks Dean can do better. Dean lands another punch. Then another. Cain wonders aloud if Dean is holding back on purpose. Cain blocks the next punch and stab from Dean; holding both his wrists. Cain asks if Dean thinks he can hold back enough to not succumb so that he can leave the fight the same person he was when he came into it. He throws Dean to the ground again.

Cain yells at him to look at him (Cain) as the example. There is no resisting the Mark. Cain tells him there is only remission and relapse as he beats Dean down onto the ground.

Dean struggles to his feet. He reminds Cain that Cain told him this day would come. Dean reminds Cain that Cain told him he'd have to kill him.

Cain scoffs and throws Dean through a window with a flick of his wrist.

Cain tells Dean that he misunderstood Cain's intentions. That when Cas found Cain's graveyard of victims, Cain thought about killing Cas, but then he thought about Dean. Cain noticed Dean's biggest weakness the moment he met him; it was Dean's courage. But Cain let Cas go, knowing Cas would bring into the battle the only thing that could kill him.

The last throw knocked the Blade from Dean's hands and he now realizes it's on the floor between him and Cain.

The one thing that could kill Cain is the Blade. And that's the one thing Cain truly wants.Dean dives for the Blade, but Cain uses his invisible force to slide it over to himself and he puts his boot down on top of it. He picks it up. Cain feels the full power of the Blade in his hands. He's enjoying it and wondering how he ever had the strength to resist it at all.

Dean tries to run up on him and grab it while Cain seems to be in a bit of a trance, holding the Blade, but Cain's other hand shoots out and grabs Dean by the throat.

Cain says that what he's about to tell Dean might be hard to believe in light of what he's going to do to him, but he really does care about Dean. He says he's really doing Dean a favor. He's saving him.

"Saving me from what?" Dean chokes out.

Cain says he's saving Dean fro his fate. He thows Dean to the ground again. He kicks him.Cain asks Dean if it's ever occurred to him that he (Dean) is living Cain's life in reverse. Cain says that his story began when he killed his brother and that is where Dean's story inevitably will end.

Dean looks up at Cain with a sick expression. "No, never," Dean groans out.

Cain kicks him again. Cain tells Dean that it's called the Mark of Cain for a reason. First Dean will kill Crowley. He won't have much remorse for that one. Then he'll kill the angel. Cas. That will be much harder. Then he'll commit the act that he (Dean) will never survive; the one that will turn Dean into as much of a savage as Cain.

At this point, Cain is on top of Dean with the First Blade to his throat. Dean sees Cain's own large knife in the sheath around his waist.

Dean says, "No."

Cain continues, "(you'll kill) your brother Sam." Cain says that the only thing standing between Dean and that destiny is the Blade. Cain says, "You're welcome, my son," and raises the Blade to kill Dean.

Dean grabs Cain's own dagger and swings it just as Cain brings the First Blade down. Dean cuts off Cain's entire hand and with it, the First Blade falls to the ground. Cain grabs his stump and falls over.

Dean picks up the First Blade and stands up shakily. Cain is now kneeling, looking up at Dean. Dean hesitates. Cain asks what's the matter. Dean looks desperate and asks Cain to tell him he doesn't have to do this. He wants Cain to tell him that he'll stop killing. That he CAN stop killing.

Cain says calmly, "I'll never stop."

Dean looks sick and lost and resigned all at the same time. Cain is still kneeling. He bows his head. Dean has tears in his eyes. He raises the Blade and stabs Cain in the back. No fireworks. Nothing but silence.

Dean pulls the Blade out (we hear it, but don't see it).

Dean comes back down the stairs. Sam asks , "Dean?" Then Cas asks the same thing. Crowley asks for the Blade back. Dean looks down at the Blade and hands it to Cas.

Crowley accuses Dean of lying to him. Dean says it's not the first time that day. Crowley was never on Cain's kill list. Crowley disappears.

Dean looks very pale and sick. He falls forward and Sam catches him saying, "You did it. Dean, you did it."

Dean looks up towards the room where he fought with Cain. I can't tell if it's fear or regret or sadness.

Back in hell, Rowena has her bags packed. Crowley says he doesn't want to hear "I told you so". She says she's leaving. He asks what she wants from him. She gives him a sob story about how proud she is of him now; the King of Hell. Then it breaks her heart to see him led around by Dean Winchester. He's not a king anymore. He's the Winchesters' bi t c h.

Back at the bunker, Dean looks beat up. Sam tells him that what he did back there was incredible. If he can do that without losing who he is, that's cause for hope. Even without a cure.

Dean gives a sort of disbelieving "yeah" in agreement.

Cas comes in and Dean asks him where he put the Blade. He tells him it's somewhere safe. Dean says that's good.

Sam is studying Dean's every expression.

Dean says he needs to go get some rest.

On the way out of the kitchen, Dean pats Cas on the shoulder, but once he's behind Cas, he gets a look on his face like he'd just as soon kill Cas as look at him. It's incredibly ominous. Maybe it's anger over not knowing where the Blade is or maybe he really does want to do harm to Cas and Sam. It's hard to tell.

When Dean's gone, Cas asks Sam, "How is he? Sam?"

Sam is suddenly just barely holding it together. He looks like he's about to cry. He says, "Cas, Dean's in trouble," as his chin shakes likes he's trying to hold back the tears. Obviously, Sam saw through Dean's act. It seems likeSam and Deanare both acting like everything is okay when they are around each other.

It's obviously not okay at all.

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