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    April 9, 2022 at 5:25 pm #12838

    This one was soooo good! It’s always been one of my favorites. There is SO MUCH GOING ON in this episode! Monster of the week, the running story of Dean’s deal and Sam trying to solve it one way and Dean another. There’s much more info on Bela and we meed RUFUS who is perfection here – no hint at how he gets slightly more comedic roles later.

    This was not my idea, but I wholeheartedly agree when I read on Twitter that THE prequel idea should have been young Rufus and Bobby. That would have been WONDERFUL and could have address racial inequality and so many other issues; with humor (not humor over racial inequality; humor over other issues between them), etc. Hard to find two younger actors who could rival Jim Beaver and Steven Williams’ skill, but it would have been a great idea. Much more interesting to me than John & Mary and it STILL would have had a touch of that since Bobby was really their fill-in dad.

    Anyway…this is a great one. I LOVE old-school monster makeup. NOT CG. This was great. Doc Benton was a great character; his ultra-calm demeanor made him even more terrifying; talking sweetly to you as he’s about to scoop out your eyeball with a serrated melon baller! The Frankenstein-esque makeup is amazing. So good. Love how grungy and gross the entire “lab” is. Old blood everywhere. Ick! Effective! And love that our smart Sam figures out that it’s “just science” that this guy really did learn the secret to immortality, but it’s not as pretty or pleasant as you’d wish and I love that Dean just says “no” to the idea.

    Dean goes after Bela and he is NOT playing around. He’s a killer in this one. And it’s so clear that any cute banter from earlier episodes it out the damn window. She even loses her cool in the end. She was always so snarky. But she does give up the name of Lilith when she has nothing left to lose. And Sam and Dean aren’t going to help her and she still does it (of course she thinks she’s successfully shot them in their sleep first; so she’s no paragon of virtue either!).

    The whole thing with Rufus is masterful – Rufus and Dean. So good. Like a poker game trying to feel out what the other knows and how. Interesting for Dean to see a “seasoned” hunter other than his dad and Rufus doesn’t sugar-coat anything. I think Dean kinda respects that.

    Rufus knows things.

    As soon as Dean saw the warding herb at Bela’s, he knew she was in for a fate worse than anything he could ever do to her…and he let that happen. Kind of shows how done he was with her.

    And when the Colt search is. bust, he finally tells Sam that’s he’s basically terrified of what’s about to happen to him.

    I liked the temporary separation. Neither one gave in. Both determined to do it their own way. Yet when they said goodbye to each other, they looked worried that THAT might be their last goodbye.

    Just such a good one. So much was covered in it. And even a nice nod to John with the fact that Doc Benton appears in his journal and HE tried to kill him as well.

    Cool scene of the Doc standing up after being run over and kind of putting his own head back on!

    Great one.

    Doc Benton is still out there somewhere, buried and screaming inside a chained-up refrigerator.