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    April 5, 2022 at 2:30 pm #12810

    This one was very good. I like the “make it up on the fly” plan they had to quickly assemble. Those who made this one were VERY successful in getting across the dangerous, “Doomsday” feel of it. It was fight or die and I felt the urgency – they all made me feel it with their great acting!

    Dean’s humor in the face of death is THE BEST. He can’t help himself. Or it’s his way of dealing with stress and others just look at him like he’s insane. My wife watching for the first time laughed every time Dean attempted humor and it fell flat. Jensen is just AMAZING.

    I also loved the startled revelation when Ruby reveals that Sam knew about Lilith and didn’t tell Dean. Dean is justifiably incensed. Great shocked expression and following up “Gee, anything ELSE you want to tell me, Sam?!”. It felt very real. Here they are in dire circumstances and NOW Dean finds out Sam’s keeping secrets.

    I wonder if Sam’s willingness to go with Ruby’s plan was meant to be the clear sign that he’s embracing this darker demon blood side of him; even if he SAID he was just running the numbers and figuring that one person dying was better than fifteen or more.

    I do love that in Supernatural, the heroes are not always able to be heroes. Here, it’s extra-cruel because they THINK they saved people, only to find out later they were killed almost immediately after they left. The feeling at the end in that motel room after Ruby leaves is so heavy. You do start to wonder how two humans can endure the lives Sam and Dean lead!

    I did like Hendrikson’s extreme cockiness and his “doesn’t this figure” attitude when things start to go wrong. He was a strong character and I always loved how he freaked Dean out because he had researched him to the hilt and knew so much about him. Or what he THOUGHT he knew.

    I kind of jumped when Sam grabbed the secretary’s arm when she gave him the towel. I forgot he was going for her rosary (smart) and couldn’t remember WHY he grabbed her like that when he’d been so kind. Sam can be so manipulative (usually for good) and he sure knows how to use those puppy dog eyes. In that way, Sam was a good choice for the one to “go dark” – he’s intrinsically trustworthy-looking so therefore evne more dangerous.

    I feel they took the verbal beating from Ruby, PigNaPoke, because they felt so defeated and felt they had failed and deserved it.