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The last episode ended with Sam and Dean finding Cas, alive, outside a phone booth.

Dodge City, Kansas
In a cemetery, Dean and a Native American lawman (sheriff?) are looking for something with flashlights, gun drawn. They think they see movement. As they walk towards the movement, they hear a sound somewhere else. Dean is sure whatever it is is messing with them. The sheriff comments that "it" is fast. "Not faster than bullets," Dean replies.

It looks like a game of cat and mouse. Dean tells the sheriff to stay put while he flushes it out. When Dean walks away, the sheriff is grabbed around the leg by a hand coming out of the ground and pulled down. He disappears, leaving nothing but a hole. Dean runs over to look down in the hole, exclaiming, "Oh hell!"

This was a glimpse of the future. Now we go back 48 hours to Dean and Sam finding Cas standing next to the phone booth.

Sam can't believe it. Cas is dead. Cas says he "was" dead. But then he annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that it sent him back. Sam doesn't know what to say. Dean says he does. He walks up and tells Cas, "Welcome home, pal," and hugs him.

Sam walks over and hugs him too.

Cas asks how long he was gone. Dean just says, "Too long." Sam wants to know where Cas was. Heaven? Cas tells him, no, he was in The Empty.

Sam asks what it was like. Cas says it's dark and there's nothing. It's like nothing. He was sleeping and he heard a voice saying his name and he woke up. He thought Sam and Dean had done something. Dean says no, they didn't think they could do anything to bring him back this time. Cas looks thoughtful. Sam wonders if it was Chuck. Cas says no, God has no power in The Empty.

Dean asks who does.

Sam figures it out. Jack.

Back in the bunker, Jack is on the computer. Jack looks up for a second when Sam and Dean enter, asking how it went. Cas walks in. Jack recognizes him immediately. Jack wants to know how this is possible. They burned Cas' body and what's burned stays dead. Sam asks Jack if he brought Cas back. Jack says he doesn't know. He wanted him back and begged for him to
come back. Jack can't believe he caused Cas' resurrection. Cas thanks him. Jack hugs Cas, saying he missed him so much. Cas says Sam and Dean tell him Jack is doing well. Jack demonstrates that he can now move a pencil at will, just with his mind. Sam looks slightly worried at this development, even though he'd been trying to get Jack to do this for hours previously.

Jack says he found a case online. A case with zombies. He knows what zombies are now.

Dean wants to know how he knows how to look for cases. Jack says he learned by watching Sam. Jack explains that a pocket watch was sold at a pawn shop. They went to authenticate it, only to find it had been buried with its owner. When they checked the grave, it was empty. That must mean this is a zombie. Jack mentions "the dead are rising in Dodge City, Kansas."

Dean is instantly interested.

Dean smiles a goofy smile he tries to hide, but Cas sees it.

Sam points out it might only be a grave robbery, but Dean thinks they should definitely check it out.

Cas and Sam are both surprised that Dean thinks this is a case. Dean mumbles that Dodge City is "kind of awesome".

The Impala pulls up to the Stampede Motel in Dodge City. Dean has gotten "the best room in the joint". It's completely tacky over-the-top Western decor. The "Wild Bill" suite. Sam is slightly overwhelmed by the tackiness. Dean is in heaven. There are pictures of famous Western gunfighters on the walls and Dean knows the history of every single one.

Dean's like a kid in a candy store. He suggests a quick shower, a steak dinner, and tomorrow they'll go to the cemetery.

Sam and Dean go to the next room and Dean exclaims in the distance, "Yes! Stirrup hangers!"

Cas and Jack are left in the first room. Jack offers Cas the couch. Jack says he doesn't sleep much. Cas replies that he doesn't sleep at all.

In the other room, Sam can't believe Dean brought his own cowboy hat. Dean can't believe Sam didn't bring one. Sam points out that Dean's in a good mood. Sam says it's good to see Dean smile. Dean reminds him that he said he needed a big win. They got Cas back. Dean's counting that as their big win.

Elsewhere, a deputy has stopped a truck on the road. He approaches cautiously. There's no one at the wheel. His radio tells him the truck is a stolen vehicle. The deputy hears noises but can't find the source. Suddenly he's dragged under the truck. The radio asks for Carl, but there is no response.

At the motel, Sam and Dean are sleeping while Jack and Cas are up talking. Jack is explaining to Cas what's happened to him. That angels tried to kill him. Jack thought angels were good. Cas says not always.

Jack wants to know what heaven is like. He wants to make sure it's nice because that's where his mom is. Cas says yes, Kelly was very brave. Jack tells Cas that in Kelly's message to him, she said there was an angel watching over him. Cas apologizes for not being there for Jack
through all that has already happened to him.

Jack says it's okay. He understands why both he (Jack) and Kelly trust Cas. Jack remembers that, in utero, he felt safe with Cas. Cas reassures Jack that Kelly believed he would change the world for the better. Now, after talking to Jack, he's sure Kelly was right. He tells Jack that Kelly would be so proud of him.

Jack's computer beeps. He found something and wants to tell Dean and Sam right away. Cas tries to stop him from barging in and waking Dean from a deep sleep, but Jack forges ahead.

He tries to shake Dean awake and Dean, in one motion, wakes up and pulls a gun on Jack. Dean realizes there's no danger and sticks the gun back under his pillow, asking who is going to make him coffee.

Jack looks a bit stunned. Sam looks like he's still trying to figure out where he is and what's going on.

Later, Dean pours himself some coffee.

Sam's sleepily reading what Jack found online. An officer down, covered in bite marks. Jack thinks it might be a zombie. Dean points out it could have been anything with teeth. Sam says he and Jack will check out the graveyard and Dean and Cas should go to the crime scene.

Dean motions for Cas to sit down until he's finished his coffee.

As they approach the crime scene (with super-corny Western music), Dean explains to Cas that these "small town" cops might not trust outsiders, so they have to blend in. Cas protests that Dean's making him wear a cowboy hat. A straw one. Dean pulls the goofy tourist hat band off of it. Dean is dressed like a complete Texas ranger (or, as a friend said, "Houston
business man attire")
with a tailored suit and bolo tie, boots and a Stetson.

Dean tells Cas to just "act like you're from Tombstone". Cas asks, "The city?" Dean replies, irritated, "The MOVIE."

Dean reminds Cas he made him watch it. Cas remembers it was the one with "guns and tuberculosis".

Dean's really happy to have Cas back and tells him so.

Cue the slow-mo walk from the car with Dean and Cas. Just an excuse to show Dean looking like a ranger.

Of course their fake names are agents Russel and Kilmer. The Sergeant (sheriff is on vacation; the sergeant is the person we saw in the opening scene) is unimpressed. Dean asks about the dead deputy. Turns out he was nephew of the Sergeant. He says someone slit the deputy's throat and left the body out for the coyotes to gnaw on. Cas says he's sorry for the man's loss. The Sergeant seems to appreciate that.

The Sergeant assumes Dean and Cas are Texas Rangers. Cas goes to correct him, but Dean likes the idea and confirms that yes, they are Rangers.

Dean does his best Ranger impression. The Sergeant says his nephew was looking into the grave robbing. He says the Rangers are welcome to look around, but if he catches the guy first, there won't be anything to take back to Texas.

A woman dressed in '50's attire is working on embalming someone with music cranked in her headphones. Sam and Jack scare her when they show up. She says she's an undertaker. Sam introduces them as FBI. She thinks Jack looks awfully young. Sam says he's a trainee. Sam asks why she didn't see anything happening in the grave robbing. She says she was out at a concert that night.

Jack pipes up to ask if she's experienced anything weird and starts asking questions associated with ghosts.

Sam tries to get Jack to be quiet.

The undertaker says she's trying to figure out what happened too. Sam and Jack go to the graveyard.

Jack has the EMF meter out; but there's EMF everywhere. The report said rats got into the coffin, but there's a huge hole at the foot of the coffin in the grave in question. Sam jumps in and digs around a bit and finds a bone with tooth marks on it.

Back at the motel, Dean examines the bone and thinks it might have tooth marks from a ghoul. Cas explains to Jack that a ghoul is a monster that feeds on the dead. Jack says a ghoul is like a zombie shapeshifter. Jack wants to know how to find it. Dean says he's sick of fighting things that look like other a ghoul takes the shape of whoever it last ate.

Cas wonders if the ghoul is Athena; the undertaker. That would be smart for a ghoul to run a funeral home. Dean points out that she could take whatever she wanted from a body before burial if it's her. It can't be her.

Jack tracks the plates on the stolen truck from the crime scene and finds traffic cam footage showing the truck with a driver that Dean recognizes. Dave Mather. An old-time cowboy and outlaw. Dean shows them the photo hanging on the wall of the motel room. One of the greatest gunfighters ever who died in 1886. Dean's so thrilled he might get to go up against this legend.

Back at the mortuary, Athena is slapped on the behind by...none other than Dave Mather who has walked up behind her. She acts like he's her boyfriend. He has a letter, from a cosmetology school that, apparently, Athena told him she wasn't going to apply to. She says she changed her mind. She's been accepted into the program. She's very excited. Dave is not. He says it's great, but it's so far away. It would cost too much for them to live in Los Angeles. She says she could sell the funeral home to raise money. He tries to convince her not to go. She asks him to leave. She mentions two FBI agents came by about the grave robbery. They asked weird questions.

Jack remembers seeing a photo at the mortuary of Dave and Athena together. He connects the dots that he's her boyfriend.

They arrive at the mortuary.

Athena isn't happy to see Sam back in her house. They say they're looking for her boyfriend; over the grave robbery and maybe the murder of the deputy. She says he told her he had to go to the bank.

At the bank, Dave walks in to hold up the place.

He gets some money and leaves, only to find Dean outside, a shotgun trained on him. Dean says he must like to play cowboy. Dave says it's his favorite "suit". He knows Dean is a hunter. Sam wants Dave to come with them so they can off him "quick and quiet".

Dave looks at all four of them. he draws and starts shooting. Dave seems to be enjoying it. Cas tells Jack to stay where he is, but Jack says he's got this and takes off.

Inside the bank, the security guard tells the teller to stay put and he draws his gun and heads outside.

Jack walks straight into the gunfire from Dave. He's hit twice, but it doesn't hurt him at all. Jack smiles when he realizes he's just fine. Just then, the bank security guard walks up behind Dave and Jack raises a hand and hits them both with a blast of energy.

The guard is thrown back and hits his head on a pole. Jack didn't mean to hurt the man. Dave gets to his feet and runs away with Dean chasing him.

Dean loses Dave.

Sam, Jack, and Cas cluster around the security guard who is bleeding out from his head. Jack begs Cas to heal him. Cas says he can't. The man is already dead. Jack looks crestfallen.

Back at the motel, Jack looks miserable. Cas asks if this is the first time Jack's hurt someone. Sam says no, but it's the first time he's hurt someone who hasn't gotten back up. Dean is suddenly, surprisingly, rather protective of Jack. He says Sam and Cas have to get Jack to the bunker before the cops show up.

Dean says he'll stay behind to work out the ghoul issue. He says Cas needs to stay with Jack in case Jack loses it.

Back at the mortuary, Dave shows up with the money from the bank, but he's shot. He says he robbed the bank for Athena.

He's changed his mind. Now she can go to school and he'll go with her. He admits he's been pawning small things, but they needed more money for this. Athena is not happy that Dave is the grave robber since the things he was pawning came from the caskets of the dead.

That means he killed the deputy. Athena starts to panic. He says they need to leave now. She doesn't want him to touch her. Dave gets angry that she won't do what he wants. He calls her a b i t c h. He says he'll always take care of her, but they have to leave now. A car pulls up outside.

Elsewhere, Dean pulls up in a cool vintage car that's not the Impala (okay; how can Dean always find some kind of vintage car to drive when the Impala went back to the bunker with Sam and Cas and Jack?) to the mortuary and cemetery and finds the Sergeant. The Sergeant tells him about the bank robbery and shoot out. He's figured out that the bank robber is Athena's boyfriend and he is also likely the one who killed the deputy. Dean says he's there for the same reason.

The Sergeant has taken off his badge. Dean says he's not taking Dave alive. The Sergeant says, "neither am I". Dean tells him to aim for the head. Now it's a rerun of the way the episode started: Dean and the Sergeant stalking the movement in the cemetery and the Sergeant being pulled underground.

Dean doesn't want to go down the hole left by the Sergeant's disappearance, but he does.

In an underground tunnel, Dean crawls on his stomach. He gets dirt in his mouth. He's upset that he's in this situation when he just came to Dodge City for a cowboy fantasy.

On the way back to the bunker...
Sam tries to talk to Jack. Jack won't answer. Cas says he's killed people that didn't deserve it. He's killed friends and people he loves. He can't tell Jack it gets easier. It doesn't. But Jack shouldn't stop fighting just because he made a mistake. This is just a mistake. It doesn't mean Jack can't do better. Cas has to believe it. Sam says they still believe in Jack. Jack tells them to just stop trying to make him feel better.

Back in Kansas:
Dean's crawled to the end of the tunnel. It ends with a trap door into the basement of the mortuary. He hears Athena somewhere in the room. She sounds like she's struggling. She's gagged and tied to a chair. He un-gags her and she wants to know what's going on. Dean tells her her boyfriends isn't human. She's disbelieving.

Next, Dean sees the Sergeant on the floor. He says Dave dragged him down there and beat him up. Dean asks where Dave is. Dean can see by the look on the Sergeant's face that the Sergeant sees Dave right behind him. Dave tells Dean to put his hands up. Dean does. He turns around to face Dave. Athena tells Dave not to shoot Dean. Dave says he's doing it for them. She says there is no "them".

Dean teases Dave a bit about how painful breakups are. Even though Dave has a gun pointed at him. Dave tells Dean to shut up. Dean's just buying time. Dave keeps threatening him. Dave tells Dean it doesn't matter than Dean doesn't have a gun. Dean's not fast enough. Dean says, "no, but he is," and with that, Dean steps aside so the Sergeant can fire a shotgun right into Dave. He takes his head clean off. Athena is splattered with blood. Dean says, "Happy trails, cowboy."

When it's all over, the Sergeant asks what happened. Dean gives him the facts. Nothing supernatural happened. It was all Dave's fault. Dean says that Dave also killed the security guard at the bank.

Back at the bunker, Dean's coming down the stairs. Sam asks how it went.

Dean says it was the usual. Killed the bad guy, saved the girl.

Sam asks what about the (security guard) and Dean says he took care of it. Sam says that's good. Jack stands up and questions how that can be "good". He killed someone. He wants to know what the guard's name was and if he had a family. Cas tells Jack not to ask, but Dean tells him he did have a family.

Sam tells Jack this life is not easy and they all have regrets. Jack doesn't want to hear it. Jack realizes that Dean and Sam are afraid of him whenever his emotions get the best of him. He says maybe he's just another monster. Dean says no he's not. Dean says he thought Jack was, but Jack saved Sam. They've all done bad things. If Jack is monster, so are they.

Jack says people get hurt whenever he tries to do something good. He thought he was getting better, but he's not. He thought he knew what he was, but now he's not sure. He can't even do one good thing. He doesn't want to stay and risk hurting Sam and Dean and Cas. They're all he has.

Jack says he has to go. He blasts the three of them to the floor, says he's sorry, and disappears.

Cas yells for him, but he's gone.

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