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    January 29, 2022 at 3:17 pm #12152

    I really really like this one. I love that it’s one of the times where Dean is REALLY confronted with the gray areas; that there is more to a demon than just something evil. The bartender/demon in this episode does a great job at being likable and yet scary (when she snaps Ritchie’s neck).

    I liked Ritchie a lot! Good comic relief. Nice to get a glimpse into Dean’s “life without Sam” while Sam was at Stanford.

    Of course I liked that the other demon was a priest! Nice cover!

    Also very much liked Bobby here. Coming to the rescue (or trying to) and dealing with Ruby.

    I wonder if the “not 100% Sam” might have referred to Sam even being willing to entertain Ruby? But then, it was to save Dean, so that’s in-character.

    Ruby gets on my nerves the way she is so salesman-like. Always dangling the reward without following through.

    The longer dialog scenes when Dean was trapped with the demon were stellar. And yes, Kate, it is Jensen’s amazing acting; we can SEE that Dean is finally thinking about how scary hell might really be.