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A panicked woman is running through the woods at night, carrying a gun. When the light hits her face, we recognize Eileen Leahy. We also hear panting and barking and realize that she is being chased by a hell hound. Eileen stops, turns around, and fires several times at the creature, but the hellhound attacks and kills her. As soon as she is dead, we see Arthur Ketch nearby with a dog whistle in his mouth. He blows the whistle and the attack seems to stop. Eileen’s lifeless body is lying on the ground as Ketch says “good puppy” and gives the dog a piece of raw meat that looks like a human body part. Ketch walks over to Eileen’s body as the scene ends.
Dean and Sam:
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Dean and Sam arrive at a motel room where Mary was apparently staying recently. They search the room for her, but she isn’t there, and her bags are gone. Dean tells Sam that his last message from her was “Dean, call me. We have a problem”. Sam suggests that maybe Mary is staying with the British Men of Letters (BMOLs), but Dean says that he’s been leaving messages for Mick, but Mick is not responding.

Dean calls Mr. Ketch to see if Mary is with him. After a hostile exchange, Ketch tells Dean that he hasn’t seen Mary for over a week. After Dean hangs up, he tells Sam that Mary told him days ago that she was hunting with Ketch, so the Winchesters realize Ketch must be lying.

After Dean hangs up, Sam gets a call from Jody Mills telling him that Eileen was killed in an apparent animal attack in South Carolina. The Boys are confused, because they thought Eileen was still in Ireland. They also realize that Eileen’s death is the second hunter death they’ve heard about in two weeks, which is very unusual. They are also increasingly concerned because Mary (a hunter) seems to be missing while all these strange deaths are happening.

The Winchesters race to South Carolina, and we see them, dressed in fed suits, standing over Eileen’s body in a morgue. They recognize the signs of a hell hound attack and suspect Crowley (or perhaps another demon) had something to do with her death. They also don’t know why she left Ireland. As they talk, we learn that there have been 7 monster-related deaths in 3 weeks (and Mary is still missing). Later, Sam calls Crowley to find out if he had anything to do with the hell hound attack.

Crowley and Lucifer:
In Crowley’s lair, Crowley is reprimanding and threatening an underling demon for failing to find Kelly Kline. Apparently, Crowley knows Dagon is dead and he has a legion of demons looking for Kelly.

Later, another underling demon (Drexel) who is trying to help disarm Lucifer’s vessel is skulking around near Lucifer’s cell. When he sees that Crowley is nowhere in sight, he uses a stolen key to enter Lucifer’s cell. Lucifer has grown impatient waiting to see if the vessel can be disarmed. The demon examines the vessel and tells Lucifer that it is still intact.

As they are talking, Crowley approaches, so Drexel hides. We hear Crowley on the phone, talking to Sam. He is lying to Sam, telling him he has no idea about a hell hound attack, and doesn’t know Eileen Leahy. Sam challenges Crowley, saying that only a demon can control a hell hound; but Crowley keeps lying, insisting that he’d know if anything like that was going on, and that no hell hounds are missing. When Sam asks if Crowley knows anything about the other hunters who are dying, Crowley says he doesn’t know about that and doesn’t care. Then he hangs up on Sam.

Crowley enters Lucifer’s cell and they exchange barbs. Crowley tells Lucifer that Dagon is dead and right now, Kelly is with Castiel. He tells Lucifer that he should reveal Kelly’s location if he knows it. Crowley tells Lucifer that he can save his son’s life, and he plans to raise the Nephilim under his power and to be in his service. He also tells Lucifer that he may be Lucifer’s only hope of ever seeing his son alive.

Lucifer seems unimpressed and refuses to cooperate. Crowley leaves him alone to think about his offer. After he leaves, Drexel emerges from his hiding place. Lucifer is completely out of patience, and realizes that his son is in jeopardy. Drexel re-examines Lucifer’s vessel and discovers that Crowley’s hold on the vessel is weakening, and Lucifer’s control over it is getting stronger. Further, he realizes that the vessel's “polarity” is reversing, which means that because Crowley is "connected" on a cellular level with the spell, Lucifer is gaining control of Crowley’s vessel, and Crowley is losing control of Lucifer’s.

Mr. Ketch and Mary:
In an unknown location, we see a hunter (Rick) apparently returning home from a hunt. He drops a bloody machete into an umbrella stand and is reading his mail when he notices Mary sitting in his living room waiting for him. They apparently know each other, so he doesn’t seem surprised to see her. Mary says she got a tip on a nearby vamp nest and wants to know if he’s interested in working the job with her. Rick agrees.

As they’re talking, we learn that Rick is taking heat from the BMOLs because he has refused to work for them. He offers Mary a beer and goes to the refrigerator to get it.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
When his back is turned, Mary draws a knife on him. Rick sees Mary’s reflection in a metal pot in the refrigerator, so he has a chance to break the beer bottle and use the cut edge to defend himself. Mary advances on him and he cuts the palm of her left hand with the bottle. Rick slips on the part of the bottle that fell on the floor and falls backwards, hitting his head against a shelf in the refrigerator. As he sits on the floor temporarily stunned, Mary cuts his throat with her knife.

The scene suddenly changes to Mary lying on a cot in a cell at the BMOL’s base. He is sweating and doesn’t look well. She has woken up suddenly as if she’s had a nightmare. When she sits up, Toni Bevel enters the cell and locks the door behind her.

Toni pretends to be concerned that Mary is not well. When Mary asks if something “happened” the night before and if she left the building, Toni evades the question, suggesting that Mary may be having trouble telling fact from fiction. She asks Mary what’s going on, and Mary says she’s fine. As they’re talking, Mary starts having flashbacks. She remembers being injected with a drug, and having electroshock therapy. She realizes she’s being brainwashed and confronts Toni about it. Toni tells Mary she’s being “realigned” to remove her will so she’ll be unable to differentiate between her own thinking and the orders she’s given. Toni tells Mary that the version of her life that she hangs on to – including having a loving husband and children – is an illusion.

Toni taunts Mary about the secrets she kept from John (not telling him who she really was) and blames her for the deal she made with Azazel that destroyed her family. She also tells Mary that John went slowly mad after her death, became obsessed with revenge, and began drinking and neglecting her sons, which left them damaged. Toni tells Mary that the BMOLs are removing her fairy tale ideas about herself and replacing them with a purer version of who she is – a killer.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThere's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Toni tells Mary that the American hunters have refused to fall in line, so they are being replaced by BMOLs and Mary herself. Mary says she won’t help them do that, and when Toni suggests that Mary already has, Mary tries to attack her. Toni punches Mary in the face and tells her that soon she won’t be making any of her own choices.

As Toni leaves, Mary notices that she has stitches across the palm of her left hand. She also has a flashback to killing Rick.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Elsewhere in the BMOL’s base, Dr. Hess is looking over some files when Crowley appears in the room with her. She doesn’t seem surprised to see him, and they seem to know each other. They have a brief, hostile exchange. Crowley tells Hess that he knows the BMOLs are killing American hunters, and he doesn’t have a problem with that. However, Crowley apparently made a deal with the BMOLs in the past, allowing his demons to prey on people who choose to sell their souls without interference from the BMOLs, and giving the BMOLs information when needed. Crowley wants to make sure that the same deal will apply in the US when the BMOLs take over here. Hess tells him that the deal will be the same. During their discussion, we also learn that Crowley provided Mr. Ketch with a hell hound, so he suspected the creature is being used to kill people and isn’t surprised that hunters are being killed by the monster.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

As Crowley and Hess talk, we learn that finding the Nephilim is a priority for the BMOLs and Crowley, because the Nephilim will be the end of all of them, and of the entire universe. Crowley tells Hess that he has demons scouring the country looking for Kelly. Hess is unimpressed. She also tells Crowley that she knows about his “cozy” relationship with the Winchesters, and doesn’t plan to spare their lives.

Crowley and Lucifer:
Later, Crowley comes back into Lucifer’s cell. He continues taunting Lucifer, who seems amused and starts mocking Crowley. Lucifer assures Crowley that his son is still alive and that the Winchesters will fail again. As they are talking, Lucifer starts mimicking Crowley’s gestures. After a moment, we realize that Lucifer is controlling Crowley’s movements, making him flap his arms like a chicken and hop on one foot.

Lucifer stands up, letting Crowley know that he is no longer in charge, and his shackles fall to the floor. He casually stretches while Crowley tries to talk his way out of the situation. Crowley tries to run, but Lucifer telekinetically throws Crowley through the door into the hallway, and again through the door into the throne room.

Crowley gets up and Lucifer throws him around a bit more before picking up and angel blade and bringing Crowley to him against his will.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
He cuts Crowley on the face and acts like he’s going to torture him. But then he knocks Crowley to the ground. As Crowley is lying on the floor, a rat walks by and we see Crowley look at the animal. As this is happening, Lucifer walks over and stabs Crowley in the heart with the angel blade. Crowley doesn’t move, and there is no flash. Lucifer presumes Crowley is dead, and dismissively walks away from the body.

Later, the demons are cleaning up the area and drag Crowley’s body away. We see the rat follow the body through the door and down the hallway.

Mr. Ketch and Mary:
Later, at the BMOL’s base, Mary is being dragged back into her cell after another session. Two white-coated people deposit her on her cot, and she is barely conscious. As she’s recovering, she continues having flashbacks of when she killed Rick.

Elsewhere, Dr. Hess and Mr. Ketch are watching Mary on a monitor. Toni Bevel enters the room and tells them that they just completed another session with Mary and she is coming along nicely. Neither of them reacts to the news, and Toni seems annoyed that they aren’t happier about her progress. Toni and Mr. Ketch exchange barbs, and Toni leaves. After Toni leaves, Hess tells Ketch that Toni may be reporting to him relatively soon. Ketch says he’s not an administrator, but Hess tells him that he kills without mercy and would make a fine administrator.

Ketch is watching Mary on the monitor. He can see her tossing and in distress, and Dr. Hess commends him on how well he’s handling the situation, since he recently slept with her. Hess tells Ketch that once the American hunters are all gone, she’s considering putting him in charge of the operation. But she tells him that Toni Bevel also wants the job.

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Dean and Sam:
Next, we see the Impala parked outside the Lebanon, Kansas post office. Sam is talking on his phone while leaning against the car, as Dean returns to the car with their mail. When Dean gets to the car, Sam ends his conversation and tells him that all the hunters who are dying seem to be very experienced.

As Sam is talking, Dean is reading a letter. It’s from Eileen. He shows Sam the letter and tells him that Eileen sent the letter 4 days ago and she used regular mail because she suspected her phones and computer were being monitored. She left Ireland because she was afraid and thought that the BMOLs were following her. She also found a microphone in her room. Her letter asks if she could stay with the Winchesters for a while because she was afraid. Dean and Sam surmise that the BMOLs killed Eileen. They return to the bunker and search for a microphone. Dean eventually finds the microphone under the table in the war room and silently alerts Sam to the discovery.

Realizing the BMOLs are listening, the Winchesters stage a fake conversation about a hunter who has information about the murders and wants to meet them at an abandoned warehouse in the area. The BMOLs overhear the conversation, as planned.

Mr. Ketch and Mary:
At the BMOLs’ base, Ketch has a hell hound in a cage and is feeding it a human body part. Toni Bevel looks on and seems disgusted, even though she can’t see the dog. They discuss which of them will take over Mick Davies' job, and they each learn that Dr. Hess has told both of them that the job is theirs if they want it. They realize they are in competition as when they were in school and had to kill on orders. Toni says that she’s been studying the American situation for years, so the job should be hers. Ketch smirks at this and they have another hostile exchange. As they’re talking, Mr. Ketch gets a message that Mary is asking to see him. After Ketch leaves, the BMOL who was monitoring the Winchesters’ conversation comes in to tell Toni that she has an update.

Elsewhere at the base, Ketch goes in to Mary’s cell to see her. Mary tells him that she is losing her mind and doesn’t know what the BMOLs want her to do. Ketch assures her that she’s doing exactly what they want her to do, so she shouldn’t be concerned. Mary is upset that she killed a friend, but Ketch tells her that he has to do that all the time.

Mary tells Ketch that she believed in what the BMOLs were doing, and that she chose them because she wanted to rid the world of monsters so Dean and Sam could live in a better world. Ketch thinks Mary is asking him to intervene, and reminds Mary that they do not have a “relationship”, so he won’t. Ketch seems nervous and is reluctant to let Mary get close to him, but she approaches, telling him that they’ve worked together and know each other. Ketch tells Mary that he doesn’t really know her, and she doesn’t know him – and wouldn’t want to. Mary cries and begs for his help. She comes closer to cry on him, but instead she gets close enough to grab his gun and try to kill herself.

Ketch gets the gun away from Mary just as it goes off. She begs him to kill her, saying that all she’s ever had in her life, besides her family, has been her own will – and it’s going away. She is afraid of putting her sons and other people in danger. Ketch promises her that everything will be over soon, and he reluctantly leaves her crying on the floor.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThere's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dean and Sam:
The Winchesters arrive at the warehouse for the fake meeting. As expected, the BMOLs are waiting for them. Two BMOLs enter the warehouse, but once they’re inside, Dean bars the door, locking them both inside.

Meanwhile, Toni Bevel is waiting in the car. Sensing that something is wrong, she draws her gun. Before she can do anything, Sam breaks the window and Dean grabs her gun. A brief fight ensues, but the Winchesters capture Toni at gunpoint.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

While Dean drives the Impala back to the bunker, Sam keeps his gun on Toni. The Winchesters demand to know if the BMOLs killed Eileen. Toni glibly replies that they probably did. She also tells them that attacking her will bring the BMOLs after them for retribution, and Mary may be the one to execute the order to kill them. When Dean asks what that means, Toni replies that Mary has joined the BMOLs completely. She also tells them that Mary and Ketch are sleeping together, Mick was killed because he was too sentimental for the job, and that Jody Mills, Claire Novak, and all of their other hunter friends are dead.

Sometime later, Dean and Sam arrive back at the bunker with Toni. Their plan is to call Ketch and demand that he come to the bunker if he wants to see Toni alive. As they’re coming down the stairs into the war room, Ketch emerges with three other armed men and the Winchesters find themselves surrounded.

When Toni tries to disarm Sam, he turns around and shoots one of the men. Dean shoots another, and a gun fight begins between the Winchesters and Ketch. The other man goes into the hallway to circle behind the Winchesters, but Dean doubles back and kills him.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

In the main room, Dean sneaks up behind Ketch and disarms him. Now Dean and Sam have Ketch and Toni at gunpoint. The Boys demand to know where Mary is, and she emerges with her gun drawn. She tells Dean and Sam not to move, and when Dean hesitates, Mary fires a shot near him. Dean ducks, and Ketch takes advantage of that to get Dean’s gun. Now Mary has her gun on Sam, and Ketch has Dean’s gun and his own. The Boys look on in shock as Mary holds her gun on them.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Mary walks over to Sam and takes his gun, leaving Dean and Sam both unarmed. Dean and Sam realize something is wrong with Mary and demand to know what the BMOLs did. Ketch tells them that Mary was confused and they cleared that up for her. Ketch and Mary go up the stairs to leave. Toni tries to follow, but Ketch turns his gun on her, forcing her to stay with the Winchesters.

Ketch tells the Winchesters that he has locked the bunker down, turned off the water, and reversed the air pumps so air is sucked out of the building. The Winchesters and Toni will have approximately two days of air left before they suffocate.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThere's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThere's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
Mary and Ketch leave and lock the door behind them as the lights go out and the emergency lights go on.


Next, we see Ketch and Mary driving in a car and Ketch is talking. Ketch tells Mary that her job will become easier. When Mary questions that, saying she’s hurting people she loves, Ketch tells her that it will be easier to hurt people she doesn’t remember loving. When Ketch asks Mary how she feels, she replies “fine.”

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

On a mountain top somewhere in the world, Lucifer stands on a peak and raises his arms to a sunrise. He looks around, smiles, and says “my son”.

There's Something About Mary recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki


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