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    June 8, 2022 at 4:44 pm #13693

    I do hate it when Dean tells Sam he’d hunt him if he were a stranger. This is a painful one. Also because the “monster” is like-able, trying to do the right thing (like Sam) but inevitably can’t control it (as Dean fears with Sam).

    The guy who played the Rugaru did a great job of eating in a disgusting and ravenous way!

    I was scared when Dean catches Sam exorcising the demon! I was like, “Oh shit! He knows!”. And of course KNOWING how betrayed Dean would feel by that, no matter how much good Sam was doing.

    PigNaPoke; I agree that connecting the eating to sex was kind of lame. It didn’t need it. TOTALLY would have been more interesting if he had tried to pick up a guy…like some big guy with lots of muscles he’d want to eat…and he would try to pick him up just to eat him; not for anything sexual, but that would show how desperate he could get. Using sex (or the promise of sex) with a guy just to get him alone and defenseless so he could eat him; THAT would have been much more effective!

    This one with all the brother angst made me unhappy. But it was effective. And yes, now there’s another loose-end-monster running around out there somewhere!