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The episode starts in Bristol, Rhode Island, roughly a year ago. It is nighttime, in an abandoned barn-like building, and we see Samuel muse as Sam fires his gun several times in the background. The scene cuts and we see Campbell and Sam exiting the abandoned building, holding machetes and briskly walking towards Samuel’s van. They’re driving down the highway when a cop, Deputy Atkins, pulls them over on the side of a lonely road. He addresses them as Agent Roark and Agent Winan and asks them to both exit the vehicle, stressing the fact that he can’t get in touch with Sheriff Dobbs. He then notices a bloody injury on Sam’s arm and asks them both to get in his car. Sam wryly refuses and when Deputy Atkins continues, he resorts to roughly beating up the cop and leaving him in the middle of the road. Samuel voices his opinion about whether that was necessary, then leaves with Sam:


Present Day. Dean enters the motel room to find Sam watching the news, catching up on world events he doesn’t remember. Dean mentions that Bobby has been researching this ‘Mother of All’ thing, but hasn’t come up with anything solid yet, specifically stating that it’s ‘quiet’. Sam’s cell phone suddenly chirps and he opens the text message received to find coordinates, sent by an unknown person. Finding that strange, Sam looks up the coordinates on his laptop to pinpoint the location as Bristol, Rhode Island. He then informs Dean that 3 women disappeared in that area and in the last week, ‘vanishing into thin air’. Dean suggests there might be a case there and begins to wonder who sent the text. Sam has called the number but hasn’t received an answer yet.

Dean and Sam are in the Impala as it drives by a ‘Welcome to Bristol, Rhode Island’ sign on the highway. As Sam gazes upon, short flashbacks about being in Bristol run through his mind. Samuel, fighting, a woman with a scarred face. Dean notices the dazed expression on his brother’s face and asks, “What?” Sam says, “Nothing.”

Sam and Dean are eating at a buccaneer themed restaurant, going over the missing persons reports and trying to find something in common between the women besides brunette hair. Dean goes off to the ‘poop deck’ as Sam continues to look over the papers. A woman approaches Sam with a smile, with her husband following closely behind, and addresses Sam as Agent Roark. She’s wondering whether he’s back because the disappearances started again. Sam, pretending to remember them, nods and asks them to let him know if they hear anything.

Meanwhile, Dean exits the restroom to find a board posted with the pictures of past customers who managed to complete “The Sea Captain’s Challenge”. One of the photos particularly catches his eye.

The woman asks Sam where his partner is, the big bald guy- Agent Winan. Dean cuts in and tells her he’s at ‘sex rehab’. Sam introduces Dean as his new partner and Dean tells the couple they have somewhere to be. As the woman leaves, giving Sam the full-on ‘cougar eye’, Sam suddenly begins to remember having an affair with her. Dean notices the look on Sam’s face and Sam is sure he’s been in Bristol before, working a case with Samuel. Dean confirms the fact with the photo from the contest board- where Sam and Grandpa Campbell can be seen in the background.

Back at the motel, Sam does a little digging on his laptop and finds out that there were several disappearances last year- for males. He’s convinced that was the job he and Samuel worked and is sure something is up in Bristol. Dean wants to leave, insisting they call Bobby and Rufus to take care of it before Sam delves further into his memories, but Sam refuses. Sam wants to correct his mistakes, and Dean is eventually convinced to stay.

Dean interviews one of the missing women’s roommates and comes across one of Agent Roark’s calling cards. He asks the roommate where she got it, who says Nicole, the missing woman, got it from the FBI guy- Sam in disguise, who came by a lot. Dean pries a bit further and finds that Nicole and Sam had a sexual relationship.

Sam is heading towards the police station when Deputy Atkins suddenly arrests him. Flashbacks of the night he beat the cop up go through his mind and he tries to convince Atkins to listen to him with no avail. After locking Sam up in a jail cell, Atkins demands to know where the bodies are and where Sheriff Dobbs is. Sam tries to make him believe that he doesn’t remember a thing, but Atkins is not convinced.

Later in the night Sam is visited by Dobbs’ wife, Brenna, who demands to know what happened to her husband. She continues by saying she knows what he does. Sam suddenly remembers having a conversation with her and Sheriff Roy Dobbs, her husband. He’d told them, with Samuel, that they were hunters and asked for their help. Sam tells her he doesn’t remember anything and ultimately convinces her that he’s telling the truth. She unlocks the cell and frees him after he tells her he’s determined to help her find out the truth.

The woman from the buccaneer restaurant, the same one Sam remembered having an affair with, is having some wine in her home. Her husband watches in disdain and leaves. After discovering that she’s out of wine, the woman goes down to the basement, trips and is overcome by a unknown assailant.

Dean arrives at the motel and, after nearly getting shot at by a tensed up Sam, fills his brother in his recent findings- Sam had a sexual escapade with Nicole, one of the missing girls, a year ago. Just then, the police dispatch on a desk nearby fills them in on another missing person. Sam wants to go check it out, but Dean tells him to stay. He agrees, but leaves once Dean is out the door.

The scene cuts to the home of the woman who just disappeared and Dean has just finished interviewing the husband. He calls Sam but is sent to voicemail, so he leaves him a message. He’s found a connection between all the victims- they all had a sexual affair with soulless Sam a year ago. Sam is the connection and the women were used as a trap for him.

Meanwhile, Sam approaches Brenna Dobbs in her home, startling her with his sudden presence. Sam wants the files from the cases one year ago, on the missing men, and convinces Brenna to let him read through the copies. As she goes to retrieve them, Sam remembers a conversation he had with Brenna and Sheriff Dobbs. He mentions having a business relationship with Samuel and the idea that family only slows you down.

He snaps back and starts going over the case files and evidence once Brenna returns. The flashbacks keep coming as he goes through the evidence, and he remembers Samuel telling him that they might be going up against an Arachne. Sam had decided that they were going to lure the Arachne out.

Brenna notices the faraway look in Sam’s eyes, and Sam promptly asks if he can take the case files and read through them for an hour or two. Brenna then tells him that she’s made peace with the fact that her husband Roy is dead, but all she wants to know is what happened. Sam tells her he is sure he died a hero, then leaves.

He walks out of the Dobbs house and listens to Dean’s voicemail, while suddenly noticing the spider web hanging from the side of the front porch. He approaches it and is startled when Dean comes up from behind. After nearly getting shot- again- Dean expresses his dismay over the fact that Sam didn’t listen to him and chose to leave the motel. As Dean and Sam leave, the creature responsible for all the abductions watches them silently from the bushes across the street.

Dean and Sam arrive to their motel room and Dean starts trying to figure out what they’re up against.

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