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Sam: Seatbelt.
Dean: What am I in the third grade? A car should drive not be a little bitch.
Dean: Maybe I shouldn't go.
Lisa : It's okay. You want to go, so go.
Dean : You know what, Sam can handle this.
Lisa : Dean, no offense, but if you don't walk out that door, I'm going to shoot you.
Sam: Dean make it stop.
Dean: How?
Sam: Everyone's staring at us like we're child abusers! Feed it!
Dean: We fed it!
(changing a baby)
Dean : This is like defusing an IED with poop
Dean (attempting to put Bobby John in the car seat): Who designed this thing? Nasa?!
Dean: I'm not shoving anybody into this life. Okay, this is temporary.
Sam : Dad always said it was temporary, Dean. He said it for 22 years.
Sam: Huh?
Dean: What?
Sam: You're just uh..actually not that.
Dean: Dude, I'm barely keeping that thing alive.
Dean: You want to bring it to a bunch of hunters.
Sam : Not just hunters, Dean. They're our family.
Dean : We don't know them.
Sam : I do. Not every hunter is a head case. I mean, Samuel is actually a lot like you.
Dean : I'm a freaking head case.
Dean (giving Bobby John a taste of liquor off his finger): It's good isn't it?
Gwen(to Bobby John): Aren't you the best disguise a monster every wore.
Dean: You all are joking right? You can't Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter!
Samuel: Why can't you give me an inch of trust, Dean?
Dean: Maybe because you two are suddenly back from the dead and I seem to be the only one wants to know how the hell that happened!
Samuel (to Christian): Congrats, it's a boy...sometimes.
Dean (to Christian): You have no business raising anything!
Sam: Why Dean? Because he's a hunter?
Dean: What the hell does it want with babies anyways?
Samuel: Softball team? I got no clue.
Dean: Was that the plan to use the baby as bait?
Sam (shifty like): Of course not!

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