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Stillwater, Minnesota

A hot dog eating contest is about to end. The winner is the larger of the two contestants. The thinner contestant accuses him of cheating by putting one hot dog in his pocket. It doesn't help, the larger man wins anyway.

Wayne wins the hot dog eating contest.

Later, the winner gets into his car, alone in the parking lot with his trophy. He laughs. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the hot dog he stashed there.He thinks he hears something, but sees nothing outside.

Suddenly he starts choking as the car rocks. It looks like he is deflating as all of his considerable fat appears to melt from his body. He dies looking a bit like a deflated mummy.
The rear passenger door of his car opens and someone gets out. The camera focuses on his bumper sticker, "Bacon makes everything better".

Back at the bunker....
Sam walks in. Dean sounds dejected saying "hey" back to Sam. Dean says he didn't sleep much the night before so he's doing research into everything; Gadreel, the Mark of Cain, Metatron....Dean looks tense.

Dean tells Sam about the strange death of the competitve eater in Minnesota which he found online while doing his research. The man died in his car when he shrunk from 300 pounds to 90 pounds. Sam wonders if it's witchcraft. Sam says he's up for a hunt. Dean says he'll take a w h o r e ' s bath and be ready in 5.

As Dean leaves the room, Sam asks if he's sure he's okay. Dean asks why wouldn't he be? Sam asks if this is about what he (Sam) said "the other day" about all of their problems being because they are family and they just don't see eye to eye right now or agree on their roles.

Sam's not treating Dean well...Dean is drinking.

Sam thinks he's getting to Dean.

He IS getting to Dean, obviously, no matter what Dean says.

Dean tries to blow it off...asking if Sam is asking about his (Sam's) saying "we're not brothers". Dean tells Sam not flatter himself. He (Dean) doesn't break that easy. Sam says that's good because he was just being honest (Sam is just being cruel here, but turns out he's just warming up). Dean says he got that loud and clear and leaves the room.

In Minnesota, Sam & Dean are at the police station and a female sheriff (Sheriff Hanscum) with a very VERY stereotypical Minnesota accent hands them the case file. She says the victim stuffered massive organ damage as if everything had just been sucked out of him. She says the police are stumped. She picks up a powdered sugardonut and offers one to Sam & Dean.
Sam ignores the donut offer, but Dean takes one. A hillarious and silent scene ensues as Dean gets powdered sugar from the donut everywhere; all over his mouth and face and the female sheriff does the same.

Dean loves donuts.

Sam asks if the victim had any enemies. The female police officer says he had a friendly rivalry with another competitive eater. Slim Jim Morgan. She says the competitive eating is serious business there...they even eat butter and sometimes deep fried butter competitively. Wayne McNut (the victim) won many contests that year. But Slim Jim was still inside the building when he died.

Sam and Dean go to Slim Jim's house to interview him. He tells them that Wayne was a cheat. Dean sees what looks like some kind of an altar on a bookshelf. Jim says that they are his wife Mala's good luck charms. Jim says that Mala is Romanichal; a Gypsy. (Thanks for explaining that, Sam.) Sam asks to use his bathroom. Jim tells him not to use the bathroom off the bedroom because Mala is in there. Of course that's where Sam goes.

Slim Jim.

Sam checks out their bedroom and finds what looks like a hex bag. Mala gets out of the bathroom, but Sam is gone and so is the hex bag.

Sam and Dean go back to the motel and see what's in the bag. All kinds of weird stuff; hair, a
marble...Sam's online and tells Dean that in it's called a "putsi" bag and it's used for hexes. Dean thinks that Jim's wife is putting a hex on Jim's competition (Wayne).

There's a knock at the door. Dean prepares to answer with his gun drawn, but it's Mala. She's there to get her putsi bag back. Mala says she didn't want to kill Wayne. She loved him. They were having an affiar. Dean is surprised and asks here (while saying that he's not trying to offend her) how Wayne was her "type" when her husband was a thin guy. Mala tells him that sometimes it's nice to feel a little "give". Dean says he gets that; wanting a little extra custion for the (sex)....Sam gives him a disapproving look.


Sam asks why she cursed Wayne if she loved him. She said it wasn't a curse; putsi bags are also used for blessings; she was trying to help Wayne win so they could get married with the prize money.

A woman is working out in a gym alone. She's trying to lose weight before her wedding. She gets on the scale. She's saddened that it says she gained weight. She hears a noise behind her. No one responds to her calls of "who's there?". She gets back on the scale again. Someone comes up behind her and hits her on the head with a barbell. As she lays in the floor, draped over the scale, her stomach starts to move. She appears to deflate as the fat
is sucked from her body and the scale which used to read 180 now reads 75.

Sam and Dean join the police at the second crime scene at the gym. The police officer said the victim weighed 165 before she died. Dean says that means she weighed 180 because all women lie about their weight and their age. Sam points out that Dean told a waitress that he was 29 the other day.

Sam asks if Sherriff Hanscum is around (the female officer they talked to earlier). The deputy says she took time off to take a vacation.

Dean finds a large, circular mark on the victim. Sam says it looks like a suction mark, but they rule out changlings. Dean spots a hot fitness instructor across the gym. Dean tells Sam he should go to the morgue to check for the same mark on Wayne's body. Dean will stay and question the fitness instructor.

When Sam protests, Dean tells him it's because Sam is "weird around girls". Dean says Sam is awkward around girls and finished that by twisting the knife a bit as he tells Sam he's "just being honest".

Dean questions the girl. She said she left Carol (the victim) alone to finish her workout while she left for a date. She told Carol to lock up on her way out. She says it's all her fault. As she turns to get a tissue, Dean sees the same marks on her.

Later...Dean is stretched out on the motel bed on the laptop in his Fed clothes (yum) and Sam comes in. Dean asks if Sam found anything at the morgue. Sam said he found the same suction mark on the back of Wayne's neck. Dean points out that the hot trainer had the same mark. Sam points out that she was skinny and not dead, but Dean says she also just lost a ton of weight. She wouldn't tell Dean about the mark. But Dean found out that she had gone to Canyon Valley spa last month.

Research never looked so good.

They watch a promotional video for the place online, then they head for Canyon Valley.

Sam and Dean pose as prospective personal trainers. The couple who run the place say they share Sam and Dean's passion for fitness. The woman, Maritza, is from Peru and her husband, Larry, met her there when he was a student. She got him in shape. They say the ARE hiring, but there's only one trainer position available. They give Sam the job as trainer and Dean a job in the kitchen. Dean is extremely perplexed as to why they didn't immediately give him the trainer job.

Larry and Maritza.

Next scene, Dean is working in the cafeteria and Sam walks in a tank top and shorts. Dean says, "nice shorts" and Sam responds, "nice hairnet". Dean's still grousing about why he has to be the lunch lady. Sam asks since when has Dean ever complained about being around food? Dean says this isn't food.

Another kitchen worker tells Dean to "stop flirting with the trainer" and get back to work.

Stop flirting with the trainer and get back to work.

Sam says his yoga class starts in 5 minutes. Dean asks how Sam knows anything about yoga. Sam tells Dean that he (Dean) isn't the only one who dated someone "bendy". (Shout-out to Lisa there!)

We see Sheriff Hanscum getting ready for her cupping treatment at the spa. Martiza is getting ready to administer the hot glass globes. The Sheriff is finding it relaxing. Her skin is pulled up into the cups as they cool in red blisters. The Sheriff falls asleep. Maritza makes sure she's asleep, then her eyes roll back in her head and a long funnel-like appendage comes out of her mouth, latching onto the back of the Sheriff and she starts sucking fat from her body.

Martiza helps herself to Sheriff Hanscum.

Maritza's tongue.

Back in the kitchen...
Dean is texting. His boss tells him to quit and get to work. Dean maligns the food. His boss tells him it's super food and they need to eat it too to be a good example. Then he brings out a bowl of pudding and explains that it's a treat for the clients on their spa day; something good before the real work starts. He asks Dean to spoon it into individually serving cups.

Dean's starving. He tries the pudding when no one is looking. He takes some.

In the yoga room, Sam is doing his best to play yoga instructor. He tells his class to hold one position for 5 minutes. One of the students protests, saying they usually only have to hold it for 30 seconds. Sam says he meant 30 seconds. He walks around the room to check everyone's "form". He finds the same suction marks around the waistline of almost everyone in class.

Back in the storeroom, Dean is pigging out on pudding. He tries to get up, but everything is swimming. He tries to stand again, but falls over, passing out.

When the yoga class is over, Sam's skeptical students leave. As he's saying goodbye to them, he sees Larry in the hall pushing Sheriff Hanscum in a wheelchair. She recognizes Sam as agent Frehley and asks what he is doing there. Sam tries to play it off; she must be out of it, but Larry is suspicious.

Sheriff Hanscum.

Sam's phone rings. It's Dean. He's really out of it and says he needs his help. Sam asks where he is. All Dean can see in the storeroom is a bag marked "sweet potatoes" so that's what he says to Sam. Then he passes out. Sam goes running.

Sam finds Dean passed out in the basement storeroom. He looks pretty worried for someone who doesn't give a crap about Dean (according to him). He tries to revive Dean. Dean tells him he was drugged...the pudding was supposed to be for the clients but Dean couldn't resist. Sam smells the empty pudding container and says, "salted caramel?" Dean says it's the best of both worlds; salty and sweet.

Sam tells Dean to stay there while he heads back to the kitchen. He asks one of the workers if he made the pudding. The employee tells Sam that it has supplements in it. He said the spa owners (Larry and Maritza) has him add a metabolism booster. Sam carries the bottle the employee gave him back to Dean. Dean looks in the bottle (Dean's much more with-it now) and tells Sam they aren't supplements, they're roofies. Sam asks how Dean knows what a roofie looks like and Dean asks how Sam can NOT know what one looks like.

Sam tells Dean that everyone in the yoga class has a suction mark.

They go to talk to Sheriff Hanscum. She says she lost 10 pounds in one day. She doesn't care how it happened; she's just glad to have lost the weight. Her husband left her last year because he said she loved food more than him. She asks what Sam and Dean are doing at the spa. Sam says they think that the suction marks have something to do with the murders in town.

She shows him hers and says it's from her spa treatment; cupping. She slept through the whole thing. Dean asks if she had pudding before the treatment. She did. She tells them that Maritza did the treatment.

Larry comes up to Maritza in the cafeteria. He tells her that the new guys are hunters (he searched their car and found their fake ID's and the article about the hot dog eating contest death). Larry says he'll take care of it and she should "get rid of the evidence".

Sam goes snooping around the spa room.

Maritza goes to the fridge and starts throwing away entire jars of fat. Smelling it, her monster side starts to emerge and she is about to eat some when she hears Dean behind her cocking his pistol. Dean ties her to a chair with a power cord.

Maritza can't resist the containers of fat.

Dean's onto Maritza.

Maritza says she is not a killer. She's a "pishtaco". Dean looks confused. "A fish taco?" he asks. She corrects him, "a pishtaco; it means 'Peruvian fat sucker'." She says she is just a parasite; she doesn't kill anyone. She said running a spa was her way to make this work. Dean asks about the people who died at the gym and at the hot dog contest.

She says it wasn't her; it was Alonso. Her brother. Dean's boss in the kitchen.

Larry confronts Alonso. Alonso admits to kiling Wayne. Alonso tells Larry that he starves him so it's his fault if he goes out to feed. Larry tells Alonso to leave. Alonso says he's not leaving Maritza. Larry tells him that Maritza doesn't want him there anymore either. Larry says he'll have to make Alonso leave.

Sam hears screams as he's walking down the hall. He goes into the kitchen to find Larry dead, blood spilling from his neck.

Sam and Dean confront Maritza together. She is crying over Larry. She says she tried to show Alonso a better and more civilized way. Alonso had a hard time holding back. Martiza put him in the kitchen to keep him away from clients. Sam asks where Alonso is right now. Maritza says he's in the basement. Dean is skeptical that Maritza is a "good" monster. She swears she is on their side. Sam tests her by asking her how they can kill Alonso. Though we don't hear her say it, she tells them how.

Sam and Dean enter the kitchen, both have knives drawn. (Great X-Files-like shot as they go down into the basement with flashlights.) They follow a trail of blood. They split up at the bottom of the stairs to look for Alonso.

Great X-Files-like shot!

Sam finds the other kitchen worker, dead. He follows bloody footprints leading away from the body.

Sam is suddenly attacked as Alonso traps him by overturning a cabinet on top him. Alonso tells him that all the fat he's just eaten has made him stronger. Sam says that Maritza didn't mention that when she ratted him out. Alonso yells that Sam is lying and he starts to reach his suction tongue towards Sam. Sam pushes the cabinet back over on Alonso and gets out from under it. Sam grabs the knife he dropped, but then can't see Alonso. He tries to bait him saying that after Alonso killed Larry, then he was too monstrous even for Maritza. That angers Alonso and he jump from the shadows and attacks Sam again. They fight hand-to-hand. Alonso gets Sam on his back and kicks the knife out of his hand, kneeling over him to finish him off. His tongue reaches for Sam. Suddenly, Dean grabs the funnel-like tongue and cuts it off with his own knife. Alonso falls to the side, dead, as his tongue twitches on the floor.

Alonso goes after Sam.

Sam gets up, breathing hard.

The police are at the spa, taking away the bodies. Sam sees Maritza sitting alone. Sam says they made an excuse to the Sheriff; didn't tell them the truth. She says she lost her whole family that day and looks despondent. Sam says he's sorry. Dean calls Sam aside. Dean says that once the cops are gone, they need to kill Maritza too. Sam says they aren't going to kill her. She saved their ass. Dean says that Sam is the one who wanted to keep
everything "strictly business" and they are in the business of killing monsters.Sam says he wanted to keep everything strictly business between he and Dean. Dean looks hurt. But Sam
says he still has a heart. Sam asks if he would have deserved to die if a hunter had come across him while he was possessed by Gadreel. Dean looks away. Dean says they have to send Maritza on a one-way trip to Peru then.

Maritza sits on the couch alone looking around at the spa she and Larry built; looking sad and utterly alone.

Sam and Dean head back to the bunker.

(Here comes the reason I had to wait almost 2 weeks before I could watch this again for this recap; just a warning...)

Dean is drinking.

Sam comes in and tells Dean he's going to bed.

Dean asks him wait.

(Okay, word-for word:)

Dean: "Hey, about what you said about the other day."

Sam: "I thought it didn't bother you."

Dean: "You know Sam, I saved your hide back there. And I saved your hide at that church. And the hospital. I may not think things all the way through, okay? But what I do, I do because it's the right thing. I'd do it again."

Dean takes another drink.

Sam: "And the problem. You think you're my savior. My brother. The hero. You swoop in and even when you mess up you think what you're doing is worth it because you've convinced yourself you're doing more good than bad. But you're not."

Sam continues: "I mean, Kevin's dead. Crowley's in the wind. We're no closer to beating this angel thing. Please, tell me; what is the upside of me being alive?"

Dean: "Are you kidding me? You and me. Fighting the good fight. Together."

Sam sighs in exasperation and it looks like he's turning to walk away but instead walks over to sit down at the table across from Dean.

Sam comes over to talk to Dean, er, I mean, break his heart.

Sam: "Okay. Just once. Be honest with me. You didn't save me for me. You did it for you."

Dean (looking genuinely stunned): "What are you talking about?"

Sam: "I was ready to die. I was ready. I should have died. But you; you didn't want to be alone. And that's what all this boils down to (Dean looks like he can't believe what Sam is saying). You can't stand the thought of being alone."

Sam "being honest".

Dean: "Alright, alright (under his breath; making it clear that he thinks Sam is full of it)."

Sam: "I'll give you this much. You are certainly willing to do the sacrificing as long as you're not the one being hurt."

Dean: "Alright. You want to be honest? If the situation were reversed, and I was dying, you'd do the same thing."

Sam looks down and says: "No, Dean. I wouldn't."

Dean looks at Sam like he must have mis-heard what Sam just said.

Sam: "Same circumstances...I wouldn't."

Sam says he wouldn't save Dean if the situation were reversed.

Dean looks like he's in shock.

Sam, you bastard!

Sam says he's going to get to bed. He gets up and leaves.

Dean is standing alone in the kitchen, his eyes look like they're filling up, and it looks like he just lost everything that ever mattered.

Dean looks like just lost everything.

( I didn't want to watch it a second time.)

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