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Unlikely allies

This episode opens with Dick Roman being interviewed about his acquisition of the corn syrup manufacturer
Sucrocorp.He tries to make the interviewer believe that by increasing the purity of the product, it will keep Americans "living longer and tasting better" to which the interviewer corrects him, "you mean the food will be tasting better".To which he responds "That's exactly what I mean".

Dick Roman's assistant Susan shows up with a brief case containing the word of God tablet.He then instructs Susan to put a "replace order" on Gloria, the woman who just interviewed him.She asks what to do with Gloria's body and Dick responds that she should contact chef Fieri (I had no idea Guy Fieri was in with the leviathans!) because he's in the mood for barbecue.

Next we see Dick in the conference room with unlikely prophet Kevin and Dick's assistant Edgar who always does Dick's dirty work. Dick confronts Kevin with the word of God tablet and asks him what it says.Kevin says he doesn't know.Dick presents Kevin with a letter of recommendation to Princeton; saying a letter from him can make it happen and he knows Kevin wants to go to Princeton.Kevin still says he can't translate the tablet.Dick then shows Kevin a video feed of his mother, tied up, with a knife to her throat.Seeing no alternative, Kevin agrees to do the translation.

Back at Rufus' cabin, Sam and Dean are trying to figure out what the word of God tablet means when it says that to kill leviathan, you need "the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen".Dean keeps reading it over and over, trying to figure it out, saying he's read it more times than the Anna Nicole Smith Playboy he found in his dad's duffle bag.

As far as Dean can figure, "cut off the (leviathan) head and the body will flounder" is pretty straightforward.Then
they just have to get all the parts to assemble the weapon and that's it.Sam wonders what will happen to the rest of the leviathan even if they succeed in killing Dick.He wonders what the catch is.Dean thinks maybe the catch is that God isn't giving them all of the information.We see that Bobby's ghost is watching the entire discussion.

Bobby's ghost confronts Dean in the bathroom.Dean seems nervous to see him since he's trying to figure out if
Bobby is still in control of himself or if he's headed down the vengeful spirit path.He asks Bobby how he's feeling. Bobby says he feels stronger than ever and says he's been thinking about the leviathan-killing weapon they need to make.Bobby explains to Dean that the "righteous bone" must come from a human and the three bloods of the fallen consist of the blood of a fallen angel (which they already have from Cas), the blood from the ruler of fallen humanity which, Bobby is sure, must be Crowley, and then blood from the father of fallen beasts which Bobby figures is the blood of an alpha monster.Dean reminds Bobby that all the alphas are dead; killed by Cas when he torched Crowley's alpha-monster prison.Bobby starts to get irritated saying that maybe they need to make this Cas' problem, or Crowley's and get some help from one of them with getting the alpha blood.Dean says "okay, I get it" and Bobby yells "Do you?!" as the mirror cracks once Bobby gets angry.Bobby tries to reassure Dean that he's really fine.Dean doesn't look convinced.

Sam & Dean learn that Dick Roman is going to be putting his human-numbing additives into corn syrup which is in everything (Dean's crushed that pie contains corn syrup, of course!).Sam doesn't think there's much they can do to stop this.Sam's computer slams shut as Bobby is obviously not happy with the "there's nothing we can do" comment from Sam.

As per Bobby's ideas, Sam & Dean summon Crowley.

Back at Dick Roman's office, Kevin finishes translating the tablet.They release Kevin's mom.Dick asks Edgar to "drop in on an old friend".

At the cabin, Crowley agrees to give Sam & Dean his blood, but not right away.Crowley says there are too many nefarious spells that his enemies could use his blood for, so he'll give it to them last after they have the rest of the parts for the weapon.Crowley figures the hardest for them to get will be the angel blood...he is obviously trying to feel them out to see if they know something about Cas who Crowley still thinks is dead.Dean tells Crowley they don't have any "angels up their sleeves".

Crowley tells them that the alpha vampire is still alive.That he escaped the prison before Cas torched it.Sam & Dean ask where they can find this vampire.Crowley disappears, but the table catches fire and the words "Hoople, North Dakota" are burned into it.Dean think this is overly-dramatic on Crowley's part and "a piece of paper would have worked".

On their way to North Dakota, Sam & Dean are filling up the vintage Plymouth they're driving this time.Sam motions to Dean to put Bobby's flask in the car so they can walk away and talk about him.Sam says that the stronger Bobby gets, the closer he is to a vengeful spirit and they have to decide what they are going to "do with him".Dean is upset by this and says, "What do you mean 'do with him'?".Sam is convinced that Bobby is headed to a bad place.Their conversation is interrupted when Dean notices that everyone in the convenience store seems very out-of-it.Sam points out that it's just like the "turducken people" they encountered at Biggerson's.The corn syrup "poisoning" is starting.Dean starts to panic when Sam tells him that every food he loves has corn syrup in it.He asks what they are supposed to eat.Sam holds up a basket of bananas and bottled water.

Next, Sam and Dean are in the car sitting in front of the home of the alpha vampire.Bobby appears in the back seat and says he'll go scout the place.They try to stop him, but he's gone.Bobby re-appears and says the place is clear, but there's something they should see.

Inside, there are three dead vampires laid out on the table. They look like their mouths have been burned.Dean
wonders if they were somehow killed by battery acid.Sam notices that something about the wall next to the table looks strange.They try to find a hidden latch as Bobby walks right through the wall and into a pink room.Sam & Dean find the latch and the room's doors swing open revealing what looks like a scared young woman named Emily.

Emily was abducted by vampires from a playground when she was young and has been living with the vampires for 12 years so that the alpha can feed on her.For vampires, virgins are a delicacy.Sam & Dean tell her they'll get her back to her mother.Emily wonders if her mom would remember her because she does not remember her mother.

Dean asks Emily what happened to the dead vampires out on the table.Emily tells them that they fed on some
humans who came right up to them and didn't put up any fight.Those who fed on the humans died.One didn't feed but he was currently out hunting animals until they figure out what is wrong with the humans. Sam is sure it's the corn syrup.They ask where the alpha is now and Emily tells them he's at his retreat.She doesn't know the address, but says she remembers some things about how to get there.

The last vampire returns from his hunt to an empty house.Empty except for Edgar who was sent by Dick Roman. Edgar asks where the alpha is.The vampire tells him to go to hell.Edgar morphs into the vampire and kills him (and of course as he morphs into him, he gains all of his knowledge and now knows where the alpha is).

Dean and Sam are outside of a grocery store.Dean's complaining about having to live on nothing but fruits and
vegetables.They figure the next stop will have to be the morgue for some dead man's blood if they plan to go after the alpha vampire.Then Dean realizes that there are people all around them in a stupor and these people, poisoned by the corn syrup, have blood that is deadly to vampires.They walk up to a non-responsive guy on a bench (the bench has a big "Biggerson's" ad on it) sucking down a big gulp soda.Sam tries to come up with a story about finding new blood donors for the Red Cross, but Dean just asks the guy if they can take some of his blood and the guy holds out his arm.Sam is nervous about sticking a syringe in the guy out in public, but Dean reassures him that no one is paying attention because they're all in a corn-syrup-induced stupor.

The dick jokes continue and Dean holds out the syringe and tells Sam to give the guy "a little prick".

Sam fills the syringe with the guy's blood with little resistance.

Sam tells Dean that when they get to the alpha vamp, Bobby will have to stay behind.Sam's sure that the more action Bobby sees, the closer he'll be to going over the edge and becoming a vengeful spirit.

Emily is able to give Sam & Dean enough clues to get them to the alpha vampire's retreat house.She confirms it's the right house, then Sam & Dean take Emily to a hotel to keep her safe while they go after the alpha.They give Emily Sheriff Mills' phone number and tell her to call it if they don't come back.Emily is watching TV which she hasn't seen in 12 years and asks Dean what a Kardashian is.Dean tells her it's just another type of blood sucker.

Dean puts Bobby's flask in the room safe at the hotel so he can't come with them and punches in the safe combination on the electronic keypad.

Emily gives Sam a heart-felt thank-you for helping her.

As Sam & Dean try to leave, the door slams in front of them.Bobby is not happy about being left behind.Dean tells Emily it's just the wind that slammed the door.

Bobby stands watching Emily in the hotel room and sees her check out the window to make sure that Sam & Dean are gone.Then she throws Sheriff Mills' phone number in the fireplace and calls the alpha vampire saying, "Hello Daddy, I'm close by.I've sent you a present."Emily leaves the room.

The dick jokes continue as Bobby watches part of Dick Roman's interview on TV in the empty hotel room and the
interviewer says, "We'll go behind the scenes and answer the question everyone's been asking; what makes Dick so hard to beat?".

Seeing Dick Roman on TV makes Bobby's blood boil.

Back at the alpha vampire's retreat house, Sam is reluctant to just charge in with machetes.He doesn't think he and Dean have a chance going in without backup.Dean asks if he has a better idea.Next we see them at the front door of the house with Dean commenting how "stupid" this is.

The door is unlocked.They walk in and are immediately jumped by vampires.

Back at the hotel, Bobby is trying in vain to open the safe; entering Sam & Dean's birthdays on the safe keypad to no avail.He becomes furious and the lamps in the room go flying.The hotel maid knocks at the door just as Bobby realizes that the code to the safe is probably his own birthday.The maid enters the room and notices how cold it is. Bobby appears and scares her to death. He says he needs her help and apologizes as he says he just has to use her for awhile.

He possesses the maid.

Bobby, in the form of the maid, walks over to the safe and opens it.He takes the flask and leaves the room.

Sam and Dean are brought before the alpha vampire sitting at the end of the long table.Emily casually walks out and stands next to the vampire.Sam & Dean are both shocked to see her there and Dean says that for a girl raised in a basement, she's a hell of an actress.She explains that she had to warn the alpha because "you were going to hurt my daddy".To which Dean comments that she gets a trophy in Stockholm syndrome.

The alpha thinks Sam & Dean have come for him, but Dean says this was Sam's idea that they are just there to talk.The alpha vampire points out that they want to talk because his vampires took away their machetes and their syringes of tainted blood.Dean says he thought the alpha might hold a grudge so they had to come prepared.The alpha lists all the things they've done to him to try to destroy him including torturing him and selling him to Crowley.Dean points out that those things were actually done by their grandfather Samuel and one of the other vampires in the room slams Dean's head into the table.Dean tries to hold it together and doesn't fight back.

The vampire says he plans to peel off their faces and drink them slowly.Sam says he knows what the vampire
"plague" is; what's been killing them; and what does the alpha know about leviathan?The alpha replies he knows a little since he and Dick Roman met months before to "make plans" and he says he's on excellent terms with Dick.They made plans for the leviathans and the vampires to live off humans together.The alpha said Dick warned him that there may be a few glitches as his plan for subduing humans with corn syrup additives got underway and this might explain how his "children" (the other vampires) mistakenly died after feeding.

Sam talls him that the deal the alpha made with Dick was crap and that Sam & Dean can stop Dick, they just need the alpha's blood for the weapon.The alpha laughs as he points out that now Sam & Dean are trying to save the vampire race.Dean says no, that's not it.But working with them to kill Dick beats dying out when the leviathans kill everyone and everything.

The alpha calls for "Alan"; a young boy who appears to also be his servant.Alan announces that Edgar is here.Dean starts calling for knifes and borax.But the alpha orders that Sam and Dean be locked in another room so he can meet with Edgar alone.He tells them you don't live through centuries of fire and ice and continental divide by jumping to conclusions.

Sam & Dean are locked in a room full of IV bags of blood.

The alpha greets Edgar.Edgar says he smells that the Winchesters have been there.

Sam is thinking that maybe the vampires and leviathans are like monster cousins; that it's more likely they'd work
together than work with humans to kill one another.Sam wonders if maybe the poisoning of the vampires was a
mistake and maybe the leviathans plan to fix the problem. Dean says he thinks what they have here is the oldest monster on earth (the alpha vampire) thinking he can hold his own because he always has.To which Sam responds, "Edgar's going to eat him alive".Dean pulls the needle end off an IV bag and asks Sam if he can use it as a lock pick. Sam points out that even if they escape, they gave up all their tainted blood and have no way to defend themselves against the other vampires in the house.Dean pulls one last syringe of tainted blood out of his boot.

Back in the dining room, the alpha vamp offers to give Sam & Dean to Edgar, but he tells Edgar that Sam & Dean think the leviathans are trying to exterminate the vampires which has to be wrong.Edgar denies this accusation and acts as if everything is going to plan with the leviathans and vampires working together.

Sam & Dean creep down the stairs and are attacked by a vampire which grabs Sam.Dean sinks his syringe into the vampire's neck and the vampire is killed instantly.Sam & Dean are impressed by how quickly the tainted blood works.

The alpha vampire tells Edgar that Dick has not contacted him since their meeting.He realizes there might be glitches on the way to making the human population a better food source, but when will Dick address the problem with the additives that are now killing vampires?Edgar says, basically, never.That the leviathans don't want to share their food with anyone and that humans are a limited resource.This stuns the alpha vampire.He can't believe that 7 billion people could be considered a "limited resource".

Edgar says their "additive" kills the "wolves" (werewolves) too as well as all other monsters like shifters and ghouls. The leviathans want all human "food" for themselves.

Edgar and the alpha vampire start to argue.The alpha points out that they, vampires, come from leviathans.That he is the son of Eve.Edgar calls Eve a w h o r e and a pathetic mutt.This doesn't go over so well with the alpha who throws the contents of an ice bucket on Edgar...we find out he filled it with borax as Edgar's skin sizzles.Edgar gets up and lands a blow on the alpha vampire, knocking him to the floor.Edgar prepares to devour the alpha when Dean comes at Edgar with a machete.Edgar knocks the machete away as Sam comes up behind Edgar and beheads him.

With the alpha down on the floor, Dean tells Sam to grab a glass so they can get some of his blood, but the alpha gets up and throws Dean across the table.The alpha asks if they want to fight, or do they want his blood? Sam & Dean can hardly believe he's giving it up voluntarily.He cuts his own wrist with a long fingernail and bleeds into a crystal glass. He tells them he's giving them his blood because they killed Edgar and now they should go.

Sam asks what about the little boy.The alpha can't believe they are asking for more, but he gives the boy (Alan) up and lets him to go with Sam & Dean.Emily stays.

Sam cautiously reaches out and accepts the glass of blood from the alpha.They turn to leave.The alpha is offended that they haven't thanked him.But he understand that Sam & Dean must hate working with a monster; something they've spent their whole lives hunting.Now they'll just have to wait and come back and try to kill him again some other time. Dean confirms that's pretty much how they feel.The alpha says, "see you next season" to which Dean replies, "looking forward to it".

Back at the motel, Sam & Dean are talking about having dropped the boy off at the police station where they were held because the police thought they were the ones that abducted the child.Sam says as long as the boy gets back to his family, he doesn't care what the police think.Dean complains that they had to escape by jumping out a window.

They enter the motel room and see it's been trashed, the safe is open, the mirror is broken, and the flask is missing. Sam looks at Dean as if to say he knew something like this would happen.Dean is mad at Bobby for leaving.Sam says it's not really Bobby; Bobby isn't thinking.Dean complains about how alone they are in this.And the fact that it all comes down to Crowley since his blood is the last of the three types of blood they need for the weapon.As Dean says, "what could possibly go wrong?".

Next we see Dick Roman summoning Crowley who he traps in a devils' trap, telling him they have so much to talk

The second piece of the puzzle

(I have to add an editorial comment that Rick Worthy who plays the alpha vampire always does an incredible job! He's a great alpha monster and way more compelling than any of the leviathan characters.)

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