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Fall River, MA.A couple is staying at a bed and breakfast. They're hoping they'll see a ghost that night. The lights flicker and go out. The door creaks open, but it seems nothing is there. When the guy turns around after checking out the closet, there's someone or something behind his girlfriend. Whatever it is raises and ax and buries it in her back. He tries to run, but he's killed next. They are staying at the Lizzie Borden house.-

At the bunker, Sam is trying to track down the Darkness, but is coming up short. He did find a story about the couple killed with an ax at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum.-Dean scoffs at it; saying it sounds like a total tourist trap. Sam tells the Dean the whole Lizzie Borden story. Dean wonders why would there be a vengeful spirit now, all these years later? Dean thinks it's some kind of copycat crime. Sam explains that the inn was locked up tight that night. Dean thinks maybe that just means it was a competent killer.-Dean thinks Sam just wants an excuse to go see the Borden house because he has a "thing" for serial killers. Sam tries to convince him that's NOT what it is; there could be a real case here. Sam wants to check it out while they have nothing on Amara anyway.-Dean wants to know what to do about Cas. Sam says he's knee-deep in binge-watching The Wire; just started season two, implying Cas will be busy for awhile.

They drive to Massachusetts. -

They encounter the desk clerk fielding cancellations from people after the murders. Sam
wants to ask questions, but the clerk doesn't want to answer unless they are paying guests.

The clerk's mother appears and berates him for not canceling the bakery order; now they have to pay for food when they have no guests to eat it. She storms off.

Dean comments that working with family can be tough and Sam gives him a look.

The clerk doesn't want to rent them the room the murders occurred in. Dean pays him more and he relents.-Sam wants to know what the clerk saw that night. All he learns is that the male half of the couple was a descendant of the original Borden family.-

When they get to the room, there's only one bed. Dean thinks the clerk should have mentioned that. Sam says Dean's going to have to get another room because this was Lizzie's original room and he's not giving it up. -Sam pulls out the EMF meter and it goes off, but it stops working in the closet.

Dean goes to check out the rest of the inn while Sam keeps recording weird things on his EMF meter; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It goes off strongly near a locked "staff only" door. Sam picks the lock.-

Dean reads a brochure on the place as the lights flicker. He steps on a chair to check it out. he looks out the window and is greeted by a camera flash coming from outside.-

Sam is going up into the attic, EMF meter singing. There he finds a homemade EMF generator.

He meets up with Dean in the room. Dean tells him the flickering lights are wired to timers in the walls. It's all fake. There's also a sound system to provide crying noises, footsteps, whispers, etc. -

That night, in the house, the mother of the clerk is turning off lights. She goes into her room and is assaulted. Blood sprays across the bedspread.-

The next day...
Dean is examining the murder scene. The clerk is upset that Sam and Dean, FBI agents, weren't around to help his mother when she was being murdered.-Dean notices that the EMF meter does not light up around the murder scene. Sam talks to the detective on scene. They don't have any suspects. Dean mentions the guy taking photos outside. The detective knows him. Says it's Len. He went to high school with him. The guy is obsessed with ghosts, but harmless. -
Sam and Dean go to talk to him.-

As they drive to Len's Dean points out that nothing here points to a ghost. This might not be their kind of case. Sam says maybe not, but perhaps they are dealing with a serial killer. Dean says wouldn't Sam love that.-

Sam's phone rings. It's the detective. There's another victim of an ax murder; miles away from the bed and breakfast. Sam says he'll check out the crime scene, Dean can talk to Len.-

Sam ends up talking to a babysitter who found a man - the victim of the most recent murder - (the father of the child she's babysitting) dead in the driveway. Jordy's (the child she's babysitting) mom comes home. She doesn't want to answer Sam's questions. She tells him to get out.-

Dean finds Len in a house full of Lizzie Borden memorabilia. He asks him what he was doing taking photos around the property. Len says he was trying to photograph Lizzie's ghost. He claims to have seen Lizzie's ghost, but can't catch her on film. He tells Dean he's not allowed to set foot on the property anymore after he once broke in and stayed in the basement for a few weeks.-

At the crime scene, Sam thinks the window is not acting very grief-stricken.

As Dean looks around Len's house, he finds a sketch of what looks like the Mark of Cain. He's surprised to say the least. He asks Len where he saw that symbol.

Len says he was taking photos outside of Lizzie's house again the other night and he ran into a preteen girl. She had this birthmark on her. She seemed fascinated with the Lizzie Borden story. Len tells Dean that the girl's name is Amara and she was around 12.

Dean says she's a runaway. He has to find her.

Len says he has to find her too. He thinks Dean won't believe him if he tells him why. -

Flashback to Len and Amara outside the house that night; she grabs his face, opens her mouth, and sucks the blue light of his soul out of him. -

Len doesn't know what she did to him, but he hasn't been right since. He can't eat or sleep or dream and everything he used to love, he doesn't care about anymore. He feels he's just playing the part of what he used to be. He feels nothing.

He was at the inn that night that Dean saw him looking for Amara; he wants to get back whatever she took. He feels like he's just going through the motions now. -

Dean calls Sam to let him know what Len said and tells Sam his theory that Amara sucked out Len's soul.

When Sam and Dean get back together, they talk about Amara. How she's growing fast. Eating souls. Dean doesn't think it's Len doing the murders; he has an alibi. He says they can't kill Len because he hasn't done anything yet. Sam looks at Dean like he's lost his mind a bit; reminding him they don't want to kill Len or anyone else; they want to save people. Dean says, "right, the new rules". -

Dean wants Sam to tell Len he has no soul. Sam wonders why he has to do it. Dean says Sam is better at that "sensitive verbal massage". Sam says there's no easy way to tell someone they've lost their soul.-

They decide not to tell Len right now. Sam theorizes that whoever the murderer is may have also had their soul sucked out by Amara. He mentions that the wife of the latest victim had no reaction to her husband's death, and that's kind of how Sam felt when he had no soul. Sam thinks the wife may have killed her own husband.-

The next day, Len is in the back seat of the Impala while Sam tries to find the widow. He can't find her, so he calls the babysitter. The babysitter isn't working that day, but tells Sam that he should find "Nate", the widow's "special friend".-

In the back seat, Len won't stop talking. He can't figure out why he's not turned on by dark curly hair or anything else anymore and wonders if he had a stroke or a brain tumor.

Dean mouths "shut up" at Sam; casting a glance at Len.

Len says he couldn't even shake someone's hand before; too wet and clammy. Now, he could lick the sweat off a stranger's hand or any body part. Dean's heard enough.

Sam asks Len "how" he feels weird. Len says it feels like there's something "dark, with wings" hatching inside of him. Len notices the looks Dean is exchanging with Sam and accuses him of knowing what's wrong with him.-Dean handcuffs Len to the Impala door handle and tell him that he no longer has a soul. Amara sucked it out. Sam chastises Dean for being so blunt. Len is not happy that he probably can't get it back, but says it feels good to know what's wrong (he's so likable!).-

At the house the babysitter sent them to, they see the widow's car. They pick the lock and go inside, guns drawn.

Dean goes down to the basement. The light switch won't work. Dean finds two bodies. It's the widow and her "special friend" Nate. Then he's knocked out.-

Upstairs, Sam finds a kid (Jordy) tied up in the closet. He turns around to be greeted by the babysitter pointing a gun at him.-

Dean comes to, tied to a pole in the basement. Sam's tied to a chair. The babysitter is Sidney. Sam asks if she plans to hack them up. She says no, she's past that. She plans to give them to her new friend as an offering. Dean guesses that her new friend must be Amara. Sidney says she met Amara after a night of drinking after a breakup.

She tells the story of meeting her...out in a bar parking lot. She thought Amara was ditched by her parents like Sidney used to be. Sidney didn't like the fact that a young girl was out there alone. She gave her her jacket. Amara said she'd help Sidney. Amara briefly held Sidney's hand and Sidney laughed. She says she felt like "ecstasy, orgasm, chocolate cake". Sidney thought Amara must be an angel.

This made Amara angry. She didn't want to be thought of an an angel since she regarded them as whiney, weak suck-ups. She took Sidney's head in her hands and sucked out her soul.-

Sidney says that being with Amara was bliss. No hurting. No sadness. No memories.-Sam thinks it's odd she doesn't want memories, but Sidney shows Sam the cigarette burns on her body from her terrible childhood. Now she doesn't care about the bad memories. She doesn't have the pain that went with them.-

Dean points out that now she's an ax murderer though. Sidney says no, she's free. There's no voice telling her she can't do what she wants.

Sam keeps working at his restraints.

Dean tries to keep her talking. Turns out the first victim was her ex-boyfriend and the innkeeper was someone who wronged her. She killed Jordy's parents because they screwed him over. The dad was a meth dealer and the mom was a slut. Sidney plans to take better care of Jordy herself.-

Dean asks how Sidney plans to summon Amara to them if they are offerings. She says she's been praying. She knows Amara can hear her. She can feel that she's close. Dean says bring her on out, 'cause they've been hunting that b i tc h for weeks. Sidney hits him, telling Dean Amara is a goddess. -

Sam gets free.-

Sidney prepares to shoot Sam. Sam ducks, but Sidney suddenly goes still and falls forward. Len has hit her in the back with an ax.-

Len can't believe he did that. Sam takes the ax away from him.

Before she dies Sidney says, "The darkness is coming. It's so peaceful. It's coming for all of us."-

Later, Sam sits down next to Jordy on the steps. He asks if he has any family to stay with. Jordy doesn't respond. Sam talks about his rough childhood and the death of his mom. He tells Jordy he'll survive. Jody says he has an aunt Cassie who comes at Christmas. Sam and Jordy sit there in dejected silence.-

Back inside, Len is talking to Dean. He says he ripped his hand out of the handcuffs just to see if he could do it. It hurt like hell, but didn't really freak him out. He cut off his thumb, but it didn't bother him. He also knew he was supposed to help Sam and Dean, but he didn't feel anything for them or for the girl he killed (Sidney).-

Dean tries to tell Len that if he has some shred of conscience left, there might be some hope. Len says no, Sam said he can't get his soul back and he knows that he'll kill again if he's left alone. He says it's like a bubble rising up inside him.-Dean asks Len what he wants to do. Len says Dean could kill him, but Dean says he doesn't want to do that. Len says he's going to turn himself in and confess to all the murders so he can't ever get out of prison.-

Dean says there aren't many soulless killers who would give themselves up. Len says he remembers what it was like to do the right thing. So he's going through the motions for as long as he can.-

Later...Sam and Dean are eating takeout, leaning against the hood of the Impala. Dean can't believe Len turned himself in. Sam reasons that it makes sense that people have different reactions to losing their souls. Everyone's got their own history.-

Sam says he gets a sensation in the pit of his stomach every time he thinks about the Darkness. He thinks they only know the very tip of what she does to people. Len was freaked out by her, but Sidney couldn't get enough of that bliss she experienced. Sam asks Dean what it was like for him. What did he feel when he was with Amara. Did he feel bliss?

Dean says no. It was quiet until she started hatching killers. Sam figures they have to find her by following the trail of bodies. -

Dean thinks it might not be that hard to find her. -

As the Impala drives away, 12 year old Amara emerges from the bushes saying, "Bye Dean, I'll see you soon".

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