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    June 12, 2022 at 8:09 am #13725

    I wasn’t loving the case on this one. Even when it’s revealed that it’s one of the seals, somehow I was still slightly confused! So…two witches working together for 600 years to raise Samhain and break the seal? And after all that time one witch was going to sacrifice the other to break the seal, but Sam and Dean busted in and turned the tables so the one doing the sacrificing ended up being sacrificed.

    I do like the addition of more info. on angels here. We learn there are many. There are specialists. The others aren’t nearly as devoted to Dean as Cas is.

    It is sad that Sam’s excitement over angels is dashed so quickly. And he very quickly accepts that angels are dicks. I do like that Dean’s a bit gentle with Sam after that; he could be a “I told you so” jerk and he DOES say “I told you so” but he says it very kindly – not enjoying that this is a let-down for Sam and then we see how much it means to DEAN that Sam still believe. That he not lose faith in the good or lose hope that there are GOOD forces out there too. Dean really tries to soften the blow about the angels and that scene in the car is really sweet to watch.

    One thing I love in the early appearances of angels is the intimidation factor. Cas is already losing that by this point – which is good in that he’s becoming more trusted by Dean. But Uriel is all intimidation. Still I LOVE that Dean does nothing but mouth off to him, even at his own peril. In the end, Sam does too when he’s alone with Uriel in the hotel room, but he’s a bit more scared at the intimidation. Dean feels a bit immune now that he knows God saved him from hell.

    I do like the talk Dean has with Cas on the bench (that kind of becomes Cas’ “thing” as we move forward). About the importance of everyday life; saving people so they can experience the little good moments in every day. And Cas revealing that really he and Uriel were sent to follow Dean’s orders. As a test for Dean to make decisions. It must frustrate the hell out of Dean that he keeps getting tested without knowing why or what the full story is.

    Sam’s “I gave it shot” trying to hide them from Samhain by smearing blood on their faces reminded me so much of his “on the fly” way he saved Dean from the monster truck in Route 666 by making him drive to the hallowed ground of the church. There too Dean could not believe that Sam gambled with their lives on a guess; but hey, at least he tried and those two times it worked! I will never get tired of Dean’s dumbfounded reaction to finding out that Sam did not know that everything was going to work!!!!

    Good point, PigNaPoke; were the dead people in the vault just lying there without coffins?

    Dean’s scoping out the high school girls in sexy Halloween costumes is a bit creepy; but totally fitting that Sam calls him out on it, reminding him they’re “jailbait”.

    You know, PigNaPoke, it never even occurred to me that Sam would use his powers again upon finding out that angels are dicks and therefore he shouldn’t listen to their wishes for him NOT to use it. To me, it was almost more about defying Dean’s request…Sam thinking he knew better and thinking that was important enough to REALLY disappoint Dean over it. But that’s a good point. He stopped when the angels told him to, then the angels weren’t what he hoped and so he started again. Though he WAS in a bit of a pickle without Ruby’s knife.

    Odd though that the demon nuclear blast doesn’t work on Sam (love that and how shocked every demon is that tries it on him!), but a demon CAN just choke him to death? It seems like Sam is immune to the “bigger” weapon and not the regular choking and that doesn’t make sense to me.

    Dean’s disappointment at seeing Sam use his powers is so heartbreaking.

    But damn, Sam…are we to believe that he is still secretly seeing Ruby? How did he have enough juice to do this (though it looked like a seriously difficult thing to do) when he’s “stopped” training his powers? Cool that he could dispatch such a powerful demon though.

    I liked everything in this one that wasn’t the central case! I didn’t love the witch part.

    Loved Dean eating all the candy.

    On first watch I thought the kid in the astronaut suit scene was funny, but watching this time it kind of stuck out as odd and too long. They had fun with camera angles.

    Overall good though.