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A couple is leaving a bar and talking about how the neighborhood around them is being gentrified. The woman thinks she hear as something; a baby crying in what looks like an abandoned house. She tells herboyfriend to call 911. She goes into the house and looks for the source of the sound. She finds a crib, alone, in the center of a dilapidated room under a single flickering light bulb. She pulls back the blanket from the "baby" and discovers a creepy old doll instead. Her boyfriend shows up but the door slams, trapping both of them in the room, as she screams.

in the bunker...
Mary is reading John's journal and seems a bit overwhelmed by what she finds there. Cas walks in. Mary is surprised he's up, but he tells her that angels don't need sleep; he's always up.Mary tells Cas she's going to try to get some sleep...again.She stops and asks him how long It took for him to feel like he fit in on earth, after he left heaven.Cas tells her he's stil not sure if he fits in.He reassures her that she DOES belong here.Mary leaves to go wash her face.

In the bathroom, she takes a long look at herself in the mirror. She takes the scissors and cuts off her long hair.

In the morning...Sam and Dean are eating breakfast in the kitchen. Dean asks if Sam has found any more information on the British Men of Letters. After an extensive search of the bunker, all Sam found was one heavily redacted letter from the "London Chapterhouse" which gives them very little info. Since everything is blacked out.

Cas comes into the kitchen. Dean greets him with, " 'Mornin', Sunshine, want some coffee?"
Cas declines and says he has to leave. Sam and Dean go after him to ask where he's going. He says he's going to Cleveland where he thinks there may have been a police report involving Lucifer. Sam and Dean want to go, but Cas says no...the Devil is free because ofhim (Cas) and it's his responsibility to go. Sam thinks Cas will want some backup with this. Cas says he'll call them if it IS Lucifer. He says he "thinks they are needed 'here' ".

Dean wonders what that means. Sam explains that it's Mary. She's been up all night. She's having a hard time....something's up with her.

Dean says of course she's having a hard time. This is all new to her. All she needs is some rest and family time and she'll be fine. Sam's not so easily convinced.

Mary comes into the kitchen. Sam wants to cook some more bacon for her so she doesn't have to eat the cold stuff they made earlier. She grabs a piece and eats it pointing out that any bacon is good bacon.She doesn't care if it's cold. Dean's impressed. Dean seems to be enjoying
discovering the similarities between them.

Sam continues to look at Mary rather in awe. It's pretty sweet. Sam notices she cut her hair. Dean acts like he hadn't noticed until Sam pointed it out. Mary says that if she's going on a hunt, she figured she shouldn't give the bad guys long, pull-able hair to grab. Dean says he's been trying to tell Sam that for years. Sam is surprised she thinks she's going on a hunt. Mary says she found a case. Sam can't believe she became fluentenough in the Internet already to find one. Mary says she found it in a newspaper; not online. Dean brought some newspapers home after his last run into town. Sam gives Dean an accusing look and Dean says he didn't think Mary was going to use the papers to find a case.

Mary claims she just stumbled across it while reading. The two who died in the abandoned house we saw earlier.Two dead. Locked room. Call about a crying baby but only the two bodies were found and the coroner hasn't come up with a cause of death yet. Mary says it's probably nothing. She just thought she might get out there and stretch her legs. Sam thought she wasn't into hunting in the first place. Dean speaks up, saying that "things change" and he seems
excited about the idea of a family hunting trip.

When Mary leaves the room, Sam asks what about the rest Dean thought Mary needed? Dean replies that Cas healed Sam from his torture and he's got the car fixed up again (that was fast; maybe Cas healed the car too), so why not? Sam looks skeptical. Dean motions for Sam to clean up the breakfast dishes.

Out on the road, Dean is coming out of a convenience store, Sam is filling up the gas tank, and Mary's in the passenger seat. As Dean rounds the corners he spies a motorcycle and says to no one in particular "nice bike". It's a British bike; or looks like one (maybe a Triumph or a Royal Enfield?). We don't know whose it is, but I'm guessing they are being trailed by a British Man of Letters of some kind. It's too obvious to just be a throw-away line.

Dean gets in next to Mary. He tells her that, since she's been gone, there is now a huge variety in the world of snack food and gives her some chili lime jerky, which she really likes. They're bonding over their similarities. The radio blares when Dean starts the car and Sam thinks they should turn it down with their mom there. Instead, Mary turns it up. Born to be a Wild. She and Dean are more alike than Sam expected.

Elsewhere, Cas is interviewing the member of Vince's band who was thrown through the door by Vince after Lucifer possessed. The guy says that whatever threw him wasn't Vince. Cas hands him a card and tells him to call if Vince contacts him. He's using the alias "Agent Beyoncé".

As Cas leaves, he sees Crowley sitting nearly. Crowley says if Cas is Beyoncé, that makes him Jay Z. Cas rolls his eyes.

In Minnesota, Mary is introducing herself to the coroner as "Shrley Partridge" with Sam and Dean as Agent Cassidy and Agent Bonaduce. They're all dressed in Fed suits.

Sam asks about the cause of death. The coroner says the cause of death doesn't make sense. Both victims died of hypothermia in a 65 degree room. Their hearts froze in their chests.

Elsewhere...Crowely says he's bumping into Cas because he is also looking for Lucifer. They both want Lucifer dead...they should team up to find him. While Cas was questioning Vince's band mate, Crowley had been searching Vince's room and found postcards from his sister Wendy. Maybe they should talk to her about Vince's whereabouts. (When Lucifer possessed Vince, he mentioned taking care of his sister...)

Sam, Dean, and Mary enter the abandoned building; the scene of the deaths.
The EMF meters sing. Mary likes the EMF meters because they are analog. Mary follows the meter to a closed door. Inside, she finds the old doll in the crib under the lightbulb (which is off). The bulb starts to flicker. She approaches the crib. She uncovers the doll under the blanket. Dean calls for her from somewhere else in the house just as the door slams and Mary is trapped. She calls for them and they call for her. They try to break into the room. Suddenly, Mary is touched by a small, dirty child. Sam and Dean break down the door and do away with the child with a swing of an iron crowbar. Mary's arm has a red burn handprint (just like the bodies did) where the child touched her.

Later, in a motel room that looks nicer than the usual Sam and Dean motel (cleaner), Sam and Dean are researching online. Mary comes in from the bathroom asking if they are ready to head out and knock on some doors. Dean shoots Sam a look. Mary wants to go to the Hall of the case. Dean sighs. He tells her the Internet has made most of that legwork obsolete; they've already hackedinto the police databases about missing or dead children. Sam finds a local girl killed in a hit and run that seems to be the first death associated with this house. Mary can't believe he got all of that from the Internet. She obviously feels like she is useless here with the new technology. Sam reassures her that they'll teach her how to do all of it.

Cas and Crowley try to talk to Vince Vicente's sister. He introduces them as agents Beyoncé and Zee and has the door slammed in his face. Cas asks Crowley if he thinks that ever happens to Sam and Dean. Crowley sarcastically replies, "All the time."

Inside, the sister, Wendy, is leaving a phone message for Vince to call her back because federal agents are at her door. Crowley suddenly appears inside Wendy's house and opens the door to let Cas in. Crowley surmises Vince was thereyesterday. Cas observes Wendy has been recently healed (he can sense it) and Crowley points out her unused wheelchair. Vince healed her.

Crowley goes to snap his fingers todisable her again, but Cas stops him. Cas tells her he
thinks she knows that what healed her wasn't her brother. Cas says they don't want to hurt Vince. Wendy confesses that Vince did heal her but did it in a very cold and uncaring way., like it was nothing. Then Vince took off with his "groupie friend". A redhead. Rowena.

Crowley talks to Cas as they leave Wendy's house...apparently Vince has a cabin...all of his hit songs were written there including "Serpent" (very funny). Cas accuses Crowley of keeping the Rownea part of the story from him. Crowley says he's just jealous that he is his second choice as a Lucifer-hunting teammate; he had tried to get Rowena to help him first. Cas thinks Crowley wants to find Lucifer to save Rowena. Crowley says that's not it. Rowena may be the only one who can lock Lucifer up again but she will always do what's in her best interest and Crowley thinks that will not end well.

Out at Vince's cabin...
Lucifer is asking Rowena if she has any spells to make this vessel last longer. He likes it, but it's already deteriorating. He doesn't want to end up looking like Keith Richards. Lucifer is sick of jumping vessels. He wants Rowena to make this one permanent. Rowena says she'd help if she could, but she can't without the Book of the Damned. Lucifer says she doesn't need the Book; she has everything she needs all in her head. He'll snap her neck again if she doesn't help him, and rip off her head for good measure.

Back at the motel...
Sam has found Scandinavian lore about "mylings"....vengeful children's spirits who cry to lure adults to their deaths. Nothing about the freezing part though. Mary says that the little boy who grabbed her didn't want to hurt her; he was scared. Of something.

Sam tries to talk her out of it; maybe it only felt that way. Maybe the spirit was marking her for death and that was it. Dean points out that they know the names of the local dead children; so they just have to do a salt and burn.

Mary has a flashback to the child grabbing her and saying "help me". Sam and Dean are concerned but she says she's fine. Sam wants her to stay at the motel. Dean tells her to call if they need them and he leaves her with a cell phone. They go to do the salt and burn.

Mary looks down at the cell phone, then picks up the motel phone instead and calls the Register of Deeds. She wants to find out about the last owner of the abandoned house. The unhelpful clerk on the other ends asks if she can just use the internet like everyone else. She says she's not like everyone else.

Mary ends up on the phone with the mother ofa child who died; Lucas. She says the boy had a scar on his cheek just like what Mary saw on the ghost. Mary apologizes for calling and dragging up old memories, but the woman says it's okay; it's nice; no one ever really talks on the phone anymore. Mary responds that yeah, she noticed that.

At the graveyard....
Sam and Dean are salting and burning Lucas' remains. Sam says he's worried about mom. Dean asks why. Sam's surprised that Dean doesn't seem to also be worried. Dean says of course Mary isn't totally okay; she's just gotten back from the dead and she's working out the kinks. They're all getting used to it, but, for once, can't they just have a good thing? Sam says mom's not a "thing"...he's really happy she's back but something's going on. Dean says she's adjusting. Sam says no, she's STRUGGLING...that you can't just lose yourself in work to avoid dealing with things. Dean wants to know why Sam thinks that's what Mary's doing. Sam responds "Years of personal experience".

Dean thinks about it. Sam surmises, "Like mother like sons."

Back at the motel, Dean and Sam realize their mom is gone. The weapons bag is also missing.

At the old house, Mary enters holding a crowbar and the weapons bag. She turns to find the ghost child Lucas. She tells him she knows his name. She drops the bag and puts the
crowbar behind her back to make it look like she won't hurt him. She says she talked to his mom and she misses him so much. Lucas tries to show her something. He points to the locked door in front of him, then disappears. Mary starts to pry open the door. It's the door to the basement. Mary heads down the basement stairs. She sees Lucas again. He says "help us". The cell phone rings and Mary answers. Dean tells her they did the salt and burn. She tells them it didn't work; Lucas is still there. The line goes dead. Sam and Dean race to the abandoned house.

Back at the cabin...
Rowena is painting a symbol on Lucifer's chest. A hybrid spell to give his vessel strength and resiliency. Lucifer notices she says it "should" work. He wants a guarantee. She tells him it WILL last. He lets go of the menacing grip he has on her. Rowena steps back and starts to burn sage and recite the spell. Rowena wants to know ifLucifer will justkill her when he gets what he wants from her. He won't make any promises.

Rowena puts her hand on the symbol on Lucifer's chest and says the final word of the spell. Then she steps back. Lucifer feels something is wrong. She didn't slow the deterioration, she sped it up. Lucifer's skin looks green-gray, like he's dead. He yells at Rowena that she can't destroy him. She agrees, but says she can send him far away; to the bottom of the ocean. She gives one more command and Lucifer disappears in a ball of light.

Back at the haunted house, Lucas' ghosts points...
Mary runs for the rifle. The room gets cold and suddenly there is the ghost of a man in front of her. She recognizes him as the father of the first little girl who died in an accident and she guesses that he killed them all; all of the children stuck in the house.The man grabs her and...possesses her. Sam and Dean break down the door and see black goo coming from Mary's eyes (after she flings Dean off of her with a sharp elbow)...Sam recognizes that she is

Possessed Mary flings Sam and lifts Dean up against the wall choking him saying "My children". She puts an icy hand on Dean's heart and starts to freeze it. Dean tells her to fight the possession.

Suddenly, she lets Dean go and, with difficulty, tells Sam to go to the basement. Dean goes for the iron chain, but Mary flings him again. She was only able to keep the ghost at bay for a minute.

Dean rolls to the shotgun and Mary flips it out of his hands. In the basement, Sam is destroying the wall; Mary tries to stop him and Dean gets the chain around her.

Sam finds a corpse behind the wall and burns it. As he does, the man leaves Mary's body and is burned in front of them, surrounded by a circle of ghost children. Once the man is gone, the childrens' spirits leave their bodies in balls of light. Lucas is the last to go as Mary nods to encourage him to move on.

Dean and Sam are breathing hard. Mary looks sad, but like she did what she had to do.

Back atthe cabin, Cas and Crowely are looking around. Rowena is out on the deck with a cup of tea. She says they just missed Lucifer. She hadn't wanted to get involved with Lucifer, but Crowely dragged her back into it. She seems to regret helping him get out of the cage. Cas asks if she'll help them... she says no, she doesn't want to track Lucifer down, but if they need her help with him, one day, she'll be there.

Back at the bunker, Sam, Dean, and Mary are getting home. John's journal sits on the main table where Mary left it. Dean apologizes to Mary for stepping on her toes during the investigation...if he and Sam tried to sideline her. It was her case and she kicked ass. Mary doesn't think she did. They saved her. But Dean says she was right about the kids being innocent. Sam and Dean hadn't even known what the deal was with the male ghost. Mary said she knew. She felt I when he possessed her. When his child died in an accident, he went mad and starved himself to death walled up in his own basement. As a ghost, he took revenge on the children of the new families that moved in. He coveted the children, so he took them and bound their spirits to his; that's where he got his power. He was greedy.

Dean says it's okay now. She's home. She looks at him. She says, "No." Mary says she's not home. She misses John. She misses her boys. Sam points out the they are right there with her in the present. She says no; the boys she remembers; them as children. Her baby Sam and her little boy Dean. It feels like yesterday that they were together in heaven and now those images are gone. Every moment she spends with adult Sam and Dean reminds her of what she lost; them as children. She thought hunting would crear her head, but it didn't work.

Sam asks what Mary is trying to say. She says she has to go. Dean looks away. Sam looks lost. She says she's sorry. Very sorry. She needs a little time. She goes to hug Dean and he STEPS AWAY; he won't look at her; he only looks at the floor. She picks up John's journal. She turns to Sam. She says she loves him and she hugs him. Dean can hardly watch. She looks at Dean and says she loves them both. She puts the journal in her bag and walks out, up the stairs.

When the heavy metal door closes behind her, Sam flinches.

Sam looks to Dean with a completely lost look on his face.

Dean just stares at the floor.

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Dean can't look at Mary.

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