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Dean: What do you want?
Envy: We already have what we want.
Dean: What’s that?
Envy: We’re out, we’re free. Thanks to you, my kind are everywhere
Envy: You really think you’re better than me. Which one of you can cast the first stone, huh? What about you, Dean? You’re practically a walking billboard of gluttony and lust.
Dean: You look like hell warmed over.
Bobby: You try exorcising all night, see how you feel.
Sam: Any survivors, Bobby?
Bobby: Well, the pretty girl and the heavy guy, they’ll make it. A lifetime of therapy bills ahead, but still…
Sam: You’re a hypocrite, Dean. How did you feel when Dad sold his soul for you? ‘Cause I was there. I remember. You were twisted and broken. And now you go and do the same thing… to me. What you did was selfish.
Dean: Yeah. You’re right. Was selfish. But I’m okay with that.
Sam: I’m not.
Dean: Tough. After everything I’ve done for this family, I think I’m entitled.
Dean: I got a year to live, Sam. I’d like to make the most of it. So what do you say we kill some evil sons of ******* and we raise a little hell, huh?
Sam: You’re unbelievable.
Dean: Very true.
Dean: I'm just gonna ask it again... who was that masked chick? Actually, the more troubling question would be, "How come a girl can fight better than you?"
Sam: Three demons, Dean... at once.
Dean: Hey, whatever it takes to get you through the night, pal
Sam: Hey Bobby, we can win this war, right?
Bobby: Catch you on the next one
Isaac: I've locked my keys in the car, turned my laundry pink... never brought on the end of the world, though.
Walter: Some people crochet, others golf. Me? I like to see people's insides on their outside.
Walter: The truth is you are just animals. Horny, greedy, hungry, violent animals. And you know what? You'll be slaughtered like animals too.
Sam: Look, if we're going down, we're going down together
Pride: Come on. You really think something like that is gonna fool someone like me? I mean me.
Sam: Let me guess. You're Pride.
Dean: I suppose you are Lust.
Lust: Baby, I'm whatever you want me to be.
Dean: Yeah, hell right. Just stay back.
Lust: Or what?
Dean: Good point.
Bobby: Did you boys find anything around here?
Sam: No sulfur, nothing.
Dean: Well, maybe something. (points to video camera) See? I'm working.
Bobby: Do you have any idea who we're up against?
Dean: No, who?
Bobby: The Seven Deadly Sins, live and in the flesh.
Dean: (laughs) "What's in the box?" (silence) Brad Pitt... Se7en (shuts up as Sam hits him with the Bible)
Dean: I don't know. It's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
Sam: That's hellfire, Dean.
Dean: Whatever.
Sam: Who the hell are you?
Ruby: I’m the girl that just saved your ass.
Bobby: Where is your brother?
Sam: Polling the electorate.
Bobby: What?
Sam: Never mind.
Sam: I've been bending over backwards trying to be nice to you, and I don't care anymore.
Dean: That didn't last long
Sam: It's suicide, Dean!
Dean: So what? I'm dead already
Sam: Dean, what're you doing?
Dean: Comforting the bereaved. What're you doing?
Sam: Workin'. Dead body, possible demon attack, that kinda stuff.
Dean: (fake coughing) Sam, I'm sorry. It's just, I don't have much time left. And, uh... (more coughing) ...gotta make every second count
Bobby: So, we're eating bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast, are we?
Dean: Well, sold my soul. Got a year to live. I ain't sweatin' the cholesterol.
Sam: Let me see your knife.
Dean: What for?
Sam: So I can gouge my eyes out.
(Dean laughs)
Dean: It was a beautiful, natural act, Sam.
Sam: That's a part of you I never wanted to see, Dean.

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