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As the scene opens, we see Nick sitting in a small room talking to someone off camera. He’s explaining how he knows he has issues and is doing things that are wrong; he adds that he hates the fact that the things he’s doing feel good to him. He stands up to leave and we see that he is in a church rectory where he has murdered and crucified a priest. Apparently, the priest was Artie’s priest (Artie was the neighbor Nick killed in Gods and Monsters). Nick wanted the priest to reveal what Artie had told him during a confession; when the priest wouldn’t do it, Nick killed him. Nick expresses no regret as he leaves the room and leaves the priest’s body hanging in a doorway, suspended by nails driven through his hands.

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At the bunker, Castiel is sitting by Jack’s bed side. Castiel, looking very worried, tries to use his angel powers to heal Jack, but it doesn’t work. Jack coughs up more blood and seems to be getting worse.

Castiel leaves the room and we see Dean and Sam waiting for him outside in the corridor. When they ask Cas how things went, he says that he can’t heal Jack and doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. Before they can decide what to do next, they hear a commotion in Jack’s room and rush back in. They find Jack on the floor next to his bed having a seizure.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel rush Jack to a hospital emergency room. The place is crowded and the Winchesters are understandably impatient. They give the admitting nurse some very basic background history on Jack; but before he can be seen by a doctor, he collapses and is rushed onto a gurney and into a critical care unit. The Winchesters and Castiel are ushered out of the room so the doctors can work on Jack.

After what seems like a long time, the doctor finally comes out of the room to talk to them. She reports that all of Jack’s initial tests are normal, so they don’t yet know what’s wrong with him. However, she grimly reports that Jack’s organs seem to be shutting down.

Once the doctor leaves and Dean and Sam are alone to talk, they decide that the doctors will never be able to figure out what’s wrong with Jack because he isn’t human. Sam tells Dean that he has already called Rowena for help, so they take Jack home against the recommendations of the doctor.

Back at the bunker, Rowena arrives and Sam greets her. Apparently, Sam has lied, telling Rowena that Dean is the one who is sick, so she’d agree to come. When Rowena learns that Jack the nephilim is actually the one in danger, she initially effuses to help. As Sam and Rowena are talking, Jack enters the room and briefly talks to Rowena before collapsing. Rowena, moved to pity, agrees to try to help.

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Later, Rowena is alone in Jack’s room while Dean, Sam, and Castiel wait out in the corridor to see what she can do. After performing some spells, Rowena leaves Jack’s room to talk to Castiel and the Winchesters. She tells them that since Jack is neither human nor angel, his body is held together by his grace. Without it, his vessel is in chaos – it is destroying itself and he is dying.

Castiel offers to give Jack his grace, but Rowena says that because Jack is part archangel, he needs stronger grace than Castiel can provide. As the group is talking, Dean’s vision suddenly blurs and he appears momentarily dazed. The others don’t seem to notice, and their discussion continues.

At a diner in Wilmington, Delaware, we see that Nick is meeting with a young woman. During their discussion, we learn that the woman’s name is Diane Fargo and she’s the reporter who did a story on the murders of Nick’s wife and son 9 years ago. Diane remembers talking to Nick the day after the murders, but says he disappeared after that. Nick admits that he’s been going through some difficulties and needs information about what happened to his family. He tells Diane that Artie (his neighbor) was killed recently; but before Artie died he admitted recanting his story about seeing someone leaving Nick’s house on the night of the murders. Nick laments that the police and reporters all gave up on the story. Diane replies that the trail went cold and the police didn’t have any evidence. At one point, they suspected that Nick killed his family, but Nick says he was out getting drunk on the night of the murders.

Nick tells Diane that he’s unable to move on until he learns the truth. He asks Diane if she recalls the name of the police officer who was patrolling in his neighborhood that night. Diane gives a name – Frank Kellogg – and tells Nick that Kellogg has since moved to Montauk, NY and is doing private security work now.

Later that night, Nick is in an alley behind a bar. He seems uncertain about whether to go inside or not. As he’s sitting in his car, a young woman comes outside to use her cell phone. Nick appears agitated and seems to be struggling internally to decide what to do. After hesitation, he gets out of his car and approaches the young woman. As they begin talking, we see that Nick is concealing a knife. The girl invites Nick inside to join her at the bar. At first he says yes, and it looks like he’s going to kill her. But then we see Nick again struggling internally with himself; after hesitation, he urgently orders the girl to get away from him. Confused, the girl goes back inside the bar and Nick leaves.

Back at the bunker, Dean enters Jack’s room to bring him some food. Dean is surprised to see Jack packing his backpack. Jack tells Dean that he believes he hasn’t truly lived his life, so wants to go someplace -- like maybe Tahiti -- and experience life before he dies.

Meanwhile, Sam, Rowena and Castiel are in the library. Rowena and Sam are on their cell phones trying to enlist expert help to save Jack, and Castiel is looking through a stack of lore books on angels and nephilim. Rowena doesn’t get very far with her expert witches, and Castiel can’t find anything helpful in the books. Sam reveals that he has spoken with Arthur Ketch, who knows a shaman (named Sergei) who may be able to help Jack. Ketch has agreed to reach out to the shaman.As the group is talking, Dean and Jack enter the room. WhileSam is still talking, Dean’s vision again blurs and he seems momentarily dazed. Again, the group doesn’t notice, and Dean doesn’t say anything. As the conversation continues, Castiel agrees to go see the shaman.

While the group is assembled, Dean and Jack tell the rest of the group that they’re taking Jack out in the Impala for a while. Everyone is concerned, but nobody tries to stop them. Dean and Jack leave.Later, Dean and Jack are leaving a burger joint when Dean tosses Jack the car keys and offers to let him drive the Impala. It takes Jack a few moments and a few errors to get the hang of things, but with Dean’s encouragement he eventually learns how to keep the car on the road. Dean turns on the music and Jack seems thrilled as the two of them drive along an open road together.

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Later, some time has passed. Dean and Jack pull off the road to talk and eat their food. As they’re talking, Jack seems very proud of himself for learning how to drive. When Dean asks Jack what he wants to do next, Jack says he has an idea…


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It is the next day when Nick arrives at the home of Frank Kellogg. When Nick introduces himself and Kellogg realizes who he is, he tries to close the door, but Nick forces his way in and grabs Kellogg by the throat.

Later, Nick interrogates Kellogg as the man is tied to a chair. Kellogg’s face is bleeding, and we see Nick beating him for information. Kellogg initially says he doesn’t have any connection to the murders, but Nick doesn’t believe him.

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During the vicious, sadistic interrogation, Nick tells Kellogg that Artie (the neighbor) initially said he saw a police officer leaving the house after the murders, but later he recanted his story because the police threatened him. Nick also tells Kellogg that a reporter gave up Kellogg as the officer who was walking the neighborhood beat that night, so Nick knows Kellogg was the cop Artie saw. Eventually, Kellogg admits that Nick’s wife called the police because she thought she’d heard a prowler. When Kellogg arrived and approached the house, he was met by a man who called himself Abraxis. The next thing Kellogg remembers, he was sitting in his squad car covered in blood. When Nick hears the name, Abraxis, he realizes that Lucifer knew that name. He tells Kellogg that he was possessed, which explains why he doesn’t recall committing the murders. They both realize that Kellogg is technically “innocent” because he was possessed; but Nick tells Kellogg that it was still his hands that killed his family, and he can’t let that go. He viciously kills Kellogg by beating him to death with a hammer.

When we next see Dean and Jack, they’re drinking beers and fishing in a creek. Apparently, Jack remembers Dean telling him a story about how John took Dean fishing when he was a child, so Jack wanted to experience that. As they’re talking, Jack says that, for him, it’s simple moments like this and time spent together that are the best moments in life. He tells Dean that he has had a good life.

Elsewhere, Castiel arrives at the shaman’s trailer. The shaman is hostile and eccentric, but he assures Castiel that his qualifications are extraordinary and he and Ketch have had a working relationship for some time. Sergei and Castiel have an awkward conversation and Sergei agrees to help Castiel with his situation. Sergei says that he doesn’t know if Jack can be saved, but there may be a way to stall the process that is killing him.

Sergei gives Castiel a small box containing a vial of archangel grace.

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Apparently, when Gabriel faked his death (“Hammer of the Gods”), Sergei offered to help the archangel go into hiding in exchange for a small amount of his grace. Sergei gives Castiel a spell that must be recited as Jack consumes the archangel grace. When Castiel questions what the shaman’s assistance will coast, Sergei says he only works for barter, and the price is that the Winchesters will owe him a favor. Castiel takes the supplies and leaves.

Later, Jack and Dean have returned to the bunker, and Castiel has returned with the archangel grace and the spell scroll. Rowena recites the incantation as Jack ingests the angel grace.

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At first, Jack says he feels better, but within a few seconds, he grimaces and collapses and it’s obvious that the spell didn’t work.


While Dean, Sam, and Rowena tend to Jack, Castiel phones Sergei to complain about the spell. Not only did the spell not work, but Jack got even worse. Castiel orders Sergei to come to the bunker and help fix the problem. Sergei says he doesn’t make house calls and he doesn’t seem surprised that the spell didn’t work. He also admits that it was mostly an experiment. Castiel is furious and threatens Sergei, telling him that if Jack dies, he will hunt the shaman down. Sergei seems unimpressed and hangs up on Castiel.

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Later, Dean, Sam, and Castiel are gathered around Jack’s bed. Rowena has apparently done all she can do, and tells the rest of the group that all that remains is to watch over Jack until he dies.

Elsewhere, we see Nick. Night has fallen and Nick is still at Kellogg’s house. There are several empty whiskey bottles on the floor, suggesting that Nick has been there all day, drinking heavily. Nick seems very sad and subdued as he kneels to pray. He says that he thought solving the murders of his wife and son would relieve the darkness and rage he feels inside, but it didn’t. He realizes he was lying to himself and that he actually likes committing acts of violence, and he doesn’t want to stop; but he doesn’t want to feel pain and guilt anymore. As the scene progresses, we realize that Nick is praying to Lucifer. Nick confesses that he feels bonded to Lucifer, which is likely why the archangel sought him out in the first place.

Nick prays

As Nick is talking, we see a human form rising from an inky, black material and realize that Lucifer is rising from the Empty in response to Nick’s prayer. Nick says he feels lost without Lucifer, and he begs for Lucifer’s help.

Lucifer in the Empty

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