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TEASER: Wichita, Kansas
A man (Dale) walks into a gas-n-sip and sees two young, attractive women (Jamie and Jenny) laughing and talking to each other in one of the aisles. As Dale walks over to the women and starts talking to them, one of the girls (Jenny) walks past him and slips a hex bag into his pocket, while Jamie recites an incantation. As soon as Jamie utters the curse, Dale’s eyes flash pink for a second, then he looks at her in amazement.

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Jamie starts flirting with Dale (who is clearly under a spell) and during a brief discussion we learn that the girls are on their way to Lebanon, Kansas. Jamie easily convinces Dale to steal vodka for them, rob the register, and bring the money and vodka to them outside. While Jamie waits outside with her sister, we see the cashier being thrown through a glass door. Dale, clearly still under Jamie’s love spell, happily walks out of the store and hands Jamie the money and a bag that contains the vodka bottles.

Once the girls have what they want, Jamie briefly flirts with Dale, openly telling him that part of their plan is to make “the deaths” look non-magical so they don’t attract hunters. Confused, Dale asks what she means, but Jamie bashes his head in with a sledge hammer. Then she and her sister leave.


Dean and Sam:
At the bunker, Dean and Sam are scouring the Men of Letters' library for anything that mentions an alternate universe (AU). Dean clearly thinks they will find something, but Sam is discouraged, commenting that Jack was their way into the AU and now that he’s missing they have no way to get to Mary. Dean tries to sound encouraging, telling Sam that they will find Jack and come up with a way to get Mary back.
Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dean says they should let Castiel know what’s going on. But Sam reminds him that Cas has been calling once a day with no new information. Dean leaves Sam at the bunker to do research while he goes out to get more beer.

Later, Dean is leaving a liquor store with a six-pack of beer. As he’s walking to his car he hears Jenny scream from help from the parking lot and rushes to help her. Jamie is lying unconscious on the ground and Jenny insists that she has collapsed. Dean kneels down to check Jamie’s pulse and see if she is breathing.

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

As he does this, Jenny slips a hex bag into his pocket and recites an incantation; Dean is instantly overtaken by the same spell that the witches put on Dale. Jenny tells Dean that he should kiss Jamie. When he does (although he looks confused about doing it), Jamie suddenly wakes up and thanks Dean for saving her. Jamie confirms that Dean is Dean Winchester, and she and her sister smile seductively.

Back at the bunker, Dan arrives with beer and in a very good mood. He tells Sam that he’s in love and that he’s going to give his new soul mate the Black Grimoire as a gift, because she asked for it. Sam instantly realizes that Dean is under a witches’ spell, takes the Impala’s keys and tries to stop Dean from leaving with the Book. Dean knocks Sam out and leaves with the book.

Back at the parking lot, Dean arrives (having walked back to the store) and gives Jamie the Book. Jamie prepares to kill Dean with the sledge hammer the same way she killed Dale, but Sam arrives at the last second and draws a gun on Jamie. Dean (protecting Jamie) knocks the gun away and he and Sam begin wrestling. As this is happening, the girls get into their car and drive away with the Book.

As the Winchesters are wrestling, Sam finds the hex bag and removes it from Dean’s pocket, but that doesn’t break the spell. Sam can’t burn the bag because Dean is still holding on to him. As they continue to struggle, a bolt of electricity suddenly strikes them, which startles both of them enough to stop them from fighting. Then, the hex bag erupts into flames, breaking the spell. As the Winchesters look on in amazement, Rowena walks up to them and greets them with “Hello, Boys.”

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Castiel and Lucifer:
Castiel and Lucifer are in side-by-side cells in Asmodeus’ prison. The guard, who apparently taunts them regularly, teases Lucifer about his loss of power. Angry, Lucifer grabs the bars and receives the equivalent of an electrical shock, at which point the guard (Dipper) reminds him that the warding was increased to keep him imprisoned.

After the guard leaves, Lucifer and Castiel begin verbally attacking each other.

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Cas reminds Lucifer that he’s less of a threat without his powers, and the demons know it. Lucifer retorts by telling Castiel that if he’d give up a little of his own grace, Lucifer could free both of them. When Castiel refuses, Lucifer reminds Cas that he once stole another angel’s grace, so he shouldn’t be so reluctant about giving some up this time. Lucifer laments his condition, telling Cas that Asmodeus was his weakest creation and as soon as he is free he will deal with him, but Cas reminds Lucifer that he himself is currently weaker that Asmodeus, so his bluster serves no purpose.

Later, we see Lucifer in his cell trying (unsuccessfully) to use his powers to move a small twig that’s lying on the floor of his cell. Dipper walks by Cas’ cage and taunts him, telling him that “the boss” has big plans for him when he returns. As Dipper walks away, Lucifer shouts at him that none of that will matter when Michael arrives and kills them all.

Once Cas and Lucifer are alone again, they begin verbally berating each other. Lucifer (knowing that Cas cares about Mary Winchester) tells Castiel that Michael has been horribly torturing Mary Winchester. Cas accuses him of lying and offers some “truths” about Jack, telling Lucifer that Jack is nothing like his father -- he is sensitive and good, would rather kill Lucifer than hug him, and takes after his mother. Angry, Lucifer easily uses his telekinetic powers to fling the twig across the cell and into the wall.

Later, when Dipper returns, Cas and Lucifer are once again throwing verbal barbs at each other. But this time it’s a trap. When Dipper approaches Lucifer’s cell, Lucifer uses his powers to pull the demon into the cage bars and pin him there. He then uses the twig from his cage to stab the demon in his neck, which causes him to stagger back away from the cell door. Lucifer opens the door (which is easier since he has apparently destroyed the warding) and when Dipper turns around, he sees that Castiel’s door is also open, so both angels are free.

Castiel smites Dipper, and he and Lucifer fight the other demon guards to escape.

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Once outside the building, Lucifer again tries to convince Castiel to give up some of his grace, insisting that he’d be stronger and better able to help defend both of them, and Cas should trust him. Cas reminds Lucifer that he did trust him once, when they were fighting the Darkness, but he betrayed them. Angry, Lucifer lunges at Cas with an angel blade and wounds him. He tries again to get Cas to surrender some of his grace. In the exchange, Cas stabs Lucifer in the abdomen with an angel blade, telling Lucifer that he has learned from his mistakes. We see Lucifer's eyes flash red, but he doesn't fall down or die.

Dean and Sam:
Back at the bunker, The Winchesters learn from Rowena that although Lucifer did kill her, she was able to resurrect herself. However, it took her a long time to heal herself, and she doesn’t want such an encounter with Lucifer to happen again, which is why she needs the Black Grimoire.

The Winchesters are suspicious because Rowena happened to show up right when the Book was stolen, but Rowena insists that she showed up because she’d put a tracking spell on the Book and when she felt the Book “moving” she simply followed it to them. When the Winchesters ask Rowena why she wants the Book all of a sudden, she tells them that, years ago, the Grand Coven put a binding spell on her that stops her from being at full power. There’s a page in the Grimoire that can undo the binding.

The Winchesters are reluctant to help Rowena become more powerful than she is, but Rowena insists that she’s just trying to protect herself. When the Boys question Rowena’s trickery in trying to get the Book, she retorts that they would never have given her the book voluntarily, so she had to resort to trickery. She also reminds the Boys that their interests are similar – she’s worried that the girls will damage the Book, and they are worried that the witches will use the Book to do something terrible, so they should work together to get the Book back.

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

The Winchesters clearly do not trust Rowena, but she tries to convince them that she has changed – plus, they need her tracking spell to find the Book. While they’re talking, Rowena asks where Crowley is. She seems sincerely distraught when the Winchesters tell her that Crowley is dead and that he sacrificed himself to save them. She says she’d rather have a son that despised her than having a dead hero for a son. The Winchesters tell Rowena that Crowley’s sacrifice was worth it, because his actions locked Lucifer in another world. But Rowena retorts that Lucifer is never gone.

Jenny and Jamie:Stillwater, Oklahoma
Elsewhere, Jenny and Jamie are at a hardware store purchasing items they will need to perform a spell from the Black Grimoire. Jenny comments that she is having problems understanding the Book and that their mother (who was also obviously a witch) never got a chance to explain some of the symbols and text to them. Jamie insists that they are good at what they do and they will figure it out. While they’re shopping, they have a brief but hostile verbal encounter with the checkout clerk (Brenda). While looking over the spell, Jenny realizes that they need to sacrifice a soul to complete the ritual, so they cast another love spell on one of the male employees at the hardware store before they leave.

Back at their house, Jenny and Jamie prepare to work a spell to resurrect their dead mother. Jenny isn’t convinced they can do it, but her sister insists that they have to try because they owe their mother that much. They decide to resurrect their mother no matter how many spells it takes and how many people they have to kill.

Dean and Sam:
Dean, Sam and Rowena arrive in Stillwater, Oklahoma to track down the Book. Dean and Sam ask Rowena about her tracking spell, but she reminds them that it’s not as precise as GPS, so she can’t narrow the location down any further. She offers to cast a spell on one of the locals to get information, but the Boys refuse, since Rowena’s spells sometimes leave people dead. The Boys decide to talk to some of the locals, but they don’t want to leave Rowena alone. Dean agrees to go into town while Sam waits with Rowena in the car. Rowena suggests that Dean start his inquiries with women, because she suspects the witches are less popular with women than they are with men.

While Dean is in town, Sam and Rowena are alone in the Impala talking. Rowena asks Sam again about enslaving some townspeople to make them reveal the witches’ location, but Sam says although he is sure Rowena CAN do that, he knows she shouldn’t. When Rowena laments that Sam just described her entire life, Sam tells her that even if she gets the Book and her plan works, it won’t change how helpless she feels about what happened to her. Sam wants to talk more about what happened between Lucifer and Rowena, but she doesn’t want to discuss it. She goes on to tell Sam that right before Lucifer killed her, she saw his TRUE face behind his vessel. Now she’s afraid all the time. Sam confesses that he has also seen Lucifer’s face, and he still has nightmares about it. When Rowena asks Sam how he deals with it, he admits that he doesn’t – he keeps pushing it down and doesn’t talk about it. He tells Rowena that Dean would listen if he wanted to talk, but he’s not even sure how to share what he’s experiencing. Sam again tells Rowena that even if she gets the Book and works her spell, her feelings of fear and helplessness will never go away.

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan WikiVarious & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

In Stillwater, Dean enters the same hardware store the witches were recently visiting. When he talks to the clerk, he tells her that the sisters stole a book from him, he is not their friend and he will not be kind to them when he finds them. The clerk happily gives him their address.

Back at the car, Rowena says she’s upset and steps outside the car for some air. Sam jumps out to make sure Rowena doesn’t leave. As this is happening, Dean walks up and tells them that he has the witches’ address. Rowena glances at the address and eagerly suggests that they go get the Book. Dean tells her that her job is done and they (he and Sam) will take it from there. Rowena, who predicted that’s what would happen, tosses a hex bag onto the ground in front of the brothers and utters a spell that freezes their feet to the ground where they’re standing. Rowena walks away as the Winchesters try unsuccessfully to free themselves.
Eventually, Sam reaches the hex bag and Dean burns it, which breaks the spell. The brothers then then rush to the witches’ house to catch Rowena and get the Book back.

In the meantime, Rowena arrives at the witches’ house and sneaks in. She overhears the witches arguing and walks in on them. They have killed the hardware store clerk and performed the ritual, but it apparently didn’t work as planned, and they’re arguing about why it didn’t work. Rowena confronts the witches and chastises them, saying they were supposed to wait for her once they got the Book. The witches tell her that they couldn’t wait because the Winchesters were after them, and Jamie adds that they didn’t call her because they don’t need her. Rowena reminds them of their deal – she’s the one who told them about the Book and where to look for the Winchesters. Now she’s angry because she’s had to use the Winchesters to find the girls. The girls are angry that Rowena brought the Winchesters to them, but Rowena says that when the girls ran off with the Book, she didn’t have a choice. Rowena assures the girls that she can still cast the spell and help them, as long as they agree to give her the Book when they’re done. She continues, saying that witches “of their level” don’t need such a Book anyway. The sisters are insulted, since their mother taught them their craft. They tell Rowena that they already did the spell, and as they’re explaining things to her, their mother (who is now a brain-eating zombie) enters the room and approaches Rowena menacingly.

Rowena tries to use her magic to fling the zombie away, but when it doesn’t work the sisters tell Rowena that a side-effect of the spell is that their mother is now magic-proof. They stand by as their mother attacks Rowena. Rowena rushes into an adjacent room and slams the door. The zombie growls and hammers the door furiously.

As this is happening, Dean and Sam burst into the house looking for Rowena. She shouts to them that she was “stalling” until their arrival. The Winchesters have guns drawn on the witches and tell them that the weapons are loaded with witch-killing bullets, at which point the witches use their powers to fling the brothers into the wall, which makes them both drop their guns.

As the witches attack the Winchesters, their zombie mother breaks through the door and fights with Rowena. Rowena makes it to one of the guns and shoots the witches’ mother in the head, killing her. Jamie and Jenny continue trying to kill the Winchesters, but Rowena puts her attack dog spell on them, which turns them against each other. They begin fighting and kill each other.

With the imminent danger behind them, Rowena chides the brothers for not trusting her, saying she wasn’t going to kill them. She and Sam debate the level of her betrayal (a “triple-cross” in Rowena’s estimation) but she reminds the brothers that she ended up on their side and helped kill the witches, which was her plan all along.

Sam doesn’t believe her and tries to take the Book from her. Rowena insists that she still needs the Book, and after their talk he should understand that. She reminds Sam that Lucifer will be back again, and when he returns, she doesn’t want to be helpless. Sam’s back is turned to Dean as this exchange is happening, but we see Sam pull the Book out of Rowena’s hands, and Rowena walks past Sam and out of the house.

Various & Sundry Villains recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Later, Dean and Sam have returned home and it is evening at the bunker. Dean is sitting at the kitchen table with the Book in front of him, and the brothers discuss the case. Dean reminds Sam that Rowena is not their friend. When Sam says he knows that, Dean opens the Book and we see that a page has been torn out. Clearly, Sam has given Rowena the page she needs to work her spell.

When Dean asks Sam why he gave Rowena the page, Sam insists that if Rowena does anything evil as a result, the will hunt her down himself and kill her. But he becomes slightly emotional as he tells Dean that if Rowena does cross paths with Lucifer again, he hopes she makes him suffer. Dean comments about Sam’s dark mood lately, but Sam confesses that he understands Rowena’s feelings of helplessness and he also feels helpless. He admits that his plan to help Jack and bring Mary back wasn’t much of a plan, but at least it was something. With things the way they are now (Jack and Mary both lost to them), Sam is struggling because they don’t have a plan. Dean tries to encourage Sam, assuring him that they’ll figure out a solution. Dean relents, and Sam excuses himself to go to bed.

Alone in her bedroom, Rowena works her spell and we see luminous, supernatural bonds breaking away from her body. After the spell is completed, her eyes glow blue and she smiles to herself.

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