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    October 3, 2022 at 4:21 pm #20218

    Now, SERIOUSLY DAMN CAS! He knew how to temporarily stop Zachariah. He knew heaven’s plan was not to have Dean kill Lilith but just to take him out of the game to let Sam break the final seal. And THEN he sides with Dean too late. Cas is a serious fuck-up.

    I loved the talking-to Bobby gave Dean. About first insulting John and then complimenting Dean by saying Dean is a better man than John ever could be. Jensen plays that to perfection in his expressions in response to Bobby without many words. Anger at Bobby insulting John, then disbelief that Bobby thinks Dean is a better man than his father.

    I loved Dean’s swearing an oath to God like “blah blah blah whatever”. Doing it only so Sam didn’t have to (he thought).

    So I guess it was Ruby that changed Dean’s voicemail to Sam? The last straw that pushed Sam to do it? I thought it was the angels insuring the plan went forward, but the smirk Ruby gave made me think it was her.

    HER final speech after we think maybe we can somewhat trust her after all this time is jarring; like she’s so proud of herself for figuring out how to set Lucifer free and she kind of wants Sam to acknowledge how great she did!

    All the “beautiful room” (i.e. “super-gaudy room”!!!) were really good. The disappearing door. The self-healing walls. Dean referring to it as the (Star Trek) holodeck; loved all that. Dean slowly figuring it out and Dean’s speech to Cas about what’s really important; the gritty day-to-day of humanity, family, the emotions of love and pain; it’s a GREAT speech! How he just completely (in a very calculated way) dismissed Cas at the end of it and thinks maybe he lost him since Cas disappears – only to reappear and help Dean.

    Loved how Dean kept wanting to just talk to Sam; the only thing he wanted when he was offered anything…except that. Thinking he’d patch things up before he (Dean) died at Lilith’s hands probably, at first. Until he realized what was really going on.

    That short scene with Chuck WAS great; especially him putting his hand on Cas’ shoulder after Cas said he’d fight off all the archangels…only to take it away when Cas didn’t welcome that hand!

    Making LILITH the last seal (she wasn’t breaking the last seal) was good; I remember that from the first time I saw this episode and thought it was clever.

    I also remember being a bit shocked on first watch when Sam’s eyes went black…but it makes sense that perhaps he had to become part-demon to do that; though, according to Ruby, it wasn’t the blood at all; it was what was IN him…so Sam has something evil and dark in him that he choose to tap into. But do we believe ANYTHING Ruby says? Do we believe he could fly all along, Dumbo, (very old Disney reference!) and didn’t need the feather?

    At least Sam knows now that Dean did not give up on him (even if he believed the harsh voicemail was from Dean). At least Dean got to kill Ruby while Sam held her for him AND Dean got to twist the knife AND Ruby never got to see her big dream for Lucifer realized. Now, I do NOT love what they do with the opener of season 5 – how Sam and Dean are magically spirited away from danger (and if I remember right, we don’t learn how that happened for awhile?). Anyway, good “oh shit” ending to this arc. Poor Sam; did it all in the name of saving the world when both he AND Dean are just pawns to the angels’ plan – Dean unknowingly broke the first seal and Sam broke the last…while thinking he was preventing breaking the last.