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    November 19, 2021 at 1:45 pm #11068

    I was very much looking forward to this rewatch. It’s funny. I still really liked it, but in my mind, there was so much more to this episode! I was thinking there was more between Dean and Lisa. More scenes between Dean and Ben. There were plenty, but I forgot how much time was dedicated to the monster changling children! There was A LOT of time spent on the “first case” that we saw; the child that the mom tried to drown in the lake.

    And it is one of the half-comedy/half-horror/half touching (I know that’s three halves) SPN episodes that, to me, are what SPN is all about.

    It’s pretty “horror” with the father dying on the spinning table saw blade! It’s very sad with the mother feeling compelled to drown her daughter when she kind of acts like she thinks she’s going crazy and Lisa didn’t believe her when she said she thought her daughter was not her daughter. She must have felt so alone and was believably extremely devastated when she returned home from the lake.

    I have to nit pick that there was a bit TOO MUCH time spent on the rattling bathroom door as her daughter tried repeatedly to get in.

    I also have to nit pick that I don’t get what Lisa was going to do. She figured out something was wrong with Ben…then you see her grab her keys, then the next shot she’s curled up in a ball next to the front door. I guess because there were more changling kids outside preventing her from leaving, but I found it odd that capable Lisa would decide to curl into a ball.

    Let me go on about Lisa for a minute. She is so beautiful. To me, one of the most striking actresses Supernatural ever had. Yup; fitting for Dean and how beautiful he is (but I thought Cassie was fittingly beautiful too), but she’s just so pretty with all that dark hair and dark eyes and I just LOVE that she’s not a “Jessica” blonde! Thank you!

    I also like that she’s confused by Dean being there; she does a good job conveying “trying to be polite”; and then she’s tough; putting her foot down when Dean has Ben hit the kid that took his game.

    And the end is so very touching. The way Dean WANTS Ben to be his (FYI, he IS HIS! I never believed Lisa and he alleged blood test!). That’s what I love about SPN. Dean was going for a fun weekend of sex and he ended up stepping into something much deeper. Thinking about his mortality and what he’s leaving behind other than a car. And what Lisa says back to him; that Ben is alive because of him; that the fact that he has saved so many people is his true legacy; that was repeated over and over during the rest of the run of the show. With most impact when Sam and Dean carved their initials in the bunker’s table. It’s sweet and it’s sad; with Dean’s pending death and him saying to Lisa that this can never be his life; though he looks like he kind of wants it to be. I guess we saw in What Is and What Should Never Be just how much Dean MIGHT have wanted that normal life that seemed to always be Sam’s request, not his. Here I felt like we saw that he wanted that. Wanted the chance to be a dad, maybe.

    Ben. Super-fun. Loved the writing for Ben. Loved when he ran back to hug Dean. Like he really liked or needed having a man around. Jensen was great with the kid playing Ben. Loved most how he was very “Dean” at the end; helping the kids escape the basement.

    So for me, this one was all about Dean and that’s what I loved about it.

    Oh yeah; Ruby was in this too! That was a good sidebar; as was Sam’s research about his mom’s friends. Somehow it didn’t bother me that that scene went on a long time; unlike the kid rattling the bathroom door. That WAS interesting, Kate. And I have to give Jared credit because you can see right there on Sam’s face how everything changes in his attitude towards Ruby when she says she can get Dean out of his deal. I remember at first I didn’t really believe her either…but, as you said Kate, there was a demon killing other demons so I wasn’t sure what to think.