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Samuel: (Looks at the unconscious deputy) You think there are maybe calmer ways we could have done all that?
Sam: Do we care? Let's go
Dean: He says it's quiet.

Sam: Quiet like quiet? Or quiet like too quiet?

Dean: When is it ever just quiet?

Woman: Where's your partner? The big bald guy? Agent Wynand, right?

Sam: Agent Wynand, of course. Well -

Dean: Sex rehab. Yeah, you've heard of plushies, right?

Dean: Sam, there is a reason that hunters don't hit the same town over again. Because we have a habit of leaving messes behind.

Sam: Right, I agree.
Dean: One of Dad's rules: you never use the same crapper twice.
Sam: Everyone uses the same crapper twice.

Dean: Not us . . . You know what I mean.

Dean: And how would you characterize their relationship?

Flatmate: Relationship? No, they weren't having...
Dean: Just the tone or the nature of their conversation?

Flatmate: Well, loud and... athletic.

Sheriff Atkins: (to Sam) Man, you are dumb as a sack of hair—coming back here? After what you did?
Dean: (to Sam) I gotta say, man, you really got around. I mean, soulless or not, I'm actually kind of impressed.
Sam: The Arachne's been snacking on mid-30s guys. We need bait that fits the demo. I'm too young. You're too old.
Samuel: 89 and counting.
Dean: Really? You get that every time you scratch that wall, that you are playing Russian roulette?

Sam: Dean, I get you're worried, okay? And I know what you think is gonna happen. But you know what? It will or it won't.
Dean: Sam -

Sam: Look, I'm starting to think that . . . that I might have done some bad stuff here, Dean. And so I don't care if it's dangerous. I have to set things right, 'cause I got a frigging soul now, and . . . and it won't let me just walk away. I'm staying here. And I need you to back me up.

Dean: Can I get you anything?

Sam: What are you now, my waitress?
Dean: I’m just trying to make you feel better. Don’t be a *****.

Sam: Yeah, I'm fine.

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