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    • journalbookbinder
        January 21, 2022 at 1:34 pm #12006

        “Don’t objectify me.”

        But we always will Dean, we always will. You looked so damned good in that tux! I love it when our show just acknowledges Dean’s drop dead gorgeousness.

        I always enjoy Bela and don’t know why fans didn’t like her. I like this one!

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      • journalbookbinder
          January 21, 2022 at 1:34 pm #12155

          I don’t get the Bela hate from fans because I LOVE THIS ONE! I love Bela. So smart and snarky; the female Dean. Love that she bests Dean in many ways. She kind of a Sam/Dean combo. Sam’s vocabulary and Dean’s smarts. I found this entertaining. Even the rather ageist Sam with Gert; I still found it funny. Love her grabbing his ass and just enjoying him.

          The ghost ship and the extremely FAST way the spirit killed people were both creepy/scary. I also thought the special effects at the end of the ghost brothers exploding into water as they ran into each other was great for the time! Liked that rainy cemetery scene.

          Liked that they’d even help someone that Dean hated.

          “Don’t objectify me” – one of the greatest scenes/lines of the whole series.

          GOOD writing and dialog here. ENTERTAINING!!!!

          Gross that Dean just stuck the mummified hand in his jacket!

          Funny when the security guard thinks Dean’s “wife” is having sex with someone else in the room!

          And we find out here that Bela has some dark secret in her past. It’s a good, intriguing hint. Almost an aside.

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        • PigNaPoke
            January 21, 2022 at 1:34 pm #12159

            I COMPLETELY agree, JBB. I love everything about this episode from the lore to the humor to the special effects.

            The actual case is definitely terrifying – the idea to drown on dry land is awful to think about. I also enjoyed the back story and given reason for the ghost murders. Having a ghost punish other people for causing harm to their relatives is very interesting. Yes, it’s a vengeful spirit, but it kills for a just cause. That’s another gray area right there.

            It also throws a new light on Bela and her possible back story and I really loved how everyone’s assumptions about that were most definitely wrong. Love the misdirect to what we find out later.

            I, too, adore Bela! She can certainly match Dean in snark but at the same time she is the exact opposite of Sam and Dean in my view – she is selfish and ruthless and embracing life and the luxuries her very questionable profession affords her. I find her endlessly entertaining and intriguing as a counterpoint to the Winchester’s way to think and act. I enjoy how that throws them off repeatedly.

            And Lauren Cohen is just so damn good bringing her to life as well. She has the ability – like Jensen – to play that perfect mix between steely self-confidence and underlying vulnerability that is wonderful to watch. You can see clearly that Bela has more to her than just the devil may care attitude and money hunger! Especially when she has to come ask the Winchesters for help after seeing that ghost ship and Dean really going to town on her for the perceived reason!

            I would have loved to keep her around longer and run into the Winchesters every once in a while – as sometimes ally and sometimes enemy. Much like Crowley was to the boys later – with his own agenda, kinda smitten with them and occasionally helpful.

            There was that blog write up years ago about the scene where Dean descends the stairs and Bela makes that perfect comment about “angry sex” and the resulting few seconds of Dean’s ever changing expressions. It went through them all second by second and had the most perfect way to analyze Jensen’s incredible talent of non-verbal communication. I can never watch that scene and NOT think of that article.

            Then there is an extra on the DVD set about that special effect where the ghost brothers splash through each other and how proud the special effects team was about that. It’s great!

            The party at the History Museum with ALL of its parts is just awesome! From Sam and Dean in tuxes, to Dean’s gum debacle, Sam’s date (who WOULDN’T want to enjoy a little Sam at that age???), the Dean and Bela adventure upstairs (especially the look of the security guard when he thinks Bela is busy with a different dude when Dean returns), the creepy hand – so much to love.

            I also really appreciate that Bela at the end PAYS the Winchesters!!! It is VERY “her” to not be able to simply thank the boys, but PAY them. Money is her motivator, her security blanker – so paying them is really a big compliment, because it’s a decent thing to do and she doesn’t do many decent things. LOL.

            She is NOT a admirable person but she is a GREAT character!


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          • journalbookbinder
              January 21, 2022 at 1:34 pm #12293

              I read that article about Dean’s expressions in response to the “angry sex” comment. It was truly amazing. HE is amazing!

              I also liked that Bela paid them. I would too! I hate being in debt to someone for a favor or anything else!

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