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The scene opens with Kelly sitting on a dirty mattress on a cot in a basement. Dagon is keeping her prisoner so she can control her and protect her unborn child. Dagon forces Kelly to take her prenatal vitamins, and we learn that Kelly has been refusing to eat or bathe. Dagon berates Kelly for disrespecting the baby, and taunts Kelly about the fact that she will die when the child is born. Dagon tells Kelly that her child will kill every human, angel, or demon in the world. Before leaving Kelly alone in the basement, Dagon orders her to take a bath.

Reluctantly, Kelly gathers herself, fills the filthy tub with water, and gets in. But instead of taking a bath, she uses a piece of broken glass to cut her wrists. As she’s dying, she apologizes to her child, but says that she can’t allow him to destroy the world. The scene ends as the bath water turns bloody red and blood drips from the cuts on Kelly’s arm and pools on the floor next to the tub.

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At the bunker, Sam has been up all night researching the Nephilim. He has determined that since they can’t track Dagon, he wants to determine when the child will be born so they know how much time they have. He comes up with a date of May 18th, 2017. Dean wakes up the next morning, and finds Sam at the table in the war room. Sam updates Dean on his findings, but the brothers agree that even if they find Kelly and Dagon, they don’t have a way to deal with the Nephilim.

As the brothers are talking, Castiel enters the bunker. The Winchesters look alarmed, but Sam is the first to speak, telling Cas that they’re glad he’s okay and asking where he has been. Dean is clearly angrier, as he chides Cas for ignoring their repeated phone calls. Cas tells the Winchesters that he was in heaven working with the angels to try to find a solution to the Nephilim problem and he didn’t respond to phone calls because heaven has poor cell phone reception. He tells them that the angels don’t seem to have a solution. Dean doesn’t accept Cas’ excuse, telling him that they had found Kelly and had a shot at Dagon, so they could’ve used his help. Irritated, Dean storms out and goes to his room.

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Later, Dean is in his room and Cas knocks on the door. Dean ignores the knock, so Cas enters anyway. Cas tries to return a gift that Dean had given him – a Led Zeppelin mix tape. But Dean refuses to take the tape back, telling Cas it was a gift, so he should keep it. Cas prepares to leave, but Dean stops him, telling him that disappearing when so much is going on wasn’t the right thing to do, and that he and Sam were worried about him. Cas apologizes, saying that he feels like a failure because he couldn’t find Dean and Sam when they were in prison; and he blames himself for allowing Kelly to escape. Cas says he left because he wanted to come back with a “win” for them. Dean reminds Cas that he isn’t the only one who has been failing – noting that he and Sam had Kelly and lost her. Cas asks Dean if he and Sam DO find, Kelly, will they be able to kill her and her child. Dean hesitates before replying that they’ll come up with a better solution.

Dean reminds Cas that the three of them are better together than apart, so now that he’s back, he wants them to work together. Cas says he’d like that. Dean, (likely sensing that the moment is turning into a “chick flick” moment), leaves to get a beer. Cas is left alone standing in the doorway to Dean’s room as the scene ends.
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Back in the library, Dean rejoins Sam, who is still researching. Dean tells Sam to get some sleep, since he’s been up for a while. But Sam believes he’s onto something. After a brief discussion, Sam recalls the angel grace extraction spell Castiel used on him (in season 9 “First Born”) and surmises that since the Nephilim is half human, if they can extract the child’s grace, he’ll just be a normal child. They are thrilled because they seem to have a plan that solves the problem without having to kill Kelly or the baby.
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Excited, Dean goes to tell Cas, but doesn’t find Cas in his room. Some time later, the Winchesters discover that Cas has stolen the Colt from Dean’s room. They presume that the reason Cas came back was not to see them and apologize, but to get the Colt. Sam asserts that the only reason Cas would steal the Colt is if he’s planning to go up against something big. Fearing the worst, the Winchesters gather weapons and leave to track Cas down.

Back at the house, Dagon comes into the basement and finds the tub filled with bloody water. Moments later, she finds Kelly in a corner of the room. Kelly’s arms are still bloody, but the wounds are healed. Dagon demands to know what happened, and Kelly tells her that she tried to kill herself, but the child wouldn’t let her die. Kelly asserts that her child is not evil, and saved her life. But Dagon insists that the child was simply trying to save its own life, doesn’t care at all about Kelly, and that Kelly will still die while giving birth. Dagon also tells Kelly that after Kelly dies, she will be the one to nurture her child, raise him as her own, and teach him how to kill.

Outside the house, Castiel has been waiting in his truck for the other angels to arrive. When they do, he greets them and shows them the Colt. There are apparently only 2 bullets left in the Colt, but Calvin says that will be enough – one for Dagon and one for Kelly. The angels have apparently been able to use a celestial pulse to track Dagon and Kelly to the house where they’re hiding. (Later, we learn that when the Nephilim resurrected Kelly, the action generated a celestial pulse that the angels were able to use to track the location). As they’re talking, Cas gets a phone call from Dean, but he ignores the call. We also see a view of Cas’ cell phone screen, and we can see that Dean has called several times and left several messages.

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Calvin tells Castiel that he is doing the right thing by following the orders of heaven instead of sticking with the Winchesters. But Cas replies that he is doing what he’s doing FOR the Winchesters – to keep them away from Dagon and out of danger. He also says that he is willing to kill Kelly so Dean and Sam don’t have to.

The three angels sneak into the house. Kelly is in the basement lying on the cot, and Dagon is upstairs watching television. The assault is unsuccessful. Castiel uses the Colt to take a shot at Dagon and misses, and one angel is killed instantly.

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Calvin attacks Dagon and tells Cas to find Kelly. Cas finds Kelly alone in the basement and takes her. Meanwhile, Dagon overpowers Calvin, but doesn’t kill him. With Calvin unconscious on the floor, Dagon goes to the basement and is angry when she sees the chains lying on the cot, but Kelly is missing.

Back upstairs, while Calvin is tied to a chair, Dagon is speaking telepathically to Lucifer, who wants an update on the situation. At first, Dagon lies and tells Lucifer that everything is fine, but Lucifer can tell that she’s lying, so she reluctantly tells the truth. Lucifer is furious when he learns that his son has been taken, and that Castiel is with him. Lucifer orders Dagon to find them. During this discussion, we also learn that Lucifer promised Dagon a seat by his side as ruler of the earth, hell and heaven in exchange for protecting his son and making sure he is born. Lucifer tells Dagon that if she doesn’t find his son, her tortures will be infinite. Dagon turns her attention to Calvin, and tortures him for information on where Castiel is heading.

Next, we see Kelly and Cas in Cas’ truck. Kelly thanks Cas for saving her, but Cas says she shouldn’t thank him. His mission was to kill her, but he failed. He is currently trying to put distance between her and Dagon. They eventually arrive at a motel sometime the next day.

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Cas is outside the truck talking on his cell phone. He gets back into the truck and tells Kelly that he was talking to Joshua and that his new orders are to take her to to heaven, which will end her life swiftly and painlessly, and also kill her child. He tells her that no human can pass through heaven’s portal and survive, that their souls will ascend to heaven, and their cells will return to the universe, and that he’s sorry. Kelly believes that it won’t work. She also believes that her child might not destroy the universe, but might actually save it. She insists that nothing is born evil, but Cas says he can’t take that chance. When Cas tries to start the truck to leave, the engine won’t start, so he and Kelly are temporarily stranded at the motel.

While at the motel, Castiel tries to keep Kelly away from the windows and tries to take other steps to keep her safe and comfortable until he can figure a way to fix the truck and get them back on the road. As they talk, Kelly tells Castiel that she killed herself, but that her child brought her back. Castiel figures out that the event of her resurrection was the pulse the angels felt in heaven. Kelly is convinced that her child is good, but Castiel says the child is only keeping Kelly alive for his own purposes. Kelly thinks everything that is happening is happening for a reason and that there’s a bigger plan. Castiel dismisses this, saying that he used to believe in a mission and a larger plan, but now he thinks everybody is just winging it. He says that Lucifer is just sewing the seeds of chaos, and that Kelly doesn’t have any special role. He also reminds Kelly that regardless of how she feels about her child, she will die during birth so there won’t be anyone strong enough to protect him and keep him on the righteous path. As they are talking, Kelly feels the baby kick. Kelly asks Castiel to touch her abdomen so he can feel it. When he does, Kelly receives a vision of Castiel with her at the heaven portal, and Castiel protecting her from something. The vision ends abruptly, and before Kelly can tell Cas what happened, there’s a knock at the door.

As Cas answers the door, Kelly hides in the bathroom. When Cas opens the door, we see that Dean and Sam have found him.

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Apparently, Sam suspected that something was up with Castiel, so he activated the tracking device on his phone. Dean is very angry at first, but both Winchesters relent when they see Kelly emerge from the bathroom and realize that Cas has found her.
The Winchesters ask for an explanation. As they’re talking, Cas explains to the Winchesters that he was trying to keep them safe, and he tells them of his plan to take Kelly and the baby to the heaven portal. Dean and Sam try to tell Cas and Kelly about their alternate plan, but Kelly doesn’t want the child’s grace extracted because she feels her child is special and extracting his grace will change that. Kelly walks outside.
The Winchesters follow Kelly, trying to convince her to reconsider their plan, but she is unwilling to change her mind. At this point, everyone realizes they are talking in the parking lot of the motel, which leaves all of them exposed.
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Dean suggests that they take Kelly back to the bunker where she will be safe until they decide what to do. Castiel agrees and walks Kelly to the Impala. The car is locked, so Dean tosses Cas the keys while he and Sam continue talking briefly. Cas helps Kelly into the front seat and tosses the keys on the seat next to her, while he sits in the back. As she is sitting there, Kelly remembers her vision and says “it’s not supposed to happen this way.” She hastily slides into the driver’s seat and speeds off in the Impala before anyone can stop her.
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As they’re driving, Kelly tells Cas that she’s taking them to the sandbox. Cas tells Kelly to stop, and that he can stop the car if he wants to. Kelly keeps talking, telling Cas that her child “chose” him to protect him. She says that when Cas put his hand on her abdomen, the child spoke to her and told her to go to the heaven gate, and that ifshe followed Cas’ plan, Cas would make sure the child was born. Kelly doesn’t want the Winchester’s to take her child’s powers away. She also reminds Castiel that he asked her who would protect and guide her child when she is gone, and she is certain that he is the person to do that. Castiel disagrees, pointing out his recent failures. Kelly says that she has also made some poor decisions in her life (including having a sexual relationship with her boss). She says she doesn’t know why the two of them have been chosen, but she believes they are both destined for something great. Castiel doesn’t share her faith, but Kelly tells him that he will.

Meanwhile, back at the motel, Dean has fixed Cas truck and he and Sam head toward the heaven portal to try to stop Kelly from entering.
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Later that night, Kelly and Cas arrive at the portal. Joshua comes up to greet them, but before anything can happen, Dagon appears suddenly and kills Joshua (she apparently got the information from Calvin and then killed him). Dagon and Castiel fight, and Dagon is ready to kill Castiel when the Winchesters arrive.

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Dean and Sam charge in. Before Dean can shoot Dagon with the Colt, she breaks his arm, gets the gun away from him, and melts it into two pieces. With the Winchesters powerless to stop her, Dagon advances on Castiel again and prepares to kill him. Cas tells Kelly to run, but instead she takes his hand. As they are holding hands, a yellow light emanates from Kelly and passes to Castiel, seemingly connecting both of them to the child and his power.

The Future Recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Future Recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe Future Recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
As Dagon raises her hand to kill Castiel, he grabs her hand and her power abates. She is shocked. Before anything else can happen, Dagon erupts into fire and dies.
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Shocked, the Winchesters both get up and approach Castiel, who now has a peaceful look on his face. All Cas’ wounds from his fight with Dagon are healed. When the Winchesters ask Cas what happened, he says that it was the combined power of him and the child. He notices that Dean’s arm is broken and heals it. Dean asks Cas if he's okay. Cas thanks the Winchesters for coming to fight for him and Kelly, but tells them that he’s okay – that he’s been “lost” but isn’t lost anymore.

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He also tells them that he knows now that the child must be born with all of his power. He tells the Boys that he has faith, and that he and Kelly must go. Dean and Sam try to stop them from leaving, but Cas asks them to trust him. When they persist, he touches each of them on the forehead and they fall asleep, collapsing to the ground.
With the Winchesters on the ground unconscious, Cas and Kelly walk to his truck and get in. Before they drive away, Kelly asks Cas what the baby told him. He replies that the child showed him “the future”. Then he and Kelly drive away.

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