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A girl is being held captive. Two men are holding her captive. One taunts her. The others tells him not to play with his food. They hear a car drive up outside.

These are werewolves.

The intruder is posing as a delivery person with a package. It's Claire. She fights off one werewolf, hand-to-hand, then stabs him with a knife, killing him. She unties the girl, telling her it is going to be okay. Another werewolf appears behind Claire. She shoots it dead.

Next we see Claire dropping the girl off safely at home. She writes in her journal. Her phone rings; it's Jody. Jody tells her that Sam and Dean are missing.

She's asking Claire to come back home to help find them.

Claire returns to Sioux Falls. She goes into Jody's house where Jody and Alex are working on finding Sam and Dean. Alex says there's no trace of them.

It appears that Claire and Alex have a contentious but sisterly relationship. Jody hug Claire. Claire asks when they became huggers.

Patience enters the room and Jody introduces her to Claire. Patience introduces herself as a psychic. Patience is sleeping in Claire's old room and borrowing some of her clothes while staying at Jody's. Claire must have been gone awhile.

They tell Claire what they know about Sam and Dean. They have a message from them about Kaia left by Sam three days ago. Jody looked up Kaia so they know who she is and that she's wanted for escaping rehab.

Alex gets up to leave for work. Claire mocks her for not putting hunting first. Alex has a night shift job at a local hospital.

Claire tells Jody that she (Claire) is safe out hunting alone. Jody says she's not. Patience had a vision where she saw Claire die and that's why Patience came to see Jody. Jody believes the vision, especially the way Claire is kind of a reckless hunter. Claire asks if every vision comes true. Patience admits she doesn't know.

Claire complains that Jody never lets her hunt if they hunt together. Jody thinks she's too hot-headed. Claire disagrees. She says that quick action saves people. Jody doesn't want Claire to die but Claire doesn't seem that worried about it. Claire leaves.

Elsewhere, Kaia is unconscious along the road. She's picked up by an ambulance while something watches from the bushes.

At the hospital...Alex is working and Claire stops by.

Claire wants to know what Alex thinks about Patience's visions. Alex doesn't really answer but tells Claire that she (Alex) is there for Jody; whatever she needs; from hunting to work around the house. Alex tells Claire Jody never stopped worrying about her though Claire seems to think Jody is better off without her.

Claire wants Alex to check the hospital database for info. on Sam and Dean or Kaia. She has nothing on Sam and Dean, but (too easy!) an unidentified woman just came in to the hospital where she is working. (Whaddya know; it's Kaia.)

Claire goes to Kaia's room and finds her trying to leave. Claire says she's a friend of Sam and Dean. Kaia still leaves. Outside the hospital, an alien-looking monster is waiting for Kaia. Claire follows and tries to stab it as Jody walks up and shoots it. It falls to the ground and Claire finishes it off with a knife to the throat. She turns and says to a stunned Kaia, "Let's talk."

Back at Jody's house, Jody, Claire, and Alex are wheeling the body of the unidentified monster into Jody's garage. They close the door. Patience stands by watching.

Alex starts to perform something of an investigation on the body.

Claire and Kaia sit on the front step and talk. The thing in the garage is something Kaia has seen in her dreams when dream walking. They are something that hunts in packs by scent. They are from the Bad Place. Claire sees Kaia's real scars that she's brought back from her dream walking expeditions.

Claire and Kaia exchange stories about scars. They seemingly bond over it.

Claire asks Kaia what happened with Sam and Dean.

In the garage, Alex removes some kind of mask from the monster. It has very odd, insect-like appendages under the mask. Patience wants to know what the thing is. Kaia and Claire walk in and Kaia tells them this thing came from the Bad Place; another dimension. She tells them that Sam and Dean wanted her to open the door to another world, but something went wrong.

Claire realizes that the door is still open; and through that door, they can find Sam and Dean. This thing got through the open door. Kaia says that if Sam and Dean are in the Bad Place, they are already dead.

In the Bad Place (the alternate universe):
Sam and Dean are eating roasted lizard around a fire. Dean says they've been there for two days plus. Dean is pretty sure they are stuck there. He's not sure the door is still open. He
tells Sam to eat. Sam doesn't. They hear an ominous dinosaur-like noise in the distance. They take off running. Dean goes back for the last of the lizard.

As the leave the fire, we see they are being watched by a hooded figure with a spear.

Back at Jody's Patience says she's going to go back home. Alex thinks she shouldn't go home and pretend to be normal. Patience is freaked out by the whole monster thing.

Patience says she came to tell Jody about Claire being in danger and now she's done. Alex says Patience doesn't have to fight; she can help in other ways.

As Patience loads her car, she has a vision of more of the monsters breaking into Jody's house. Claire wants to stay and fight. Kaia says they are after her.

Windows break at Jody's as the Bad Place monsters pour in. We see that Claire, Alex, Kaia,
Patience, and Jody are watching it on security camera from their car, driving away, a safe distance from the monsters.

Claire looks like she might be glad that Patience warned them and they decided to leave the house.

Later...the women stop and they all get out of the car as Jody explains they are stopping to meet someone; she called in backup. It's Sheriff Donna (Hanscum).

Donna pulls up in a black truck with a "D-train" license plate. Alex gives her a hug. She insists on giving Claire a hug too. Jody introduces the new girls to Donna. Apparently Donna's become a bit of a vampire-killing specialist.

Jody asks Kaia to tell them where she last saw Sam and Dean. She describes it and Alex figures out that it was an abandoned shipyard and where it is.

As Donna asks the women if any of them know how to use a flamethrower, Jody takes Claire aside. She says she knows Claire won't like this but she wants Claire to stay behind to look out for Kaia and Patience while she and Donna try to find the portal in the boat yard.

Jody is surprised that Claire agrees with her. She seems to feel a responsibility towards Kaia in particular.

In the alternate universe, Sam is speculating about just how far away they are. They hear a noise and are confronted by the hooded figure who fights them and knocks them out with her staff.

Back on earth, Jody and Donna find Sam and Dean's car parked in the boatyard and go in to the abandoned boat to see what's up.

They see the melted angel blades on the floor. They see a glowing light coming from an upstairs room. The portal.

While waiting for them, Claire and Kaia talk some more. Kaia feels that Claire is scared. Claire admits she is. Patience's vision is getting to her. She used to think she'd like to die hunting; doing something great, but now that her death might be close, she isn't that crazy about it. It's making her more cautious. She doesn't want to die, but She says that Sam and Dean saved her life; she can't sit it out. Kaia encourages her to go fight with Jody and Donna. Kaia tells Claire she'll go with her; maybe they can save them together.

On the boat, Donna and Jody find the portal. Jody looks like she's ready to jump through it. Jody says she's going in; she knows that if she doesn't do it, Claire will and she can't risk losing Claire.

As Jody prepares to go through the portal, they hear growling. More of those alternate universe monsters are somewhere on the empty boat. Jody turns away from the portal and goes to hunt the critters down with Donna. The monsters make noises like aliens.

Jody and Donna fire at several of the things.

In the alternate universe, Dean is calling for Sam to wake up. They are tied to a tree. The hooded figure starts banging her staff on a giant skull that makes a kind of metallic sound. They hear a growling in the distance. Dean figures that she just rang the dinner bell and they're dinner...for something...something big.

Back on earth:
Claire tells the others they are going to help Jody who is not answering her phone.

On the boat, Jody and Donna are hiding in an old wrecked car as the things circle it. (If they hunt by smell, can't they smell them?). They figure their chances aren't good whether they stay or make a run for it. As they get ready to shoot at the things through the old car windows, they see a flame flash by; it's Claire with the flamethrower

Claire sees the portal. Jody notices that the burning line is getting narrower; the portal is closing. Claire tells Jody that she has to save Sam and Dean. Jody has to let her go. Jody seems to realize that arguing with her is pointless.

Elsewhere, Donna hands Patience a shotgun and gives her instructions on shooting. She's never shot before. They encounter another creature...then about 5 more behind it. Donna fires at them as the other women run upstairs. Jody hears all the firing below. She tells Claire to go. Claire says she'll protect Kaia. It appears Kaia is going to help Sam and Dean, but also because the Bad Place is somewhere she's been before; when dream walking.

Claire and Kaia hold hands and go through the portal, arriving in the Bad Place. Kaia tells Claire which was to go.

Back on the old boat, the remaining women battle the otherworldly monsters.

In the Bad Place, something big is coming for Sam and Dean. Claire and Kaia just happen to show up right where Sam and Dean are being held. Claire tells them the door is still open. Sam wants to know where Jack is. Kaia quickly says she thinks Jack is in the apocalypse world with Mary.

As the growling gets closer, Claire urges them to go.

Back on the boat, the women continue to look for the monsters...Jody wants the women to protect the portal.

Back in the Bad Place, the hooded figure tries to impale Claire, but Kaia steps in front of her, taking the spear instead and Kaia dies on the forest floor. Sam and Dean prepare to fight the hooded figure, but just then, a huge monster with glowing eyes towers over the trees above them.

On the boat, it's a shootout with the creatures. Patience shoots and kills one, much to her own surprise.

In the Bad Place, Claire tries to grab Kaia's body, but Dean stops her and Sam, Dean, and Claire jump through the portal, arriving back on the boat, leaving Kaia's body in the Bad Place.

The portal immediately closes behind them. Claire lies on the floor and Jody gets down on the ground with her and holds her. Sam shakes his head; letting Jody know that Patience didn't make it. We see Kaia's dead body back in the other world.

Jody holds Claire. This is what Patience saw; not Claire's death, but Jody holding her. She interpreted her own vision wrong. Claire cries over losing Kaia, the one she said she'd protect.

Back at Jody's house, the women are cleaning up after the monsters trashed the place. Dean says he tried talking to Claire, but she won't listen. Sam tells Jody that a lot of those critters may have come through that rift. Jody says she'll handle it. They can deal with what goes on in Sioux Falls.

Sam and Dean drive off.

Inside, Jody tries to talk to Claire. Claire says that Jody was right. She didn't think before racing in. She didn't have a plan. Now Kaia is dead. Claire says she understands why Jody is so worried about her. Jody tells Claire she doesn't have to go it alone. They're there for her.

Patience and Alex are sweeping up glass. Donna's helping too. Patience blurts out that she killed a monster. Alex tells her welcome to the family.

Claire starts writing in her journal. She's glad she saved Sam and Dean...but realizes they all did; all the women.

Elsewhere...the portal opens and the hooded figure emerges. It takes off its hood, and it looks like Kaia, just as Claire swears she will not rest until she kills the thing that killed Kaia. We don't know if this another version of Kaia...or something from the Bad Place that took her form.

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