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Waiter: You have got to try our Ice Cream Extreme. It's extreme.
Sam: Uh, no extremities, please.
Sam: I can see you're very interested.
Dean: Women, showers... We gotta save these people!
Dean: I got to tell you, I'm pretty disappointed.
Sam: You wanted to save naked women.
Dean: Darn right I wanted to save some naked women.
Dean: Or it's a Bigfoot. You know, and he's some kind of alcoholo-porno addict. Kind of like a deep-woods Duchovny.
Audrey: All I ever wanted was a teddy which was big, real and talked. But now he's sad all the time -- not ouch sad, but ouch in the head sad -- says weird stuff and smells like the bus.
Dean: Um, little girl...
Audrey: (exasperated) Audrey.
Dean: Audrey, how exactly did your teddy become real?
Audrey: I wished for it.
Sam: You wished for it?
Audrey: At the wishing well.
Teddy Bear: Look at this. You believe this crap?
Dean: Not really.
Teddy Bear: It is a terrible world. Why am I here?
Audrey: For tea parties!
Teddy Bear: Tea parties? Is that all there is? (starts crying)
Sam: Audrey, give us a second, okay?
(Sam and Dean walk a short way down the hall and pause, clearly struggling)
Sam: (whispering) Are we - should we - uh - (glances toward Audrey, before quickly turning back) are we gonna kill this teddy bear?!
Dean: (also whispering) How, huh? Shoot it? Burn it?
Sam: I dunno, (glances back again) both?
Dean: Well we dunno if that's even gonna work, an' I don't want some giant, flaming, pissed off teddy on our hands.
Sam: Yeah. Besides, I get the feeling the bear isn't really the, y'know, core problem here.
Sam: (to Audrey) I'm really sorry to have to break this to you, but your bear is sick. Yeah, he's, he's got... (trying to think of something)
Dean: Lollipop disease.
Sam: Lollipop disease.
Dean: It's not uncommon for a bear his size, but you see, it's -- it's contagious.
Sam: Yeah. So is there someone, maybe a grown up you can stay with while we treat him?
(Dean ask Sam what he would wish for)
Sam: Lilith's head on a plate... bloody.
(Dean is struggling to get the coin off the bottom of the wishing well)
Sam: (amused) Lift with your legs.
Sam: You actually walked up to a wishing well, dropped a dime, and wished to be invisible so you could spy on women in the shower?
Invisible Pervert Guy: N-No. No. N-No, no, no. That's crazy.
Sam: Put on some pants. And stay visible.
Wes: Aren't you the guys from the health department?
Sam: Yeah. And florists on the side.
Dean: Plus FBI. And on Thursdays, we're teddy bear doctors.
Dean: I shouldn't have lied to you. I do remember everything that happened to me in the pit. Everything.
Sam: So, tell me about it.
Dean: No. I won't lie anymore, but I'm not gonna talk about it.
Sam: Dean, look, you can't just shoulder this thing alone. You gotta let me help.
Dean: How? You really think that a little heart-to-heart, some sharing and caring, is going to change anything? Huh? Somehow heal me? I'm not talking about a bad day here.
Sam: I know that.
Dean: The things that I saw -- there aren't words, there is no forgetting, there's no making it better. Because it is right here (points to his head) forever. You wouldn't understand and I could never make you understand. So I am sorry.

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