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I don’t get the Bela hate from fans because I LOVE THIS ONE! I love Bela. So smart and snarky; the female Dean. Love that she bests Dean in many ways. She kind of a Sam/Dean combo. Sam’s vocabulary and Dean’s smarts. I found this entertaining. Even the rather ageist Sam with Gert; I still found it funny. Love her grabbing his ass and just enjoying him.

The ghost ship and the extremely FAST way the spirit killed people were both creepy/scary. I also thought the special effects at the end of the ghost brothers exploding into water as they ran into each other was great for the time! Liked that rainy cemetery scene.

Liked that they’d even help someone that Dean hated.

“Don’t objectify me” – one of the greatest scenes/lines of the whole series.

GOOD writing and dialog here. ENTERTAINING!!!!

Gross that Dean just stuck the mummified hand in his jacket!

Funny when the security guard thinks Dean’s “wife” is having sex with someone else in the room!

And we find out here that Bela has some dark secret in her past. It’s a good, intriguing hint. Almost an aside.