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Sam: Were you, uh... racing me?
Dean : No. I was kicking your ass.
Sam : Very mature.
Dean: Well, let's give it a shot. Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here.
Sam : You're an idiot.
Dean : Stay positive.
Sam : Oh, I am positive
Castiel: You think I came because you called? I came because of this.
Dean : Oh, well, it's nice to know what matters.
Castiel : It does help one to focus.
Castiel: There's only one thing that could have brought this into existence. You call it the Staff of Moses.
Sam : The Staff?
Castiel : It was used in a dominance display against the Egyptians, as I recall.
Dean : Yeah, that would make the papers.
Sam : But I thought the staff, like, turned a river into blood, not one dude.
Castiel : The weapon isn't being used at full capability. I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect.
Castiel: We must find the weapon that did this. I need your help.
Sam : That's rich. Really.
Castiel : Sam, Dean, my "people skills" are "rusty." Pardon me, but I have spent the last year as a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent.
Castiel: If the angel we seek truly bought this boy's soul, when a claim is laid on a living soul, it leaves a mark, a brand.
Sam : What, like a--like a shirt tag at camp?
Castiel : I have no idea.
Dean: Too many angels, Cass! I don't know who's on first, what's on second.
Castiel : What is "second"?
Dean : Don't start that.
Castiel: What... is all this? What are you doing?
Balthazar : Whatever I want. This morning I had a menage a... what's the French word for 12?
Balthazar: Same thing happened to Lot's wife. Iodize the poor sucker, and your kitchen's stocked for life.
Balthazar: Holy fire. You hairless ape! Release me!
Dean : First you're taking your marker off of Aaron Birch's soul.
Balthazar : Am I?
Dean : Sam!
Sam : Unless you like your wings extra crispy, I'd think about it.
Balthazar : Castiel, I stood for you in Heaven. Are you gonna let...?
Castiel : I believe the hairless ape has the floor.
Sam: I spent all that time trying to get through to you. Dean calls once and now it’s “Hello?!”
Castiel: Yes.
Sam: So what, you like him better or something?
Castiel: Dean and I do share a more profound bond. (looks at Dean) I wasn’t going to mention it.

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