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Kate38, you made me laugh with the “Demon? Oh, okay…what’s next”?

I liked the creepy electronic demon voice, though that is not standard SPN. Maybe we are to believe that, over the years, the demons learned how to blend in more, look more human, and disguise their voice?

Dean has to be narrating from heaven with the KAZ plates, right?

After reading some comments on Twitter, I agree with the point that John is very “Sam” here and Mary is very “early Dean” with all the bluster. John and Sam were always said to have fought so hard because they were so similar and I love seeing that here! John telling Lata that they can be scared together…John jumping into run after the monster to protect everyone else with only a tiny piece of silver shrapnel…(I guess he WANTED that shrapnel from his late friend’s cross in his arm if it was that easy to remove and could have been removed at an earlier time!) – so many of John’s actions here were so “Sam”. I liked that. It felt like Sam was a part of this one in that way.

PigNaPoke; Meg is definitely the actor with the most credit (Disney and all!). Drake is newer. So I guess that’s why she’s first? Drake stole the show though. Part of that is the way the characters are written. John is immediately more likable.

I don’t love the monster trap either. Didn’t like it on SPN that much with “soul traps”, etc. No, I like learning how to kill the monsters, not trap them, but also realize they didn’t know as much “back then” – no way to kill a demon, etc.