The Real Ghostbusters Recap

The Real Ghostbusters Full Recap - Supernatural Wiki"The Real Ghostbusters" was a funny excursion from the doom and gloom of the coming Apocalypse. First, Sam and Dean receive a text message that they think is from the prophet Chuck. It turns out that the message came from fangirl Becky, who is obsessed with the Supernatural books. (Incidentally, she took Chuck's phone out of his pants to do this. Yes, Becky now has full access to Chuck's pants.) Thus, Sam and Dean are tricked into attending a Supernatural convention!

Once the boys are at the convention, they meet fans who are dressed like them. Heck, there are even a bunch of 1967 Chevy Impalas parked in front of the place.

These fans are also quoting lines from the books, which are accurately taken from the boys' real adventures. We recognize the lines from past episodes. If you've ever been to a convention, this is pretty accurate. When one guy starts to question some of the book's inconsistencies, Becky lashes out. "If you don't like the books, don't read 'em!"

"What do we do now?"Incidentally, this convention is being held at the Pineview Hotel, which used to be the Pineview Orphan Asylum. Sam and Dean learn this after a few fans claim to have encountered a ghost. With a few bribes, Sam and Dean learn some grisly tales about the place. Two fans, dressed as Sam and Dean, think this all some sort of a game and tag along… until it comes time to dig up a grave. Then, they decide to back off again. Of course, a ghost soon appears and the two fans realize this is all real!

Soon, the guy who earlier questioned the book, stumbles onto some creepy orphan children. Ugh, creepy kids again, he thinks. Then, he is killed. The real Sam and Dean run back into the hotel and lock everyone inside for safety. Then, Chuck must stall by gathering fans in the ballroom for a Q&A. Of course, they are just lambs to the slaughter. Several fans are killed by Missy Matron, the head of the old orphan asylum, and some of her orphan charges.

It's a good thing the real Sam and Dean are there to help out, right? Well, it ends up being fans and Chuck who come to the rescue in the end. Seeing Chuck in action makes Becky swoon, so maybe she'll stop drooling over Sam now. Speaking of Sam, he makes Chuck promise not to write anymore Supernatural books.

Then, Becky mentions something about the Colt. Seems she knows more than the Winchesters, so Sam and Dean take off from the hotel with their new lead on the Colt. Next week, we see some action is about to take place, including Dean kissing a girl. Swoon!

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