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    October 18, 2022 at 10:30 am #21854

    Hello Stedan! Welcome!

    I agree with much of what you said and how you feel. I’m not in love with it – did not grab me like the SPN pilot way back in 2005! But I am interested.

    Robbie Thompson has said several times in interviews that “episode 13” will explain everything. Where Dean is (which he says will also tell us where Sam is), etc. That’s a little far into it – I would have liked to know sooner, but Robbie wants to let this story play out in a certain way where we get to discover things along the way, so I will trust him.

    I too was never a huge Mary fan. LOVE the woman who plays her (such a sweetheart that Sam Smith), but I liked it when she was just an idea on SPN. Her death was the reason that John and Dean and Sam started down this path and I liked the early years of the show where we were kind of seeing her through Dean’s memories as more of an ideal and caring mom. So to hit the SPN flashback episode and find out that she was a hunter was a bit of a shock. I DO like the idea that reality doesn’t always match someone idealized memories, and I was okay with monsters using Sam and Dean’s love for her against them (making Eve take the shape of Mary to get to them), but I did not like the decision to bring her back for real as a “gift” to Dean…and then she ends up unraveling much of what he thought the knew about her. No, I didn’t want “returned Mary” to hand around the bunker and clean and cook! But I wanted to keep her more of a mystery where we only saw her in flashbacks, dreams, or time travel.

    So now I get A LOT more Mary! Maybe I’ll like the “brought back from the dead” version more when I get to see her backstory.

    Out of all of the new cast; just judging from the pilot, I love John the most. Drake grabbed me right away and made me care about him.

    I too look forward to getting a bit more “serious” or “tragic” Carlos. He obviously has a sad family backstory. I am all for humorous moments; it’s one of the things that made SPN great, and I love a gender-bending character, but they have to be human and someone you care about and can sympathize with too. I think we don’t know enough about Carlos yet. But I don’t want them to always run to him for comedic relief. I love Supernatural for the complex characters and the way that one episode can make me laugh and cry in the same 45 minutes. I hope for that here too.

    Your English is stellar. I only speak/write English so as a bilingual person, you are miles ahead of me.

    I hope you’ll keep coming back every week!