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The episode kicks off with an ‘up to now' recap ending with the Devil's Gate being opened. Fast forward to “now.” A guy is taking out his garbage and suddenly his garbage cans begin to shake and the lights flicker. Soon an ominous cloud rolls in, and trails of dark cloud stuff separate and writhe in a swarm. One comes down and enters the guys mouth. He gets up, black eyed. Definitely possessed. He looks out over the city as the tendrils of black clouds slither towards the skyline.

Cut to one week later. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is researching a section of a book called “Devil at the Crossroads.” He is obviously trying to figure out how to get Dean out of the deal. Dean (Jensen Ackles), meanwhile, is rocking out with a chick to BTO's “Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.” Bobby calls and summons the brothers. He has found something.

The brothers hit the road. Turns out Bobby has found an unexpected bug storm. Clouds like the one from the beginning have apparently appeared over 17 towns. Dean and Sam wonder what the demons are waiting for. Dean comments he wishes the war would just begin. The boys meet up with Bobby at a farm house and force their way in. They recoil immediately from a stench emanating from within, and cautiously proceed with guns drawn.

They find a deceased family sitting in a parlor on a couch with the TV running. They seem to have died suddenly. They hear noises outside and run into a duo of hunters who take the boys down with ease. Bobby recognizes them as Isaac and Tamara. Later they kill time waiting to hear the cause of death and it turns out that the family died of starvation. The new hunters refuse to allow Sam and Dean to join them in their investigation, seems like their reputations for opening the Devil's Gate precede them. As everybody leaves, Ruby (Katie Cassidy) approaches out of the shadows and gives a really strained mean look. I mean strained as in not-well-done.

We run into garbage guy from the beginning in a shoe store. He steps up to a patron and indicates a pair of shoes another customer is buying. The woman walks up to the other one and asks for the shoes. She says she is buying the last pair. Outside the woman smashes her face into a windshield. It's pretty damn brutal. We get a nice view from inside the care of the woman's face being smashed into the glass. Gruesome.
Supernatural:  Episode 3.1 "The Magnificent Seven" Recap

The boys show up to investigate. Bobby determines that the girl was not possessed. There are no signs of demon possession. They catch some security footage of the guy giving a suggestion.

Sam goes out on the street and is followed by Ruby. I'm reserving judgment, but so far her appearanc

es have felt wedged in. She needs a really compelling reason for all this sneaking around.

The boys are staking out a bar waiting for Mr. Garbageman. They see him go in and decide to wait, But Isaac and Tamara show up and head on in, which forces their hand. Inside, Isaac is confronted by a bald demon possessed dude. Turns out everyone in the bar is possessed.

Sam and Dean try to break the door down. A demon comes up to Isaac and forces him to drink drain cleaner. The demons have a good cackle, but the boys bust in with the car and save Tamara. They guys try to figure out what to do. Bobby figures out they are up against the seven deadly sins incarnate.

Garbageman shows up, who we now know is Envy, and seems amused by the boys. He tells them that his kind is everywhere. The demons definitely feel they have the upper hand. Tamara expels Envy while the guys realize that the

demons will now be hunting them.

Isaac zombies up, but Tamara isn't quite that dumb. She is lured out in anger, though. Driving a stake through Isaac's zombie heart. Meanwhile, a gaggle of the possessed descend. Dean has a confrontation with his favorite sin, Lust. Sam, meanwhile, meets up with Pride. Pride manages to avoid the holding circle.

Pride knows Sam's ‘legend,' but he isn't so impressed with him. Meanwhile, Dean dunks Lust in some holy water. Back in the room, Ruby shows up and dispatches the demons with a nasty knife. She leaves without explaining who she is, other than the girl who saved Sam's ass.

Next morning, Sam and Dean fry up the corpses of the dead. They ponder who the mysterious girl may have been, along with wondering what else may have slipped out of the Devil Gate. They see Tamara off and get ready to depart Bobby, reminding each other to watch out for Omens.

The brothers try to figure out where to go next. Sam is a little upset that Dean doesn't want to get out of the deal. Dean explains that if they trick the crossroads demon, Sam dies. Sam isn't liking the odds.

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