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Referencing the Peter Townsend song that was featured on The Who's album My Generation (1965). It was later used as the basis for a rockumentary film about the band in 1979.

Ruby: Doesn't change the fact that you're special, in that Anthony Michael Hall ESP vision kind of way.

Referring to the USA Network TV show, The Dead Zone, starring Anthony Michael Hall as a man who can see the future by touching someone. Based on the novel by Stephen King.

Dean: Come on, smile, Sam. God knows I'm going to be smiling after 24 hours with Gumby girl. (chuckles)Gumby Girl... does that make me Pokey?

Refers to the Clay-mation animated characters of the show Gumby, which first premiered on the Howdy Doody Show in 1956 and aired on NBC beginning in 1957. It had a total of 233 episodes over a 35 year period, as well as a 1995 feature-length movie adaptation

Ruby: Ding-dong the demon's dead.

This is referencing to the 1939 childrens classic The Wizard Of Oz. Where in the end, everybody sings "Ding-dong the witch is dead."

Ruby: Generation of psychic kids, you know, yellow-eyed demon rounds you up, Celebrity Deathmatchensues...

Celebrity Deathmatch is a wrestling parody on MTV that pits Claymation celebrity figures against one another. The show is known for its exaggerated violence and gore, with contestants suffering grotesque injuries, and the loser almost always meeting a very gruesome death.

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