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Envy: Which one of you can cast the first stone?

Referencing John 8:7 from the Christian Bible. Jesus says "Let ye without sin cast the first stone”. He was trying to get across the idea that those who brought forward the woman as a sinner could not judge her for they had all sinned to some extent.

Book: Binsfeld's Classification of Demons

In the book, Binsfeld paired each of the deadly sins with a demon, who tempted people by means of the associated sin. The pairings are as follows:

Asmodeus: Lust
Beelzebub: Gluttony
Mammon: Greed
Belphegor: Sloth
Satan (or Gaap): Wrath
Leviathan: Envy
Lucifer: Pride

Book: Faustus

Faust (German for "fist") or Faustus (Latin for "auspicious" or "lucky") is the protagonist of a classic German legend in which a medieval scholar makes a pact with the Devil. A story made most famous by Goethe's play of the same name.

Pride: Here's Johnny!

Refering to the 1980 movie The Shining in which a man and his family go to an isolated hotel in the winter. After a while the father goes crazy. In one scene he breaks down a door and screams "Here's Johnny!"

Dean: Candygram!

Referencing the Saturday Night Live skit featuring Chevy Chase as the Land Shark. The Land Shark snuck up on unsuspecting victims by knocking on the door and getting them to open up with unlikely ruses.

Bobby: Fat Drunk and Stupid is not way to go through life son.

Referring to Dean Vernon Wormer in the 1978 comedy Animal House in which the Dean says this same statement to theDelta Tau Chifraternity.

When Sam, Dean & Bobby are in the car, Dean refers to, who they did not know was Envy, as John Doe. Referring to the villain of 1995 movie by Brad Pitt 'Seven' who was a serial killer & killed those who he believed lived a life following a deadly sin & in the end planned his own murder as he believed he himself had the deadly sin of ironically 'Envy'

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